Here are some of the best red dot sights for MP5. These red dots are field grade quality for a classic 9mm subgun and they are awesome choices pros use.

Let's check them out!

Best Red Dot Optics For HK MP5 & Clones

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mp5 with holosun 510c

HoloSun Optics makes the best and affordable carbine RDS on the market right now. For the MP5, the HS510C is a great option to start.

Use the Optic As Long As You Want – Power source is an important part of a high-quality optic for non-stop use, increase battery life with the new Solar Failsafe system to strengthened reliability and longevity

Multi-Purpose For Various Firearm Platforms – Use it on any firearm is a good indication of how useful the optic is, using the improved QD mount with an adjustable clamping force to go on any firearm including heavy caliber centerfire rifles

Large Lens Window For Faster Shooting – Lens size is an important spec of how fast you shoot and track the dot in a match, parallax-free holographic sight with unlimited eye relief with this large POV optic to instantly place the dot on the target while shooting on the move or transitioning with both eyes open

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Sig Sauer ROMEO5

MP5 with sig sauer romeo 5 red dot sight

The Sig ROMEO5 is much more affordable than all the optics we have recommended in this post, and it's one of the best selling Sig Sauer red dot optics everywhere you go.

The new line of ROMEO series red dot can also accept aftermarket mounts from American Defense, Scalarworks and more. Basically it accepts Aimpoint Micro mounts for increased mount durability.

What makes the ROMEO5 stands out is it's MOTAC system, which dramatically increases battery life by shutting it down when not in use, and it instantly activates the reticle when it senses motion.

With a total of 40K hours battery using just 1 CR2032 battery is very impressive. For the price point, the Sig ROMEO5 is the perfect Aimpoint alike optic for the MP5 with its robust and compact design.

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Trijicon SRO / RMR

The Trijicon RMR is the gold standard of micro red dot optic, when mounted on the MP5, it has the slimmest optic profile for CQB use.

The Trijicon SRO has been released with a much bigger lens originally designed for pistol shooters for better dot tracking, but it totally works on the MP5.

HK sp5k with trijicon SRO

The optic profile is the same as the RMR, so you can use any of your existing RMR optic mount, and the only big differences are the bigger lens for better target acquisition, better dot tracking, and easier battery installation with top loading design.

Besides that, the Trijicon SRO has the same durability as the RMR, super lightweight and slim for MP5 and other PDW guns.

Aimpoint Micro

Aimpoint micro on suppressed zenith mp5
Image Referenced TREX ARMS

The Aimpoint Micro is the oldest kid on the block. It’s tough, durable and many Tier 1 units around the World use it.

The most cutting edge features on the Aimpoint Micro is it's battery life and ruggedness in a super compact size. Field tested to survive combat related abuse, which other budget optics can't.

It's improved lens clarity, shockproof performance, and parallax free reticle has deems itself the ultimate go-to war optic for many PDW, PCC and fighting rifles.

It's the ultimate bomb-proof red dot sight on the market for many years and it's not cheap. For those who have been pushing it off from buying this optic for years, maybe this is the right time to finally get it for the MP5.

Trijicon MRO

trijicon mro vs aimpoint micro lens sizes
Image Referenced Zenith Firearms

The Trijicon Miniature Rifle Optic is a sight on the market with a big field of view in direct competition with the Aimpoint Micro.

Its tapered body design allows the tube to remain small while giving the shooter a wide view, which eliminates view obstruction on the sides, and it also made it ergonomic for lefties and righties.

The optic is built with 7075 T6 aluminum body, the toughest material the industry has to offer, which can withstand a lot of rough handling especially if you like to run your gun hard.

For MP5 shooters, this is actually a better option than Aimpoint Micro because the field of view is so much bigger, which maximizes situational awareness for the CQB type of shooting.

For the price, the MRO is a better option for anyone just got started with shooting. If you're new and want something as tough as the Aimpoint but without spending over $800 please check the best price by clicking on the button below.

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What To Look For?

MP5 Optic Mount Options

The MP5 doesn't come with any optic mounting platform, but most aftermarket optic base mounts will fit HK variants and the clones like the Zenith Z-5RS, Dakota Tactical, PSA, PTR and other non-mainstream local brands.

The most popular option is the claw mount that goes over the top of the receiver and clamps tight on the receiver. Instead of welding a Picatinny rail adapter which requires a gunsmith, the claw mount is the easiest option.

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