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Our Best KRISS Vector Optic Picks

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EOTECH EXPS3-4 - Best Overall

eotech exps 3 on kriss vector 9mm

Experience the ultimate shooting accuracy with the EOTech, the operator-grade holographic sight for passive aiming. The EOTech holographic sight mounts well on the KRISS Vector top rail and it gives it that iconic aesthetics.

Wide Holdover Range Adjustment - Place the reticle as close to the point of impact for high height optic over bore firearms like the KRISS Vector

Shoot With Both Eyes Open - Widen your situational awareness and not miss anything in the corner of your eye while focused on the target

CQB Holdover - Use the bottom of the 68 MOA ring for fast close range holdover to compensate CQB sight over bore offset.

eotech 68 moa ring

Unobstructed Eyebox - Wherever the reticle appears within the window is where the bullet is going. That makes it so much easier time when shooting over barricade and around corners without perfect sight alignment.

Consistent Cheek Position - No additional riser plate needed. The reticle appears front and center for most shooters at the perfect 1/3rd co-witness height

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  • Magnification: 1X
  • Objective Lens: 30 X 23 mm
  • Eye Relief: Unlimited
  • Reticle Type: 68 MOA Ring + 2 MOA Center Dot
  • Battery: CR123A
  • Turret : 0.5 MOA / Click
  • Length: 3.88 inches
  • Weight: 11.2 oz


  • Sits tall, good cheek weld clearance
  • Great passive aiming  
  • Adjustable quick detach lever
  • Additional lens hood protection
  • Reticle is more clear at night than red dot sight
  • Bottom 68 MOA reticle is great for CQB holdover


  • Shorter battery life than a red dot sight
  • Night vision compatible, but not fully IR

Vortex AMG UH 1 Gen 2 - Best EOTECH Alternative

Vortex amg uh 1 gen 2 kriss vector

Why Use The Vortex UH 1? This is a great top quality EOTECH EXPS3 alternative for the Kriss Vector. And it looks so slick.

Large Viewing Window - HUD like aiming experience that many CQB shooters love

No Glass Tint - Upgraded from the GEN 1, No visible glass tint this time for better clarity during day and night

Night Vision Compatible - It works with night vision devices 

AMG EBR CQB Reticle - Purpose built reticle for fast target acquisition with built in Close Quarter Combat holdover aiming point. Works on KRISS VECTOR and other tactical carbines

No Eyepiece Glare - Eliminates stray light emission for low light use 

Lifetime Warranty - Not your fault? Vortex will fix it free of charge

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  • Magnification: 1X
  • Objective Lens: 1.35"X 1.15"
  • Eye Relief: Unlimited
  • Reticle Type: AMG EBR CQB
  • Battery: CR123A
  • Turret : 0.5 MOA / Click
  • Length: 3.9 inches
  • Weight: 11.6 oz


  • Great passive aiming like EOTECH
  • Adjustable quick detach lever
  • Fog proof
  • Wide range of reticle illumination settings
  • Works better at night than red dot 
  • A bit less cluttered reticle design than EOTECH


  • Shorter battery life than red dot
  • No hood protection

Leupold LCO - Best Wide FOV Red Dot

leupold LCO on kriss vector 9mm

Why Pick This Optic - The Leupold LCO (Leupold Carbine Optic) is a enclosed reflex sight featuring EOTech shape FOV.

Elevate KRISS Config Style - Transform your KRISS Vector into a sleek and stylish weapon that will turn heads at the range and perform flawlessly.

Not Miss A Thing In Your Field of View - The LCO offers the opposite of a narrow, tube-like viewing experience, similar to the large Field of View (FOV) of the Trijicon MRO. With its fast sight picture acquisition and easy target transitions, you'll never have to struggle with a small, restricted view again

Save More Battery & Money - You get all the benefits from the motion activated reticle and you will actually look forward to using it without buying tons of batteries for long term use

motion sensor leupold lco reticle

Also features motion activated reticle for battery saving


  • Magnification: 1X
  • Eye Relief: Unlimited
  • Reticle Type: 1 MOA Center Dot
  • Battery: CR123A
  • Turret : 0.5 MOA / Click
  • Length: 3.6 inches
  • Weight: 9.5 oz

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  • EOTech alike field of view
  • 1 MOA precise dot for uncluttered FOV
  • Motion activated reticle that saves battery juice
  • Fog proof
  • No tunnel FOV effect


  • Shorter battery life than other red dots

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HOLOSUN 510C - Best For The Money

holosun 510c on kriss vector 9mm

Why people love this one - This open emitter reflex sight works for beginners and experienced shooters just like the EOTech but way cheaper and it's Holosun's hottest selling item.

