Best Red Dot For Benelli M4 & M2 Shotguns

In this guide, let’s take a look at the best red dot optics for Benelli M4 & M2 including special optic mounts before you buy.

Some of the proven ones are:

Out of all other products out there, these 3 tend to still be the go-to optics in 2020. In addition, We also have some recommended optics for low recoil bird shots.

Let’s check them out below...


Best Red Dot Optics For Benelli M4 & M2 – Home Defense & Competition

Benelli M2 In Action – John Wick 3


  • Features:2 MOA dot (Red/Green), Motion activated, Fully multi-coated lens, Grade 5 Titanuim housing, CR2032 Battery, 1 MOA/click adjustment
  • Benefits:Strongest body to handle shotgun recoil, Fast on target with wide field of view, Solar + battery power providing ~100K hours, 2 MOA dot great for CQB shotgun patterns


trijicon rmr for shotguns
  • Features:3.25 MOA Dot, Adjustable LED, Super ruggedized lens frame , 7075 T6 Forged aluminum
  • Benefits:World's toughest pistol RDS, Survives hard physical abuse, Dot always on, Increased durability, Auto brightness dim after 16 hrs for battery savings


  • Features:3 MOA reticle, Side activation button, Side button OPS, 1 MOA / Click, CR1632 battery
  • Benefits:Fast on target shotgun shooting, Lightweight mirco optic for fast action shooting, Pinpoint accuracy with speed, Automatic brightness sensor to match environmental conditions


  • Features:Aimpoint Micro style body, 2 MOA dot, 7075 T-6 AL, 0.5 MOA / Click 
  • Benefits:Lightweight for Benelli M2 maneuver , Precision dot for CQB & medium range engagement, Fast target acquisition, Mil-Spec durability @ 1/4 the price of Aimpoint Micro  


  • Features:7075 T6 one-piece CNC mount, Internal Key-Slot system, FOR RMR/SRO ONLY
  • Benefits:Ultra lightweight optic mount FREE of protruding levers and knobs, Ultra low profile snag free, Key-Slot spreads side impacts across 4 anchor points, Fits M2 & M4    

Note: We recommend ONLY the most durable optics for the Benelli M4. It doesn’t have to be the MOST expensive product to be durable.

Can’t find what you were looking for, maybe check here: Best Shotgun Red Dot Sights

For Buckshot & Slug Use

Trijicon RMR Type 2 [3.5 MOA Dot or Bigger]

Benelli M4 with Trijicon RMR on scalarworks mount

Why it’s the best – The Trijicon RMR is the gold standard for micro red dot sights, and it still holds the crown for being the most durable and effective.

The shooter can mount the RMR as low as possible using the Scalarworks SYNC/RMR mount, which you can get from OpticsPlanet or Amazon.

This enables perfect co-witness with the factory iron sights.

The open emitter Trijicon RMR is a great optic on the Benelli for being lightweight, recoil resistant, and super low profile.

For defensive use, typically with Buckshots, a 3.25 MOA dot size or higher are great for getting on target fast and shoot up to an effective range of 50 yards with tight pellet patterns, which is way more than you need in practical home defense scenario.

For slug/buckshot related zeroing questions, please check out how to zero a shotgun red dot on our site here.

MSRP: $699

Best known price at OpticsPlanet

or buy from Amazon

No products found.

Aimpoint Micro T/H Series

benelli m4 with aimpoint micro POV
Image Referenced TRex Arms

Why we picked this – Aimpoint Micro is world’s toughest micro red dot sight that has been around for a long time.

You can go with H or T series for the Benelli Super 90 or M1014 military version.

The biggest advantage of the Aimpoint Micro is its durability in such a small body on top of it’s extremely long battery life.

Mounting this on the Benelli M4 doesn’t really add that much weight and it barely feels like anything extra has been added. In addition, it’s streamline & low profile design is a great fit for the M4 for shit hits the fan type of setup.

If getting an Aimpoint Micro is still not convincing to you, then please take a look at the Holosun 503GU and 508T.

MSRP: $745

Best known price at OpticsPlanet

or buy from Amazon

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Holosun HE508T (Titanium Body)

The Holosun HE508T is made of Titanium, which is 35% stronger than the 7075 T6 aluminum. Many people were shocked that Holosun is playing at the level where soon it’s going to win the micro red dot game with the Trijicon.

This is the one product released in 2019 and starts to get more popular as time goes on. The performance, durability and features of this thing greatly surpass the good ol Trijicon RMR, and it’s under $400.

We are talking about an RARE Titanium body micro red dot with 100,000 hours of battery life + solar power, which literally translate to “This thing is basically a terminator red dot optic” that will work, and withstand the M4 when blasting slugs & buckshots down range.

MSRP: $470

Best known price at OpticsPlanet

or buy from Amazon

HOLOSUN HE508T-RD Red Dot Sight
51 Reviews
HOLOSUN HE508T-RD Red Dot Sight
  • Parallax free optical design, with unlimited eye relief.
  • Multi-reticle System.
  • Shake Awake technology with last setting recall.
  • Solar cell and high capacity battery provide dual power supplies.

