13 Best Olight Flashlight 2022

In this 2022 buyer's guide, let's take a look at the best Olight flashlight in 2022 for everyday carry, outdoors and weapon mounted applications.

Handheld (Everyday Carry)

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Olight Warrior 3 - Best Olight For EDC

olight warrior 3 disassembled

Why we picked this one - Olight Warrior 3 is our overall favorite handheld tactical light. In many ways it’s slim, lightweight and has major core features that EDC light users would appreciate.

Warrior 3 is versatile for handheld use as well as mounting on weapons via a magnetic remote pressure switch.


It features a single 5000mAh 21700 USB chargeable lithium battery

The maximum output and distance are increased by 20% and 44% separately, reaching 1800 lumens and 300 meters.

Aggressive strike bezel with PVD coating is easy to break glass windows or defend yourself when in an emergency situation.

Rear tail cap protector prevents accidential light discharge

Programmable tail cap switch for instant strobe activation & momentary on

Three-dimensional outface for a better texture; newly design tail switch can make it upside down


It will be nice if the light body features a grip stop to prevent hand slipping when using tactical tail cap grip.

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Warrior X Pro - Best Handheld Thrower

olight warrior x pro on backpack holster

Why use the Warrior X Pro - If you have been looking for a light that is simple & effective as a handheld utility light or go on any long guns, the Olight Warrior X Pro is the way to go.

The light has been upgraded from its original model, now capable of producing 2250 lumens and 90,000 candela, almost up to 600 meters of concentrated hot beam illumination in the dark, which makes it a great outdoor light.


Simple 2 modes of operation - Simplicity is the key when choosing a light like this one, Switch between 2250 lumens and 300 for various low light tasks

21700 Rechargeable Battery - Tired of buying CR123A batteries? the Warrior X Pro comes with a 5000 mAh 21700 battery that is rechargeable via USB MCC3 cable that will last you a life time and save money

IPX 8 Rated - Waterproof rating tells us how strong the light is, the Warrior X Pro is made with IPX8 rated aluminum alloy that can endure 3 meter drop test without breaking

If you want to use this on a long gun, we highly recommend getting Olight’s pressure switch sold separately here.


This light is a great alternative to the Surefire M600, however, the magnetic pressure switch attachment without secure mounting points are things that can be improved in the future, and the new Olight Odin is the one you should checkout.

Olight S1R Mini Baton 2 - Best Cap Light

olight baton 3 clips on hat

Why use this one for EDC - The Olight S1R Mini Baton 2 is the most popular high lumen, small profile EDC light people love following the success of the Olight S1 Mini Baton.

5 Lumen Settings - The Baton 2 now supports up to 1000 lumens, which provides much greater brightness without increasing in size. In addition, the user can switch among 0.5, 12, 60, 600 and 1000 lumens by double tapping the button

Small and compact - It's small enough to fit in your pocket and the included metal clip can go on your baseball cap hands free when hiking in the outdoors in low light without sticking out too much or adding weight.

Magnetic Body & Strobe Mode - It's a great EDC light with built-in strobe mode for signaling, magnetic body that allows for hands free low light tasks, and it's rechargeable like other Olight products.

If you're looking for a very capable EDC light that is just as good as the M2R Warrior without the tactical features, the Olight S1R Mini Baton 2 is the one to get.

Olight Freyer - Best For Signaling

olight freyr multi color modes

Why pick the Freyer - The new Olight Freyr is a hybrid between the Olight Warrior X Pro and the M2R Warrior Pro with added RGB feature for more versatile uses in various low light situations.

Long range illumination - Its high candela rating combined with a super tight hot spot throws the light beam far for better long range outdoor illumination.

RGB For Various Applications - Better than any other RGB flashlights you can find at the hardware store. We highly recommend it for airport operation, warehouse operation, night search, outdoor, hunting and various low light signaling activities.

Added Traffic Cone For Omni Light - The light comes with a silicon traffic cone that can go on top of the light to instantly turn the light into a omni directional light for increased low light illumination

Built In Strobe Mode - Strobe mode is helpful for drawing immediate attention and it can be activated by quickly pressing the thumb activation button 3 times

These low lumen modes for RGB are easy on the eyes for up-close tasks where the high lumen intensity isn't required such as reading things in the dark or search.

Olight I3UV EOS - Best Keychain UV Light

Olight I3UV EOS keychain light

Why we like the Olight I3UV EOS - Everyone needs a keychain flashlight for minor low light tasks.


This light is small, easy to use and runs on a single AAA battery. One of the biggest feature we like is the UV LED 395nm, and its a great tool for HVAC technicians and automotive repairmen to detect leaks and cracks.

