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olight valkyrie turbo bottom

In this Olight Valkyrie Turbo review guide, let's check out this new LEP (Laser Excited Phosphor) light's core specs, unique laser alike beam pattern, and range.

Let's check it out...

Olight Valkyrie Turbo Core Specs

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  • Beam Distance: 530 meters
  • Max. Performance: 250 lumens, <0.35 mW@455 nm wavelength
  • Beam Pattern: LEP (Extremely tight white light beam)
  • Candela: 70225 cd
  • Strobe: Yes
  • Switch: Side Switch
  • Battery: 2 CR123A
  • Waterproof: IPX6
  • Weight: 4.7oz
  • Length (in): 3.55 in


What's Included In The Packaging

olight valkyrie turbo

The Olight Valkyrie Turbo comes with the following:

  • The light itself
  • (Mil-std-1913) Rail key x 1
  • Screws
  • GL Rail key x 1
  • H1.5 Allen Wrench x 1 
  • User Manual x 1

Why LEP Light

lep weapon light demo

The Olight Valyrkie Turbo is for extremely long range illumination.

  • Weapon mounted applications
  • Long range target identification
  • Long range night hunting
  • Training

It's a pure thrower light without much flood beam. Not recommended for close range, but highly recommended for long range PID.

Laser Excited Phosphor uses a blue laser that shine through a piece of phosphor and then the white light is emitted.

This means laser alike throw performance, please check this out below:

Core Features

Beam Pattern, Lumens & Candela

The Valkyrie Turbo is a long range thrower light, even more so than the MODLITE OKW head running on a high output 18650 battery.

fn 509 ls edge low light shoot

Very tight hot center

The beam is very tight and consistent for about 500 meters before it dims off. As far as long range target identification, this thing rocks.

The light features up to 70K candela output, and its laser alike white light that can lit up a subject very clearly at distance of 10, 50, 100, 150 and 500 yards.

holosun acss long range shot low light

Anything past 650 - 700 yard is the cut off point.

One negative we have to bring up is the beam alignment when mounted on a pistol. It's slightly off to the center.

Outdoor Tests Comparison 

olight pl pro 10 yards olight valkyrie turbo close up

Close up 

  • PL PRO definitely has more flood than Valkyrie Turbo
  • Valkyrie Turbo's hot spot is very tight

olight pl pro 18 yards olight valkyrie turbo mid range

  • PL PRO still has a lot of flood to and throw to PID targets at this distance 15 - 25 yards
  • Valkyrie Turbo's hot spot is still very tight

olight pl pro long range olight valkyrie turbo long range

  • PL PRO can PID but not bright enough at long range
  • Valkyrie Turbo can CLEARLY PID target far away but no flood beam at all

Light Beam Alignment

For the most part the beam is in the direction of the bore, but there is a slight offset we noticed on different handguns.

fn 509 olight valkyrie turbo pov

Slight offset on FN 509

hk vp9 olight valkyrie turbo pov

Noticeable offset on HK VP9

m9 olight valkyrie turbo pov

Noticeable offset on Beretta M9A4

Heat Protection

Heat protection system is built into the light as other Olight products. This means the lumen intensity will drop from 250 lumens after 4 mins, then transition into 50 lumens for 180 mins. 

So, the user has to let the light take frequent breaks.

For high volume tactical low light training, this can get annoying when the light limits the output.


The Valkyrie Turbo features standard control switch as the PL Pro.

  • Light only
  • Dual switch tap for strobe (Requires both hands to work)

Activation Switch Ergonomics

olight valkyrie turbo light on FN 509

The light activation on the Valkyrie Turbo is the exactly the same as the one on the Valkyrie PL Pro

The ambidexous control allows both lefties and righties to operate the light without any problem.

When you press & hold the button all the way down, then release gives you the momentary on.

When you quickly tap the switch the light stays constant on.

The strobe mode requires two hands, which might not be a good choice in single hand operation.

Battery Endurance

olight valkyrie turbo

Even though most Olight products come with USB rechargeable battery, the Valkyrie Turbo uses 2 CR123A batteries.

Overall the light lasts about 180 mins while the beam dims. For full candela performance, it lasts about 4 - 50 mins.

Construction Quality

olight pl pro vs valkyrie turbo

The light's overall feel and finish is very solid and it's rated for IPX6. It's pretty much the same as the PL Pro.

The Valkyrie Turbo comes in black or FDE.

QD Mount

olight pl pro vs valkyrie turbo top view

The QD lever is the same as other Olight weapon lights and the screw tightness can be adjusted with a screw.

The mount comes with a universal M1913 rail tab and a Glock rail tab. 

When the light is mounted on pistols, there is no need to worry about the light falling off the gun during recoil.

One pet peeve about the QD lever mount is that it can snag onto things if not careful. It's sharp and it sticks out. 

Not sure if Olight has plans in the future to completely change the design on it, but that will be an improvement to look forward to.

Final Verdict

The Olight Valkyrie Turbo is an insane thrower for long range PID using the LEP technology. In many ways, it's like a MODLITE OKW pattern beam, but much tighter.


  • Great for long range illumination
  • Great for hunting, tactical training and signaling 
  • Same mounting system to work with pistols and rifles


  • Beam doesn't 100% align with the bore perfectly
  • QD lever can catch on things
  • Still uses CR123A batteries

For close quarter use, this may not be a pistol light to get. For CQB usage, please check out:

Where To Buy

Valkyrie Turbo LEP Picatinny & Glock Rail Tactical Lighting Light - Olight Store

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