5 Best Weapon Lights For Sig P320 [Full Size and Compact]

Here are the 5 best weapon lights for Sig P320 for low light applications and personal defense.

For duty use, the Surefire X300U is the by far the best for anyone looking for a buy once cry once pistol light that will last.

But there are also newer stuff out there that work very well.

Let's check them out:

5 Best P320 Weapon Lights

Surefire XH30 - Best Overall

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Why pick the XH30 - XH30 outputs the widest beam for CQB, and throws the hot center beam far in the dark for mid range target ID and effective threat control.

Multi-Lumen Intensities - Choose between 1,000 blinding lumens or 300 lumens for different situations that call for various lumen intensities.

Increased Situational Awareness  - The TIR beam spills far and wide to cover a full size human size target from the head to the waistband to see every detail.

Disorient Threats - The added strobe mode blinds close up threats with intense flash and causes disorientation.

Features Flux Defense MP17 P320 PDW Kit

Works great on FLUX DEFENSE MP17 - If you have the PDW accessory kit from Flux Defense, the Surefire fits perfectly on the MP17 module providing this converted PDW P320 with the best weapon light capability

NOTE: If you already have a holster for the X300U, the XH30 will not fit due to the difference on the front lens.

Read SF XH30 Review Here

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Olight PL Pro Valkyrie - Highest Lumen & Candela

Why this is a great light on P320 – The PL Pro feels very similar to the Surefire X300U, but the users save tons of money with the USB rechargeable battery capability.

You can check out the X300U and PL Pro comparison on our site.

olight pl pro unboxing

Highest Lumen & Candela – Great for home defense and night class training. This 1500 lumen light with 19600 candela can throw as far as 150 meters of throw in pitch black environment.

The controls on the Olight includes

  • constant on
  • momentary
  • strobe

Ambi Control - Operate the light from both sides and also can be used on long guns.

USB Rechargeable - Charge the PL Pro via USB cable to top off the battery on the go, and saves tons of money buying batteries

MSRP: $129.95


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Streamlight TLR 2 HL G - Best Runner Up

sig p320 TLR2 HL light
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Why pick this one - TLR2 G's laser makes aiming effortlessly especially in improvised shooting positions. Just point and shoot!

In addition, The intense flashing strobe can blind and force threats to retreat to save your life.

Best Surefire X400 Alternative - For the money, its by far the best alternative to a Surefire X400 weapon light for a P320.

What’s great about the TLR2 G for the P320 is the affordable price point and outstanding performance compared to the SureFire X400.

Fast aim with laser - Quickly get on target with a super bright green laser without iron sight alignment. This thing's got you covered in any shooting positions.

Tough secure mount - Quickly mount and demount from the P320 rail. 

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Streamlight TLR8A - Most Reliable Compact Light

p320 with streamlight tlr 8a

Why try a compact light - If you want a compact weapon light for a compact size P320, the TLR8A is by far the best compact pistol light with a laser feature to buy.

Perfect flush fit - This light mounts flush perfectly on the compact Sig P320 RX. It’s super light and compact for popular conceal carry methods without getting bulky

Wide peripheral illumination - Wide spill and hot spot for CQB applications

Light only or laser combo option available - Get on target fast using a red laser. Great for close-range personal defense situations.

Improved activation switches - Activate the light simply by pushing the toggle buttons from both sides. Significant improvement from the previous model 

We highly recommend this product for its size, performance and price, and it’s probably the best for P320 compact carry for the money.

Also check out the new Streamlight TLR 7A Flex with improved control ergonomics.

Surefire XC1 - Lowest Profile

p320 with surefire xc1 light
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Why try this one - The Surefire XC1B is the smallest weapon light out there. It fits flush with the muzzle on the compact P320, great for concealed carry.

Super Slim - Throw it on a P320 or any pistol. It doesn't take up room or have any tendency to snag

Optional Laser - Red laser is optional when selecting a specific model for fast aiming

Rugged for Daily CCW - XC1 is built so rugged and small for everyday carry and duty use.

Improved constant-on activation - By tapping either one of the momentary switches (ambi). To turn off, simply tap either one of the momentary switches again.

Olight PL Mini 2 - Best For Money

Why Try The Valkyrie Mini 2 – For new gun owners, the Olight PL Mini 2 should be the first weapon light to try before moving onto the more expensive stuff. It’s sturdy, bright, ergonomic and durable.

Small & Bright - Never miss a thing in the dark! 600 lumens with wide flood and CQB distance throw to maximize situation awareness

USB Rechargeable – Recharged the light via USB cable, and training with the light as much as you like without buying batteries.

Adjustable Position Slider -  Slid the light to any position close to the trigger guard and lock it in place for better reach.

Quick Detach Mount - Turn the lever to lock the light into place onto the handgun frame rail. Yep! just that simple


  • 600 Lumens 
  • 4225 Candela - 130 Meter Throw
  • USB Rechargeable
  • Side Toggle Switches

Please learn more about the Olight PL Mini review

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