It's also great for checking ID, verify counterfeit currency, detect germs and many more.

After COVID 19 breakout, having a small light with UV feature is always something good to have in order to check things before touching with your bare hands.


For only about $14, the UV light can be a bit stronger and people would be willing to pay a bit extra.

Best Olight Weapon Light Selections

Valkyrie PL Pro - Best Overall

olight pl pro on walther pdp pistol

Why people love this one - The Valkyrie PL Pro is very similar to the Surefire X300U, if you want to compare these two pistol weapon lights, please click here.

The Olight PL Pro is new and they are definitely catching up to the competition by introducing never before seen technologies to make a pistol weapon more powerful and modern.

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What we like about the Valkyrie PL Pro over the Surefire product are the increased candela & lumen, and the unique magnetic battery charging feature.

Tactile activation switch - The switch has very positive feedback and it's ambidextrous for both lefties and righties. It's also great for bare hand operation and when wearing shooting gloves

Save money on battery - Stop buying a bunch of CR123A batteries help save money, and the PL Pro features the magnetic USB rechargeable battery charge port, where the user can top off the battery juice via USB cable at any time in your car, a battery pack or a laptop.

Hot center beam - A hot center 1500 lumens beam is preferred for a weapon-mounted light, it allows the light to have a further throw and it gives the defender the tactical advantage to control the threat better while staying at a safe distance


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No instant momentary switch - Valkyrie PL Pro is a great pistol weapon light, but it falls short on the momentary switch, where the user can't just tap it & turns off.

Instead the user has to positively hold the button for a split second then let go. If let go too quick, the light stays on.

In a tactical situation, where momentary quick on & off light flash is useful, this can get in the way of a person's motor skill under pressure and stress.

Temperature control - The lumen will decrease when the temperature reaches a certain point to prevent damage. It's not a big issue in most situations, but it's not a light to take to a low light class where halfway through the class your beam isn't giving you the 1500 lumens as promised.

Valkyrie BALDR Mini - Compact Size

zeroing olight baldr mini

What makes this popular - The Olight BALDR Mini 2 is a compact size weapon light that goes very well with full size and compact frame handguns.

There is a lot of competition on the market today towards the concealed carry community, and the BALDR Mini 2 is definitely a hot product you don't want to miss.


Super bright LED - The use of CREE XP-L HI LED lens makes this small 400 lumen light very bright with a tight beam corona, and it's definitely a great feature for conceal-carry users to lit the scene up with to 75 meters of throw

Downward Pressure switch - The switch has very positive feedback and it's ambidextrous for both lefties and righties. It's also great for bare hand operation and when wearing shooting gloves. The downward press also allows the shooter to have downward pressure on the light to manage recoil

Magnetic Charging Design - The PL Pro features USB rechargeable battery design, where the user can save tons of money buying CR123A batteries. If the batteries die you can just recharge it as many times as you want.

Adjustable mount - The unique QD mounting design allows the user to change the position of the light on the handgun rail for maximum compactness


No instant momentary switch - Valkyrie PL Pro and Mini 2 are both great, but they fall short on the momentary switch, where the user must hold down the switch for a split second before releasing it to turn the light off.

A quick tap and let go will still keep the light on

In a tactical situation, where momentary quick on & off light flash is useful, this can get in the way of a person's motor skill under pressure and stress.

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Olight Odin GL Mini - Rifle Laser and Light Combo

olight odin gl mini laser on ar15

Why this is the best to buy right now - The Odin is the best-dedicated 2000 lumens rifle Scout light that Olight has ever made to compete with the Surefire Scout. If you have been using the Olight M2R Warrior Pro and wish its more geared towards tactical rifles, then the Odin is the choice.

The light comes with built-in Scout mounting points so you can use any existing Scout light mounts you have for KeyMod, Picatinny or MLOK.

If you don't have one you can shop here.


Highest lumen and Candela - In the tactical low light world, lumens and candela are the two biggest specs professionals look at. 2000 lumens and 22500 candela are more than the Surefire M600DF for better target identification and threat control.

olight odin gl mini tail cap

Huge improvement from the previous version

Lockable Magnetic Pressure Switch - No more complaints about the old magnetic pressure switch cord snag on stuff and come off, the new design allow it to the user to snap the retainer in place and it stays on solid.

If you don't want to use the pressure switch you can take it off and activate the light using tail cap switch, the same type found on Warrior X Pro and M2R Warrior.

