6 Best Optic Mounts For DeltaPoint Pro 

Check out these 6 best optic mounts for Leupold DeltaPoint Pro for rifle applications.

Primary Optic Mount

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leupold deltapoint pro ar mount

Why Use This Product

Leupold brand AR picatinny is the simplest mount you can get to mount the DeltaPoint Pro on any rifle platform with top picatinny rail.

Easy Installation - Just a simple hex screw clamp mount (Not QD)

Lightweight - Ideal for a basic matte coated finish looking mount for the Leupold DeltaPoint Pro made with lightweight aerospace grade material

Solid DPP Mount - Precision machined to lock up with DeltaPoint Pro's footprint

Weighs ONLY 2 oz

1 Height to choose from:

  • 1.72" (slightly higher than 1/3rd CoWitness)
Leupold DeltaPoint Pro AR DLOC Mount, Black, 171861

Referenced Leupold

Just like the basic Leupold DPP mount recommended above but this has a quick thumb release mount where your hand can grab and turn.

No tools required in the field.

It's 2.3 oz, 0.3 oz heavier than the one above

american defense AD TR QD DDP Mount

Referenced American Defense

This low QD mount works for mounting on shotguns or rifle platform with a cheekweld position lower than the top rail such as an AK rifle.

Get them here:

Low mount

Offset Mounts


trex arms offset leupold deltapoint pro mount

These great guys at Trex Arms provide tons of online training and they're definitely the top dog in the industry, and they have their Trex brand cant optic mount for the DeltaPoint Pro with a riser plate 1.57" tall for: 

  • LPVO use
  • Night vision
  • Shooting prone
  • Gas mask wearing
  • Shooting around corners
  • Better recoil management

Fits all standard M1913 picatinny rails. It's not QD, so pick this mount over the American Defense QD mount if you want a snag free setup, and you're not planning on constantly swapping optics.

Arisaka Defense

Arisaka Defense Offset Optic Red Dot Sight Mount Bases OOM-BASE Color: Black, Finish: MIL-A-8625 Type III Hard Coat Anodized,  w/ Free Shipping

Arisaka Defense offset optic mount is designed to be modular for some of the top micro red dot sights on 35 degrees and 45 degrees

It's similar to the Trex Arms product above.

35 degree tucks in the optic more as well as lining up the bore based on the rifle

In addition, the user can pick different base heights to tailor the co-witness setup to what the shooter needs.

You need the base mount and the DPP specific plate, and you can get the DPP plate here.

Valhalla Tactical RUKH

Valhalla Tactical RUKH offset angled mount

The Valhalla Tactical RUKH is the world's first adjustable pitch and height offset angled mount for the DeltaPoint Pro as well as other top micro red dots

  • Better adjustable cheek weld height
  • Faster transition speed 
  • Pivot it to your liking
  • Align bore axis and POI (Point of Impact)
  • Height and scope of your rifle.
  • Works for cross eye dominant shooters if used at the right angle

The user can tuck the optic closer to the scope, and it pivot it out or reverse direction if needed to optimize the setup.