Long-distance shooting isn't a cheap sport. Here are some of the best 1000 yard rifle scopes around $1300 - $4000

If you're starting new and want a 1000 yard scope but don't want to spend that much yet please check out this guide instead.

This scope guide outlines a couple great products for long-range competition, tactical use and hunting.

Let's check them out below:

5 Best 1000 Yard Precision Rifle Scopes

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Zeiss Conquest V6 5-30x50

zeiss conquest v6 5-30x50
  • Magnification: 5 - 30 x
  • Objective Lens Diameter: 50 mm
  • Exit Pupil Diameter (mm): 9.5 Low – 1.7 High
  • Eye Relief: 3.5 inches
  • Reticle: Plex-Style. #6
  • Turret Style: BDC turret
  • Tube Diameter: 30 mm
  • Weight: 27.9 oz

Why pros pick Zeiss - Zeiss isn't just a riflescope company, it's one of the world's leading optics manufacturers in nanotechnology, medical optics, camera systems, Semiconductor and the outdoors.

The Zeiss Conquest V6 series rifle scope features a 6x zoom ratio and a 5-25 power magnification range making it perfect for target shooting out to 1,000 yards, hunting, and even some police/tactical use.

What are pros saying about it

Plex-Style #6 Reticle - While the Conquest HD series have reticles available in several styles, to help with a precision shot placements, this Zeiss is equipped with an illuminated Plex-Style #6 reticle.

Illumination with motion sensor - As one of the best reticles for shooting out to 1,000 yards, this second focal plane reticle features an intelligent motion sensor that activates/deactivates illumination. Using four posts and a thin crosshair with milling dots, this reticle stays true to the format most Americans are used to.

Ballistic Turrets with Zeiss Ballistic Stop - This Conquest 5-30x50 riflescope is outfitted with the lockable external target-style turrets and Zeiss Ballistic Stop return-to-zero feature.

zeiss v6 fast eye piece adjustment

Vast Adjustment Range - The new ballistic turrets allow for .25 MOA click adjustments up to 62 MOA for elevation and 34 MOA for windage. In addition, the fast eye piece adjustment allows the shooter to focus on reticle based on vision requirement.

ZEISS FL Fluoride Lenses - As you expect from an industry-leading glass producer, the Conquest V6 comes with high-transmission Zeiss FL fluoride lenses combined with antireflection T* six-layer coatings, that provides a high light transmission rate of 92%.

LotuTec Hydrophobic Coatings - Additionally, the outer lens surfaces are enhanced with LotuTec water-shedding external coatings for all-weather use in any hunting situation.

Robust Construction - The Zeiss 5-30x50 Conquest V6 scope features a one-piece body made of a durable 30mm aluminum tube. This high-quality metal housing offers a waterproof, fogproof, and submersible performance.

vortex golden eagle HD 15-60X52 SFP scopes
  • Magnification: 15 - 60 x
  • Objective Lens Diameter: 52 mm
  • Exit Pupil Diameter (mm): 3.5 Low – 0.8 High
  • Eye Relief: 3.9 inches
  • Reticle: SCR-1 MOA
  • Turret Style: Target
  • Tube Diameter: 30 mm
  • Weight: 29.7 oz

Why everyone picks Vortex Optics - Vortex is another candidate for the best 1,000 yards scope and it belongs to the lowest price range for this scope’s category.

Unlike Vortex Razor HD, the Golden Eagle HD series has been specifically designed to deliver accuracy for precision long-range shooting in F-Class shooting competitions.

Typical magnification needed for 1000 yards is found in 5-25x riflescopes, but this Vortex boasts a gargantuan zoom range of 15-60x that is more than enough for the most accurate 1000 yard rifle.

Vortex Optics Golden Eagle HD 15-60x52 SFP front glass assembly

HD Lens Elements & APO System - As an ultimate long-range shooting optics, the Vortex Golden Eagle features premium HD (High Density) extra-low dispersion glass for long-distance clarity and APO (Apochromatic objective) lens system for color correction.

XRPlus - At the fully multi-coated glasses, Vortex has applied its proprietary and multiple anti-reflective coatings dubbed XRPlus anti-reflective coating to provide maximum brightness at the highest magnification.

ArmorTek - Along with Vortex's XR plus lens coatings, the scope's outer glass surfaces sport a scratch-resistant coating, called Armortek, which protects the lenses from scratches, but also oil and dirt.

Vortex ECR 1 reticle

ECR-1 MOA Reticle - Designed to engage targets at various distances from 300 to 1,200 yards with a simple & uncluttered MOA hash marks for holdover and windage corrections. 

