7 Best PCC Red Dot Sights For 9mm Carbine

There are tons of pistol and rifle optics available on the market, and here are the 7 best PCC optic 2022

We have tested many optics over the years to help you make a pick based on weight, reticle designs, battery life, durability and cost. 

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Large Window Red Dot Sight

Holosun 510C - Best Overall

holosun 510c on cz evo

Why this is the hottest selling optic right now - HoloSun 510C is low drag and low weight, and it's by far the best open reflex sight for PCC at this price point. It's actually one of the best optic for Ruger PC carbine on our last PCC accessory guide.

Find Target Fast - Instantly place the dot on the target while shooting on the move or transitioning with both eyes open thanks to the large viewing window that doesn't obstruct shooter's view.

Works For Cross Eye Dominant Shooters - Still have room to cheek weld using non dominant eye 

No Sight Alignment Needed - Parallax free reticle stays on target accurately even if the shooter's eye shifts off center horizontally or vertically.

Versatile Reticle System - Large CQB 65 MOA reticle circle for range estimation, perfect for accurate close-range shooting with a rapid holdover reference point

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Holosun AEMS - Best For Small PDW

holosun aems red dot sight

This is Holosun's newest large window enclosed emitter red dot sight (IPX7 rated). This is the perfect option for small PDW subguns with built-in / see through lens covers (front and back).

Smaller Profile - AEMS feels like a 509T with a bigger window

7075 T6 Construction - Fully protected with recessed buttons to survive harsh field use

Motion Sensor - It features the same MOTAC system as many Holosun products. It lasts over 50K hours

Solar Or No Solar - CORE model features no solar 

Green or Red Reticle - Pick the reticle color you like

CQB Ring Reticle - 2 MOA center dot for accurate aiming + 65 MOA for range estimation

Trijicon MRO - Largest FOV

Trijicon MRO on CZ Scorpion

Why shooters love the MRO - Similar to the Aimpoint Micro, but it's a large window red dot sight with a bigger field of view, and at a cheaper price point. 

Reduced Tube Effect - The tapered body design allows the tube to remain small while giving the shooter a wide view.

Reduced View Obstruction - Unique about the design is that the brightness adjustment is on the top of the optic, which eliminates view obstruction on the sides, and it also made it ergonomical for lefties and righties.

Battle Proven Durability - The 7075 T6 aluminum body is as tough as a little tank.  Handle rough handling, drops, recoils and kicks like its nothing!

For the price, the MRO is a better option for anyone just got started with shooting. If you're new and want something as tough as the Aimpoint but without spending over $800 please check the best price by clicking on the button below.


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Why this legacy optic still rocks - The C-More red dot is one of the best 9mm carbine in the past, and it still is today. It's very unique looking optic that race competition shooters love.  

Available both Aluminum or Polymer body for a super lightweight configuration specifically designed for fast action shooting, and it accepts direct mounting for custom and Aftermarket mounts.

Wider FOV For Faster Shooting - Increase target acquisition speed with this 29mm large circular profiled Heads-up-display to instantly place the dot on the target while shooting on the move or transitioning, without an unobstructed field of view.

Retain Zero For Better Accuracy - Maintain zero relies on the quality of the optic and the tightness of the windage and elevation adjustment screws, using positive locking screws from both sides to 4X the tightness and rigidity for handling largest caliber to full auto fire

Multi-Application Usage - Dot size selection is important for distance and close-range shooting, pick from 2 MOA all the way to 16 MOA dot size for a wide range of shooting applications including hitting targets over 50 yards 

Check out large MOA size open reflex optics here

Trijicon SRO - Best Lightweight Red Dot Sight

trijicon sro kp9

Why we picked this one - The Trijicon SRO feels just like an Holosun 510C but much smaller and lighter for a high speed low drag pistol caliber carbine like the MP5, MPX and many others

Bigger Window  - Get on target faster compared to the original Trijicon RMR on pistol applications, and it's gonna do the same on PCC even better when you can shoulder the gun!

