In this product guide, we have listed the best Kriss Vector pistol braces you can buy that looks good and allows the shooter to cheek weld for accurate shooting.

At the time of writing this (November 2023) the ATF has issued an updated letter regarding the legality of pistol brace, please read here.

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SB Tactical SBA3

I remember when I first got the SB Vector PSB for my Kriss Vector SDP. This brace was the first of its kind – a low-profile design that fit my gun like a glove. However, I don't think its being produced anymore.

The alternative that I have found is to use a traditional AR15 style buffer tube with the SBA3 brace. The quality really stood out to me; it's made from top-notch materials that have held up really well over time.

It came with a buffer tube, ready for immediate use. Super convenient! For those with a pre-2017 KRISS Vector, there's an option too – the SB-KVA-SABL00 hinge adapter. It's great to have a solution that caters to different versions of the Vector.

Gear Head Works Tailhook

I have also tried the Gear Head Works tailhook for my Kriss Vector brace, and I've got to say, this is very low profile and minimalistic. This one fits perfectly with the original Vector side-fold stock. 

All I had to do was get the factory stock and swap out the recoil shoulder pad with the tailhook brace. Super easy! The strength of this brace really impressed me. It feels so sturdy that I'm pretty sure the hinge would give out before the brace or its adapter ever does.

If you're looking to upgrade your KRISS Vector, this tailhook brace is definitely the way to go.

Note: Doesn't work with post 2017 Vector receiver

FarrowTech Strongarm Vector Adapter

The Strongarm Vector adapter is similar to the Gear Head Works brace, but it's made for use with the Doublestar Strongarm pistol brace. I have tried both and this one has a better look.

Will fit both Gen1 and Gen2 Kriss Vector folding stocks.

Note: This is a 3D printed part with a modified polycarbonate with a steel bolt for increased durability.

Kriss Vector Pistol Brace FAQ

What's the legal pistol brace length for Kriss Vector With A Vertical Grip

Any length of pistol brace remains legal; however, specific dimensional requirements dictate the type of foregrip permissible for the Kriss Vector.

  • If the overall length is less than 26 inches, a vertical grip is not allowed (as it is classified as an AOW). 
  • If the overall length exceeds 26 inches, a vertical grip is permitted (and it is not classified as an AOW). 
  • Handstops and angled foregrips can be installed on any configuration of the Vector.