It's a simple long range reticle for any new shooters to use

15-60 Power Magnification - The large 52mm objective lens and huge, 60x magnification will allow experienced shooters to hit the targets easily at distances of over a half-mile.

vortex golden eagle 15-60x52 turrets

Tactical Turrets - The open-topped turrets on Golden Eagle HD have a tactical style design with clicks of only 1/8 MOA for some really minor adjustments.

Tube Size - The Golden Eagle scope construction is based on a 30mm diameter aluminum tube, which provides maximized internal adjustment and highly reliable platform while maintaining a lightweight.

Although manufacturer advertise Golden Eagle HD 15-60x52 as dual-use scope for hunting and target/tactical shooting, obviously, its best application is for precise shooting at long-range stationary targets.

leupold mark 8 3.5-25X56 mm scope
  • Magnification: 3.5 - 25 x
  • Objective Lens Diameter: 56 mm
  • Exit Pupil Diameter (mm): 16 Low – 2.2 High
  • Eye Relief: 3.7 to 3.3 inches
  • Reticle: FFP CCH Reticle
  • Turret Style: Exposed
  • Tube Diameter: 35 mm
  • Weight: 32.5 oz

Why we picked this American made scope - Like previous Leupold Mark family of scopes, (Mark 4, Mark 5HD and Mark 6) renowned for being the optics used by US military snipers, Mark 8 series of riflescopes are not intended to be used for hunting or competition, but tactical environments.

Civilian Use- However, serious competitors find the Leupold Mark 8 3.5-25x56 is an extremely versatile optic that is well suited to any long-range shooting discipline such as F-Class or Benchrest.

tactical life leupold mark 8 M5c2

8X Zoom Range - Besides rural settings, the incredible 3.5-25x magnification range offers an excellent field of view at lower magnifications. In contrast, an excellent 8x zoom ratio makes this scope suitable for both urban and close quarter scenarios where speed is a significant asset.

35mm Maintube - Leupold Mark 8 3.5-25x56mm M5C2 is based on 35mm maintube for increased windage and elevation adjustment. Scope housing is made of one piece of 6061-T6 aircraft-grade aluminum.

M5C2 Turrets – This superb sighting instrument comes with low-profile M5C2 elevation and windage 1000 yards dials with a Zero-lock mechanism. These dials provide tactile and audible precision 1/10th mil per click windage and elevation adjustments.

Leupold CCH reticle

CCH Reticle – This Leupold 1000 yard scope model comes with brand new Leupold's Combat Competition Hunter Reticle (CCH). This non-illuminated, glass-etched reticle is a mil-based hold over-type of reticle located in the front focal plane. It allows for accurate ranging and shot correction at any magnification.

Diamond Coat 2 - This Leupold Mark 8 model features large 56mm objective and top-quality optics treated with an ion-assist lens coating, DiamondCoat 2 for higher light transmission and enhanced level of abrasion resistance.

100% Waterproof &Fog Proof-Like all Leupold scopes this Mark 8 is purged with 2nd Generation Argon for absolute water and fog-proofing.

schmidt bender PM 2 5-25x56 MTC scope
  • Magnification: 5 - 25 x
  • Objective Lens Diameter: 56 mm
  • Exit Pupil Diameter (mm): 10.95 Low – 2.28 High
  • Eye Relief: 3.54"
  • Reticle: TReMoR3 Reticle
  • Turret Style: Tactical
  • Tube Diameter: 34 mm
  • Weight: 39.82 oz

Why this is the best - Schmidt & Bender Police Marksman 5-25x56 PM tactical scope is another 5-25 scope tailor-made for the long-distance shooting.

It is considered the gold standard of rifle optics for police and military use, and particularly as the best scope for AR 10.

schmidt bender 5-25x56 PM II on precision rifle

2,000m Range - While we are presenting in this overview scope for 1000 yard shooting, Schmidt & Bender PM II 5-25x56 optics is capable of 1,000 yards of precision shot, but it may be successfully used up to a distance of 2,000 meters (2,187yds).

Camera-grade glass - The combination of the optical properties and a broad magnification range of this universal S&B scope yields spectacular results since the 5-25x56 PM II enables you to see over 6,500 feet. In fact, compared to the majority of high-end scopes, the S&B PMII 5-25x56 is far superior in terms of glass quality.

Versatility - The Police Marksman 5-25x56 is primarily intended as sniper scopes for 1000 yards shooting, but it can also be used for close-range precision shooting on small targets.

58 Variants - As the second edition of the Police Marksman lineup, the Schmidt Bender 5-25x56 PM II is available in 58 different configurations, including choice of 32 different reticles, turret clicks, and turret rotation direction. There is an second and first focal plane scope.


TReMoR3 - For this review, we choose a 5-25×56 PM II model with SKU: 677-911-995-A8-A2. It is equipped with a front focal plane illuminated TReMoR3 reticle. This Horus specialty reticle is designed for faster shooting aid by holdover grids and rapid ranging/milling features.