Works For Astigmatism - Parallax-free holographic sight with unlimited eye relief + adjustable reticle brightness to help shooters with bad astigmatism to see more clearly

65 moa ring reticle

Versatile Reticle System - Use for all shooting applications. Cycle through 2 MOA center dot or reticles with 65 MOA holdover for CQB and long distance shooting

Near Infinite Battery - Enjoy an Endless Power Supply with the Infinite Battery - No more worrying about your red dot sight losing power. This battery lasts forever and is always ready for action. Its innovative solar panel acts like a fiber optic, harvesting energy from any light source, even if the battery is not installed

holosun 510c mount bottom

Quick Detach - Mount it on the KRISS for one moment and throw it onto another gun as you wish without any tools for mounting or demounting

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  • Magnification: 1X
  • Objective Lens: 32 X 23 mm
  • Eye Relief: Unlimited
  • Reticle Type: 65 MOA Ring + 2 MOA Center Dot
  • Battery: CR123A
  • Turret : 0.5 MOA / Click
  • Length: 3.3 inches
  • Weight: 4.94 oz


  • Multi reticle selections
  • Long battery life including solar power
  • Quick detach mount without tool in the field
  • Very unique looks than other red dots
  • Cons

    • Solar panel may never be used
    • Open emitter doesn't do well in rain or sandy conditions

    HOLOSUN 515GM - Best Low Profile

    Holosun Military Grade Micro HS515GM , Color: Black, Battery Type: CR2032, 15% Off w/ Free Shipping

    Why Must Try The HS515GM - This is by far the closest mil-spec quality micro red dot to the Aimpoint Micro T2 but at 1/2 the price. 

    Maximize FOV Visibility - With the clear lens cover, protect your lens without sacrificing your view. You can even aim without flipping the cover up for an uninterrupted line of sight.

    Enjoy Extended Battery Life - With a massive 50,000+ hours of usage, ShakeAwake technology takes it even further. The Holosun 510C is engineered to conserve battery power, delivering reliable performance with a long-lasting charge.

    Use It On Kriss & Others - Get ready for all possible shooting applications. This is the only mil-spec quality Holosun red dot just like owning an Aimpoint Micro for serious use  

    Uses Aimpoint Micro Footprint - Any Aimpoint Micro mount works on this sight

    • Magnification: 1X
    • Objective Lens Diameter: 20mm
    • Eye Relief: Unlimited
    • Reticle Type: 2 MOA + 65 MOA ring
    • Battery: CR2032
    • Turret : 0.5 MOA / Click
    • Length: 2.44 inches
    • Weight: 3.74 oz

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    KRISS Optic FAQ

    High Sight Height Over Bore

    The Kriss Vector has a high sight over bore challenge for close up shots. Here are ways to combat that:

    • Learn to shoot with holdover for distances within 10 yards, and find what works best for you.
    • Find an optic that offers a wide range of elevation adjustments like the EOTech. So the user does't max out the elevation and still shoot low.
    • A holdover reticle helps a lot
    • Aim 2-3 inches higher for 7-10 yard
    • Adjust the front sight post all the way down
    • Adjust the rear sight up

    50 yards zero pretty good for the KRISS Vector. The point of aim is pretty much the point of impact at this distance.

    When shooting close range, 2 - 3 inches holdover is required.

    The best way is to test it for yourself and find what works for you.

    Kriss vector SMG with CZ EVO front sight low profile

    Try This Holdover Assist

    If you have a CZ Scorpion EVO 3 front sight that you're not using, I highly recommend installing it on the Vector, so it sits lower than other front sights on the top rail for a better holdover reference point.

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