Easier Battery Access - Load/Replace battery right from the top! No sight removal or re-zero required

Better Follow Up - Increased sight acquisition speed including consistent fast follow-up shots without losing the dot inside the window even if the eye is slightly off center.

Same RMR mounting footprint - Uses the exact Trijicon RMR mounting footprint to keep everything compatible without having to buy special mounting accessories.

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Lightweight Red Dot Sight For PCC

Sig Sauer ROMEO5 - Hottest Selling

kriss vector SMG sig sauer romeo 5 red dot sight
Why pick this one - The ROMEO5 is one of the best Sig red dot products. It's an robust, compact and affordable red dot optic for 9mm carbine

It's ultra-low parallax so the point-of-aim is the point-of-impact and the red dot remains parallel to the bore of the firearm.
sig sauer romeo5 pov red dot

2 MOA dot size with 10 illumination settings including 2-night vision works extremely well in all light conditions.

Motion Activated - MOTAC powers up the optic and shuts down when sitting idle to save battery and last as long as up to 40K hours

It also accepts standard Aimpoint Micro aftermarket mounts.

Read our detailed ROMEO5 review here

Bushnell TRS 25 - Best Budget Optic


Why we picked this for the new gun owners - The TRS 25 is super affordable for new gun owners. The new model has multiple improvements in several important areas, which include shockproof construction that can withstand bumps, drops and rough handling.

The waterproof construction can handle water immersion and its Nitrogen purged fog-proof coating fight against humidity or rapid temperature change in the field, so you don't have to worry about the sight fogging up.

Wait...There is more...

Now the battery lasts over 50,000 hours and delivers a brighter, rugged sight in a compact package.

What To Look For

MOA Reticle Dot Sizes

68 MOA reticle at night

Between 3 MOA - 6 MOA are recommended for fast CQB actions and competitions.

For shooting competitions, most targets will be placed at about 10 – 25 yards. Some matches have targets placed at 50- 80 yards.

The BIGGER the dot the EASIER it is for the eyes to acquire and the cleaner the dot is for shooters with astigmatism.

The size of the dot also allows the shooter to track it better through recoil. Since the shooters shoulder their PCC, it shouldn’t be a problem.

To learn more about 3 vs 6 MOA reticles, please click here

Long Battery Life

As red dot technology improves, the battery life on these bad boys are getting ridiculously long - near infinite!

No worry if you forgot to turn it off!

If you hate the battery running out every so often after a range trip, please be sure to pick an optic with at least 50,000 - 100,000 hours battery, which most reflex sights on the market today have that capability.

In addition, solar fail-safe and motion activated sights from Holosun Optics are also very popular because they just never die.  

Enclosed Emitter VS. Open Emitter 

Full body red dot sights vs open emitter red dot sights

Should you pick an open emitter optic or an enclosed emitter?

An enclosed emitter will be the best option to protect the lens and emitter from dust and water, and making it full weather proof.

open emitter led blocked by melting snow

An open emitter sight can't defend against dust, moisture, water, or debris. Anything can get in there and completely obstruct the reticle projection.

If you like the Trijicon RMR, Holosun 510C are your favorite sights, but you would like more protection. Maybe consider Holosun 512 and Aimpoint ACRO P-1

Double Red Dot Setup Necessary?

Many people ask: “Why do some of these competition shooters run dual red dot optics on their setup?”

“What are the advantages?”

The simple answer is that the shooters can get shoot around barricades much easier with their offset angled sight for faster transitions and hard leans to the left or right.

When they are done, they transition to the upright optic.

It's not completely necessary, but it gives the shooter several advantages:

  • It’s comfortable to tilt the gun and have something to aim with
  • Keeps the barrel align with the offset red dot optic for accurate angled shooting
  • Shoot over barriers & have the dot right in the window

Watch 3 Gun Champion Josh Froelich Explains:

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