The Kriss vector SDP is awesome sub-gun and people can purchase the pistol version and add a pistol brace to it.

In this product guide, we have listed the best Kriss Vector pistol braces you can buy that looks good and allows the shooter to cheek weld for accurate shooting.

Our best picks are the Gear Head Works Tailhook and SBA3 (requires buffer tube)

At the time of writing this (Dec 2020) the ATF has issued an letter regarding the legality of pistol brace, please read here.

Best Kriss Vector Pistol Braces

SB Tactical Vector PSB

kriss brace psb

Why pick this one – SB Vector PSB is the original pistol brace built for the Kriss Vector SDP, and it's the first low profile brace on the market that fits on the gun very wll.

High quality material – The brace is made out of

When you purchase this, it comes with a buffer tube ready to go!

If your KRISS Vector's pre 2017 version, you can buy the hinge adapter SB-KVA-SABL00 here.

Buy from Brownells

Gear Head Works Tailhook

gear head down tailhook kriss vector brace 1

Why this is the most slick looking brace – While other braces on the market look and feel bulky, the Gear Head Works tailhook adds onto the original Vector side fold stock without NFA paper work for a legal pistol configuration.

Just buy the factory stock, and replace the recoil shoulder pad with the tailhook brace… and you're done!

The brace itself is very strong, and you probably break the hinge first before breaking the brace and its adapter.

Overall this is the closest “SBR” alike Kriss Vector setup using this brace, and its a product that hardcore Vector SMG fans should not miss.

Note: Doesn't work with post 2017 Vector receiver

Buy from Brownells

FarrowTech Strongarm Vector Adapter

farrow Tech kriss brace

Why this is also a good option – The Strongarm Vector adapter is similar to the Gear Head Works brace, but it's made for use with the Doublestar Strongarm pistol brace.

Will fit both Gen1 and Gen2 Kriss Vector folding stocks.

Note: This is a 3D printed part with a modified polycarbonate with a steel bolt for increased durability.

Other Kriss Vector Stock Accessories

There are two different Vector receivers.
• Original hinged receiver Gen 1
• Gen 2 (2017 model) buffer tube.
You can purchase these standalone receiver kit here.

If you just need an hinge to buffer tube adapter, please click here.

GEN 2 receiver is much stronger by eliminating the stock hinge design, which tends to break very easily if not being careful.

Common Sub Gun Pistol Brace FAQ

Any pistol brace length will be legal, however specific length dimensions govern what kind of foregrip you can add to the Kriss Vector.

• Overall length less than 26″ – Vertical grip NOT allowed (classified as AOW)
• Overall length over 26″ – Vertical grip allowed (NOT AOW)
• Handstops and angled foregrips can be installed on any Vector configuration.

The latest ATF update on June 25, 2019 states that a pistol stabilizing brace is not integral to determine whether a firearm is a pistol or not.

Aka, adding a brace to one doesn't change its classification to something else.

However, as the latest ATF letter (Dec 2020) the reverse of the above has been vaguely issued, please read here.