Review Sig Sauer ROMEO 5 Red Dot Sight [Top Seller]

Sig Romeo 5 is one hot selling red dot sight we've tested, and in this Sig Sauer ROMEO5 red dot review guide, let's check out what makes it great and compare it against other similar products around the same price range.

There are many variants of the ROMEO5, and this is a review for ROMEO5 SOR52001

Let's check it out

Core Specs

  • Magnification - 1X
  • Reticle - 2 MOA Dot
  • Adjustment - 0.5 MOA / Click
  • Brightness - 8 DL&2 NV (Features MOTAC)
  • Battery - CR2032, 40000 hours
  • Lens Coating - 
  • Construction - 6061 T6 housing + Anodized
  • Submersion - IPX7
  • Body Dimension - 62.7mm X 38.1mm X 38.6mm
  • Window Size - 1X20mm
  • Weight - 5.1 oz


Sig Sauer did a 10/10 job packaging this product in a box like this:

It just feels like buying a $600 product. 

sig romeo5 packaging
sig romeo 5 box
sig sauer romeo 5 unboxing

You get:

  • ROMEO5
  • Manual
  • Rubber lens cover
  • Absolute cowitness mount & tall mount
  • Cleaning cloth
  • 1 CR2032 battery
  • Allen key

First Impression

sig sauer romeo5 front

Very clear front lens and good overall presentation

sig sauer romeo5 iso view

The Sig Sauer ROMEO5 is small and lightweight! The construction of the optic looks slick and the edgy cuts make the sight feels very true to the Sig Sauer's brand.

The turrets feel solid, the lens looks clear just like any other reflex sights, and based on the specs, the ROMEO5 can accept Aimpoint Micro mount, so see what that looks like.

Core Features

Window Size

The 1X20mm objective lens look similar to an Aimpoint Micro and other Holosun budget red dot sights.

sig sauer romeo5 rear pov
romeo5 pov red dot reticle on steel target

No noticeable lens tint. Thumbs up!

Highly recommended entry level red dot for new gun owners before moving to top tier products


sig romeo 5 pov rain

In rain, just crank up the brightness intensity and you're good to go under a cloudy day.

The ROMEO5 features a simple 2 MOA center dot

The 2 MOA dot is pretty standard for an optic this size. It's big and fine enough for long range and close range engagement.

At 100 yards, once the dot is zeroed, the 2 MOA dot covers about 2" circle and it's just as accurate as an Aimpoint Micro (assume proper mount & zero).

Red Dot Sight MOA Sizes

For shooters with astigmatism, the optic has 8 day light settings and 2 night vision settings to help you adjust the reticle brightness and clarity.

shooters with astigmatism see this

Based on years of experience, the only way to counter astigmatism with an reflex sight is to wear corrected lens and go with a 6 MOA dot (recommended for pistol red dot for the most part)

For cross eye dominant shooters, the only thing the shooter can do is train to aim with the eye on his/her the dominant side. Read more by clicking on the link.

Reticle Brightness

Under a hot sunny day, the reticle is visible on max daylight setting.

On a cloudy day, the reticle appears starbursted if the brightness is cranked up too high (recommend cranking it back down until it's right for you)

Battery Life

sig romeo 5 with battery CR2032

The battery compartment can be accessed from the side. Pretty much all optics like the ROMEO5 is built this way. 

The battery lasts about 40,000 hours, and at this point of the review process, we can confidently say that the sight has already lasted 2 years without failing. So at minimum you get 2 years, and you have enough time to swap battery if you want.

sig motac

In addition, the optic features Sig Sauer's MOTAC system that saves the battery juice while it sits idle, and reactivates when sensing motion. 

So far, the optic has always stayed operational even after multiple range trips throughout the last two years. 


sig sauer romeo5 top view
sig romeo 5 in rain
sig sauer romeo5 on mk18

The body of the Sig ROMEO5 just look slick. Just look at that!

sig romeo5 on scalarworks leap mount

The body is made of 6061 T6 aerospace aluminum, and it's durable for normal use on carbines and PCC.

As far as holding zero goes, the sight holds zero under normal use. So far it has not lost zero whatsoever.

As red dot manufacturing technology has advanced in the past few years, more and more optics can perform like some of those expensive ones, and the price keeps dropping as demand increases.

For new and experienced, ROMEO5 is a solid product at a great price point.

Get it as your 1st RDS or use as a spare

Turret Adjustment

sig sauer romeo5 red dot top view

0.5 MOA / Click is what you get with this optic, and it's pretty standard for red dot sights across the board.

The ROMEO5 provides plenty of adjustment click range (100 MOA for elevation and 100 MOA for windage). On a normal optic to bore distance gun, there is plenty of elevation dials to zero the dot before the turret dial maxes out.

The elevation and windage turrets are exposed without any extrusion wings around it to protect it. It's not a big deal for an optic at this price range, and the part we like a lot is that the turrets are very responsive and give very positive feedback even when wearing gloves in the cold.

The turret cap has built in flat head extrusion to dial the optic, and it's labeled Up/Right to reference the point of impact shift

(NOT reticle point of aim

If you've ever experienced reticle moving opposite of turret dial, we wrote an detailed article explaining to help you out.


Please ditch the default mount that comes with the optic and use something aftermarket for better zero retention.

The factory mount isn't good for retaining zero when constantly taking the optic on and off the rifle.

sig sauer romeo5 vs aimpoint micro
sig romeo 5 footprint
sig romeo5 mount footprint
scalarworks leap mount unpackaging

The optic uses Aimpoint Micro footprint. So all aftermarket mounts for Aimpoint Micro will work. 

Our favorite one is the Scalarworks LEAP. Please check out our review on this mount.

It's lightweight and slick looking for the ROMEO5.

kriss vector SMG sig sauer romeo 5 red dot sight

Features the SCALARWORKS LEAP NVG height (1.93") mount (Optimal cheekweld height) 

sig romeo 5 on cz evo with magnifier

Works with magnifier combo. Above features the Vortex Micro 3X, read our review here

Final Verdict

Whether you're looking for your 1st entry level red dot sight or looking for a cheaper alternative for your spare guns, the Sig Sauer ROMEO5 is a excellent product to buy. 

For around $170 (you can get even better price around $140 on Amazon), you are getting a very solid entry level red dot sight for force on force training and range training before you move on to more expensive products.

Please check out our ultimate red dot sight guide for more products here


  • Very solid entry level red dot product under $150
  • Super lightweight for centerfire and pistol caliber carbines
  • MOTAC saves battery juice
  • Works with all aftermarket Aimpoint Micro mounts


  • Not much unless comparing it on Mil-Spec level

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