For Birdshot & Low Recoil Loads

These red dot sights are as heavy-duty like ones recommended for the Benelli M4, but they went through incremental improvements over time, which made them just as good for low recoil load specific shotguns including the M2.

Burris FastFire 3 – Best Selling Micro RDS For The Money

Taran tactical benelli m2 with burris fastfire 3
Image Referenced Taran Tactical

The Burris FastFire 3 is a hot selling micro red dot for mostly competition shooters. It’s not an optic for abusive torture like the RMR, and which is why it’s great for low recoil shotgun use on the range & hunting.

Available in both 3 MOA and 8 MOA reticles, it’s very popular for sporting rifles and shotguns. The reason we picked the Burris for the Benelli M2 is for it’s performance and price point.

More importantly, this thing is rugged and simple to operate without a lot of additional features. You can mount this optic using the speed bead mount for the M2, or you can mount it on a Picatinny rail using the EGW Picatinny rail adapter.

Burris 300234 Fastfire III with Picatinny Mount 3 MOA Sight (Black)
1,286 Reviews
Burris 300234 Fastfire III with Picatinny Mount 3 MOA Sight (Black)
  • PINPOINT ACCURACY – The FastFire III puts an unmistakable red dot at the point of impact within your field of view, giving you an immediate advantage in speed and accuracy.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT OPTICS – With lightweight construction and durable design, the FastFire III can be used as a primary sight or paired on top of an existing sight.
  • VERSATILITY DEFINED – Rely on the automatic brightness sensor to adjust to match the environmental conditions or choose one of the three manual brightness settings.
  • RED DOT SIGHT – Choose a 3 MOA dot, popular on rifles or with anyone wanting more pinpoint accuracy, or choose the 8 MOA dot, which is ideal for short range shooters and fast acquisiton. Windage...

Holosun HS503GU – Best Aimpoint Micro Alternative

If an Aimpoint Micro optic is way out of your budget for the Benelli M2, and you’re looking for a solid alternative product, then take a look at the Holosun HE503GU or HE403R.

Holosun has been a disruptor in the red dot industry for making high strength, lightweight 7075 T6 body optic that feels like an Aimpoint Micro.

Don’t let the price fool you because the HS503GU is basically bomb proof! So mount it on your Benelli M2 because it’s not like other cheap sights.

With CNC machined extrusion protects the elevation and windage adjustment knobs just like the Aimpoint Micro H2 and T2, to provide ultimate protection & durability.

Being able to switch between 2 MOA center dot to a 2 MOA dot inside a 65 MOA reticle ring, which is an awesome feature for transitioning between CQB & medium range on the go without swapping optics.

If you want an affordable Aimpoint Micro alike alternative, the Holosun HS503GU or the 403R is the one.

MSRP: $319

Best known price at OpticsPlanet

or buy from Amazon

HOLOSUN HS503GU Circle Micro Red Dot Sight, 2 MOA Dot, 65 MOA Circle, Black
210 Reviews
HOLOSUN HS503GU Circle Micro Red Dot Sight, 2 MOA Dot, 65 MOA Circle, Black
  • Automatic on and off based on motion, 2 moa dot & 65 moa circle
  • Reduced training time and ammunition
  • Durable and reliable construction
  • Low mount and 1/3 co-witness mount included

What To Look For In A Home Defense Shotgun Optic

home defense with benelli m4 with aimpoint micro h1

Avoid anything around the $100 to $200 budget optics for shotgun use.

Is an optic really necessary on a home defense shotgun?

Absolutely not! DO GET A TACTICAL LIGHT Tho

But you have to get is to pair a tactical light for the M4 so you can identify threats in dark home defense situations. We have a weapon light guide for the Benelli M4 on our site that you can check out.

However, if you do want to put something on it, it better hold zero and it better withstands the sharp 12GA recoil.

This is why we only recommend products that can delivery that, and has the track record of being durable on shotguns, which are Aimpoint Micro, RMR & Holosun.

12GA shotguns are lethal and violent. Every time you pull the trigger you feel the kick, and the pellet spreads. Being able to aim precisely is critical to how you protect yourself & your family.

Aftermarket Optic Mounts That People Love

As mentioned earlier with the Trijicon RMR/SRO market for the Benelli M4, M2, and the Super Black Eagle, Scalarworks introduced a super low profile optic mount that directly co-witness with the factory iron sights.

What we like about the mount is its durability, ultra lightweight cuts, and the perfect optic placement.

Please check out the pictures below… let the pictures do the talking

benelli m4 and m2 with scalarworks sync rmr mount
Images Referenced Scalarworks (Buy This Here)


The Benelli M2 & M4 are powerful shotguns that are fun to shoot, and every time you shoot you smile because it’s just that much fun.

The M4 or M1014 Military is a durable auto regulating gas-operated 12 GA shotgun that’s very effective for combat use, and the M2 is more for fast action competition shooting & hunting.

The Aimpoint Micro, Trijicon RMR/SRO is no question the ultimate optics for Benelli M4 and M2.

Avdei Avdeev

Borned in Russia, now lives in Flordia, US. Experienced 6 years with rifle optics and is an active shooter in 3 gun world.