USB Rechargeable battery - While other Scout weapon light is still using the CR123A technology, the 21700 3.6V 500mAh battery packs a lot of juice for the Odin, and the user no longer need to buy batteries.

olight odin gl vs modlite 18350

Uses The Same Scout Mounting Points

QD Scout Mount Included - It's always nice when the mount already comes in the packaging. The mount is very solid and offers two mounting points to orient the Odin the way you want on your Picatinny handguard.

Adjustable Lumen Intensity - Another cool feature the Odin has its the ability to switch from 300 to 2000 lumens for adjusting to your lighting situations.

olight odin gl in the dark

Mounted on Daniel Defense MK18


The Odin is a very powerful light and it has the same durability as the Surefire Scout, and the only thing that could make this light better in the future is to make the light beam a bit tighter and more focused for long range rifle use.

Overall, at this price range under $180, this will be the best light and laser combo for rifle and PCC use.

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Olight Javelot Tac - Best Scout Light

olight javelot tac on ar15
olight javelot tac close up

The brand new 2022 Olight Javelot Tac is the next generation scout light that is way better than the Odin series light.

It features an one-piece aluminum body design with an integrated scout mount. The beam pattern is close to a MODLITE PLHv2 for throw and flood.

It kept all the great features we love about the Odin, and now it's much better for mid range applications.

Olight Valkyrie Turbo - Best Throw Performance

shadow system mr920 olight valkyrie turbo

This is Olight's first LEP (Laser Excited Phosphor) pistol light. The beam pattern of this thing is like mounting a rifle throw light on a pistol to positive identify targets up to 540 meters away in the dark.

It features the same activation controls as Olight BALDR with constant on/off or strobe.

However, the light uses CR123A instead of being USB rechargeable.

olight valkyrie turbo mid range

The hot spot beam pattern shoots straight like a laser with very little flood, so the light can punch further into the distance with up to 70K candela output.

The user can mount this on pistols or rifles for hunting and long range shooting.

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Olight PL 3 - New Mount

olight pl 3 view

The Olight PL 3 is new for 2022. It's very similar to the Olight PL Pro with just slightly more flood beam.

The biggest change in the Olight PL 3 Valkyrie is the thumb screw mount design over the QD lever. The rail locking slot position can be adjusted to fit a wide variety of pistol frame to bring the pressure switch closer to the trigger guard if needed to.

Outdoors & Camping

X9R Marauder - Brightest Output

Olight X9R Marauder in space

So rugged! Sent to Space

Why this is the ultimate outdoor lighting system - The olight X9R Marauder has a powerful 25000 lumens & 99200 candela outputs, powered with 6 Cree XHP70.2 LED. When you need some serious illumination the X9R is here for you.

Whether you need a room scale "day light alike" illumination for a construction site or a outdoor camping site, this light will provide you with enough lighting up to 700 meters in a pitch black environment.

This light is great for search & rescue, self-defense, vehicle, outdoor camping, fishing, household, general use, cave exploration, construction sites and many more.


Highest lumen & candela output on the market - 25000 lumens & 99200 candela with 8 adjustable lumen settings from 200 to 25000 lumens. You can use it for indoor low light tasks or large scale outdoor illumination.

Please check Olight's technical page for battery life for each lumen setting here.

Olight X9R Marauder 25000 lumens outdoors

Built-In Strobe Mode - Flashing strobe light grabs people's immediate attention, you can use it for survival signaling, airport operation, warehouse operation, law enforcement and home defense

Built-In Battery Level Display - For a big powerful light like the X9R that drains the battery in about 3 mins on 25000 lumen setting, the power indicator makes it easier for the user to know when to recharge the battery.

Large Battery Capacity - The light comes with a large beer can size 6000mAh 14.4V 8x18650 Battery Pack. On 200 lumens this thing can last up to 27 hours, and the battery can be


For a powerful light like this, you just got to accept its size weighing about 4 lbs, and only 3 mins of battery juice on the 25000 lumens setting isn't enough time for long period of use, so use it sparingly.

The X9R is a very big light that requires a backpack or a case for transportation. If you like the idea of having a high lumen outdoor light without a gigantic body profile , we highly recommend the Olight Warrior X Pro instead.

Olight Perun Mini

The Olight Perun Mini has the best right angled ergonomics for outdoorers who enjoy mounting the light on the backpack straps.

The Perun can be used as a handheld light with the provided pocket clip for a variety of attachment methods as well as a headlamp with the optional magnetic head strap, making it a powerful, reliable and vital tool for multiple up-close activities in the dark.

60-degree rotation for desired angle and extreme convenience

High lumen ouput in a small package - The light is powered by a 550mAh 3.7V IMR16340 Rechargeable Lithium Battery with a maximum output of 1,000 lumens & 2500 candela in a small package, which is great for outdoor activities


Where are Olights made?

Olight products are made in China.