MTC Function - Besides extensive reticle selection, another Police Marksman II main feature is elevation and windage turrets each boasting locking feature and "MTC" function (More Tactile Clicks) with the crisp, precise and overall impressive tactile feel of each “click”.

DT: Double Turn - The unique scope color-coded "Double Turn" (DT) elevation turret comes with visual and tactile 2nd rotation indicator. These turrets feature a double turn elevation with rotation indicator and offer turret adjustment of 0.1 MRAD with a total of 26 MRAD of travel.

This big, sturdy and well-made optic is in a widespread Military and Law Enforcement use due to its robust design, huge 34mm tube, enhanced optical clarity and repeatability.

march scope fx 5-42x56 scope iso view
  • Magnification: 5 - 42 x
  • Objective Lens Diameter: 56 mm
  • Exit Pupil Diameter (mm): 5.2 Low – 1.33 High
  • Eye Relief: 70-90mm
  • Reticle: FML-TR1
  • Turret Style: Tactical
  • Tube Diameter: 34 mm
  • Weight: 33.5 oz
march scope 5-42x56 on sniper rifles

Referenced OpticsThought

Why pros would spend over $3k for this scope - A new for 2020, a 5-42x56 High Master Wide Angle scope by March Optics USA is one of the best long-range scopes on the world.

It's hand made for the most demanding long-range shooters. As the lightest and shortest in its category, this compact rifle scope from March comes with many applications.

What are pros saying about this optic

Magnification Factor of 8.4 – The March High Master Wide Angle scope is applying some exceptional advancements and an unusual 8.4x zoom factor,

Wide Angle - Although March riflescopes undeniably established a leading position at numerous championships, this model is designated as the ‘Wide Angle’ because of the fantastic 26° angular field of view it very suitable as long-range hunting scope as well.

High Master Lens System – As its name says, this March crossover scope comes with the High Master Lens System, which consists of 2 new ‘Super ED’ lens elements. Using optical elements close to pure fluorite crystal, the March engineers' team almost completely eliminated chromatic aberration generating a sharper image with higher contrast.

FML TR1 reticle
FML-TR1-SFP at 42X

At 42X

FML-TR1 Reticle - March 5-42x56 High Master, comes with the modern FML-1 reticle seated in the first focal plane (FFP). An illuminated FML-TR1 is specially designed for this scope and belongs to the Christmas tree type reticles with .2 mil hash marks and dots which does not obscure the image behind it.

Temperature Anti-Drift Lens System – March developed a new lens material to accommodate changes in environmental temperature and provide a more stable lens system in order to keep focus and clarity over a wide range of conditions.

march scope 5-42x56 turrets

Advanced Tactical Turrets - In accordance with its purpose, the new March High Master optics employ lockable and tactical type (uncapped) turrets. This superb long range rifle scopes 1000 yards dials come with two dots on each of the turrets that mark a locked or open position.

Windage/Elevation turret: 1 click 0.1mrad - Both windage and elevation knobs feature 0.1mrad value per 1 click with total travel amount for the elevation of 40mrad, and 14mrad for windage, respectively.

March 5-42x56 FFP High Master is a premium custom riflescope built in Japan and designed to offer shooters at long-range competitions the best possible shooting glass in the world.

Common FAQ

Why Spend So Much On A Scope?

The rule of thumb is to spend as much as you can afford on a rifle scope for long range shooting, and you just need one.

So what are you really paying for?

When you buy a scope that is $2000 to $4000, you are paying for glass quality, brand name and additional in-house quality checks to ensure the scope has the tightest tolerance and specs for long range precision shooting.

Not every high ticket item equates to performance if it doesn't provide you with the necessary features to get the job done. In addition, not everyone has the budget to get the most fancy stuff, and lastly we don't recommend anyone to go into debt either.

If long range shooting is a long term activity for you and you seriously care for precision, then we highly recommend saving up and buy one quality scope than 4-7 budget options.

Wrap Up

As first, the long-range shots can be taken with low-magnification optics. Accordingly, you may find in this article, the best scope magnification for 1000 yards rarely exceeds 25x, but you also may opt for an absurdly powerful 60x optic.

While a proper 5-25 power scope is capable of reaching out 1000 yards targets, you should carefully select rifle and an adequate chambering. The best caliber for 1000 yard competition and general shooting that can reach a 1,000-yard target should have enough power to stabilize the projectile passed the 1,000-yards.

Typical classic calibers for 1000 yards shooting would be .30-06 Springfield, .308 WIN, 7mm REM and even 5.56mm/.223 REM with the right set-up. But, the newest up and coming cartridges are the 6.5 Creedmoor, 6.5x47mm Lapua and many others.

Please check out suitable scopes for the calibers mentioned above in our previous articles.