Glock 43's shooting performance can be further improved with a couple of upgrades. Here are the 4 best Glock 43 compensators I have tested to see if they can truly reduce muzzle flip while using standard 115 gr 9mm or +P ammo.

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Top Glock 43 Compensators

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HC43 Compensator - Best Overall

HC43 compensator

This Herrington Arms 6061 Aluminum Black Cerakoted HC43 compensator helps to reduce muzzle flip by about 10 - 30%. Based on my own personal shooting test, the recoil reduction sensation is subjective based on your grip. When shooting standard 9mm ammo, the recoil reduction isn't too significant, but it's definitely different.

This compensator works for Gen 5 Glock 43/43x/48 variants with 1/2-28 barrels and standard recoil spring. I found the installation extremely easy with the set screw clamp on the side.

After using it for a while, I believe not all compensators can achieve the same performance unless they are well-engineered like this one.

Agency Arms 417C - Best Recoil Reduction

Agency Arms 417C Compensator, Glock 43, Black, 417-G43-BLK

The Agency Arms 417C (3AF-BCM-417C-417-G43-BLK) works with OEM spring guide and features dual vertical gas ports and side ports to reduce muzzle flip especially for heavier charged ammunition. This is one of the most expensive option out of all, and I have tried it, and it performed better on plus P ammo only. Otherwise there is no significant performance gain.

The compensator also features iron sight to increase the overall sight radius and faster sight acquisition after each shot if not using a red dot sight.

Other than its slick machining, the Agency Arms makes very high end firearm accessories that you will not disappoint.

Faxon EXOS-533 - Best Single Port Comp

Faxon EXOS 533 compensator

The EXOS 533 (FF-P-A-COMP-SS-G-02) reduces muzzle flip the same way as other products, but a little bit more due to its special angled ports, which allow gas to deflect upwards as opposed to only deflecting sideways.

This single port muzzle brake provides consistent muzzle movement and reliability. As far as looks goes, the Faxon EXOS 533 looks the best for the Glock 43.

The compensator works best on barrels that protrudes .600” or less for a flush fit.

SUAREZ Street Comp - Best For The Money

suarez strret comp for Glock 43

The SUAREZ Street comp (SI-STRTCMP-G4-BLK) is similar to the Faxon 533, but this is the single chamber comp with very simple machining that match the factory slide profile.

The compensator mounts the same way as the Faxon with setscrews to secure it on the barrel.

Overall, this is the lowest cost Glock 43 compensator option on our list.


Is A Threaded Barrel Required?

Yes, a threaded Glock 43 barrel is required to mount a compensator.

Does A Compensator Reduce Muzzle Flip?

swampfox sentinel red dot on glock 43x mos

A well engineered compensator can reduce muzzle flip on a Glock 43, and it allows the sight picture to stay as flat as possible. This is helpful when shooting Glock 43 with a red dot.

However, different compensator may yield difference performance based on ammo type.

Based on my own testing, a compensator can cut down ~10 - 30% muzzle flip while using heavier charged ammo, but sometimes the difference is hard to tell when shooting standard 115gr 9mm.

Is Recoil Spring Tuning Required?

Recoil spring requires tuning if your particular Glock 43 is getting far away from it's factory state.

This means using aftermarket Glock 43 slide with significant weight reduction, shooting different ammo type, trigger group modifications and others.

There is no one size fits all approach to recoil spring tuning unless specific performance tests are done.