Best Red Dot Sights For AK47 Rifles [2020]

kp9 with aimpoint pro ak 9mm

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In this guide, let's take a what is the best red dot sights for AK47 rifles. As the AK platform continues to evolve, shooting the 7.62X39 AK, 5.45 AK, and 9mm AK is a lot of fun with modern optics.

There are three locations for an AK optic:

  • Railed top handguard
  • AK side optic mount
  • Dust cover rail system

All most all red dot sights on the market today will work well on the AK, and our favorite ones are Holosun, Sig Romeo 5 and Aimpoint Micro.

In addition, using a low mount is preferred since the AK has a low axis cheekweld position for most shooters, and it gives the shooter a perfect co-witness alignment

They get the job done and they're much tougher than the products from 10 years ago.

So let's take a look below:

7 Best Red Dot Sights For AK47

(Top Handguard Mount - Heat Resistent)

In the past, it's very common to mount a red dot on the Ultimak gas tube picatinny top rail as the only option available. Now there are way more products on the market with better fit and rigidity to maintain zero.

Heat can affect optic ZERO [Handguard Mount]

The downside of mounting a red dot on the top handguard on an AK is the heat. It's not recommended for full auto or long duration shooting.

Holosun 507C - Best Overall

Holosun 507C

Why we love Holosun 507C - The HE507C is the best micro red dot sight on the market today, and it's even better than the Trijicon RMR especially for its price, performance and battery life.

It's a hot product that has been sold in bulks, many people who have used it on handguns, shotguns and rifles all have positive things to say about on this optic.

So for your AK, this is great option if you want something like the RMR but like to save a little bit more money.

The HE507C is made with the same material as the Trijicon RMR (7075 T6 forged aluminum), same mounting footprint and it runs on 1 CR2032 that lasts 100,000 hrs (2X more than the RMR)

To top this optic over others even more, the 507C has a shake-awake function with on-board memory so it remembers its last brightness setting.


It offers multiple reticle options:
2 MOA dot - Great for 4" shot group at 100 yards
32 MOA circle - Easier to pick up for close-range engagement
2 MOA dot inside 32 MOA circle

Trijicon SRO 2.5 MOA - Best AK Front Rail Reflex Sight 

Ak with trijicon sro
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Why pick the SRO - The Trijicon SRO has a larger viewing window and it's great for faster target acquisition. It has the same mounting footprint as the RMR, same battery and the lens is wider and taller in a circular profile.

This enlarged window gives the shooter so much room to track the reticle and never felt like it's gonna get lost. 

Since the sight radius sits far on the AK handguard, having a large viewing window really helps the shooter picking up the sight picture fast.

Overall the Trijicon SRO is primarily built for pistol shooters to fix the problem losing the dot, but this enlarged window upgrade is a game changer for anyone wanting a low profile optic with fast & smooth aiming.

For AK shooters, the SRO offers 3 different reticle sizes (1 MOA, 2.5 MOA and 5 MOA, and for what the 7.62mm round can do you we recommend the 1 or 2.5 MOA.

Aimpoint Micro H2 - Best Durability

ak with aimpoint micro
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Aimpoint Micro is the top of the line red dot optic in the gun industry. It's the Gucci gun stuff that's built like a tank (7075 T6 aluminum), tough as hell, and it's an ultimate AK red dot to get as well as other rifles.

The Micro series red dot is a low profile, enclosed body design that is rated with government Mil-Spec standard to ensure it stays on and maintain zero when withstanding heavy recoil.

We have seen this optic used with SWAT teams, military, and oversea contractors, and every one of them said they would pick the Aimpoint over any other optics. They trust their lives on it and spending over $870 for an optic isn't a big deal if your life is on the line in combat.

Look at that recoil harmonics 

For those AK users that like to mount an optic on the handguard, the Aimpoint Micro is the best choice because it can handle the recoil and vibration that occurs around the gas tube area.

If you don't want to mount it on the handguard, the other way is to mount it on the receiver with the RS Regulate mount.

For the price, this is an expensive optic and it's the best in the industry to get and be sure to get some discount deals by going through our links below:

(Dust Cover & Side Mount)

Holosun 515GM - Best Value

Holosun 515GM

Why we picked the Holosun 515GM - The Holosun 515GM is Holosun's mil-spec grade red dot sight.

For the price you just can't beat this thing. It's basically an Aimpoint Micro at 2/3 the price, and it has the same mounting footprints so you can use any aftermarket Aimpoint Micro mounts you want.

The optic has the same motion-activated ShakeAwake reticles like other Holosun products and the battery life on this thing is about 100,000 hrs.

What's different about the HS515GM is that it comes with kill flash, lens protector and a very rugged QD 1/3 co-witness mount all in one package.

If you're ever feel on the fence about ordering this optic, we can assure you that you're getting a "built like a tank" product that many people in the shooting community are using if they didn't want to spend the money for an Aimpoint Micro.

As red dot sight technology improves over the years, qualities are going up and the price keeps dropping.

For the price, you're getting a great optic that you can mount on your AK and go to the range and run it hard, or take to a carbine class and you won't disappoint!

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Holosun 510C - Widest Field Of View

HoloSun makes some of the best reflex red dots on the market. If your AK has a flat top rail or an AK side mount, you can mount the HS510C on the rifle bring the sight a bit closer to your eye for a wider field of view.

KP9 AKV with holosun 510c
  1. It looks very unique and aesthetically pleasing on the AK
  2. The best 65 MOA ring holographic option besides EOTech or Vortex UH-1
  3. It holds zero

Large Lens Window For Faster Shooting - Lens size is an important spec of how fast you shoot and track the dot in a match, parallax-free holographic sight with unlimited eye relief with this large POV to instantly place the dot on the target while shooting on the move or transitioning with both eyes open

In addition, the optic is lightweight, easy to operate and it features the ShakeAwake reticle system that turns off when stay static to save even more battery juice.

For this price point of under $300, which is the lowest it’s ever been for a holographic sight like this one, You’ll save a ton of money and get tons of mileage out of this optic.

Just make sure to click the button below for the best deal.

Sig Sauer ROMEO 5 - Most Affordable

The ROMEO5 is a robust, compact red dot optic offering from Sig Sauer. It's their hottest selling budget option red dot sight that many people love.

It features ultra-low parallax so the point-of-aim is the point-of-impact and the red dot remains parallel to the bore of the firearm for accuracy.

The 2 MOA dot size reticle with 10 illumination settings including 2-night vision works extremely well in all light conditions.

It uses 1 CR2032 battery that runs up to 40,000+ hours, and the cool part is it has the same motion-activated reticle like the HoloSun for battery consumption and longevity.

The ROMEO5 is also compatible with standard Aimpoint Micro aftermarket mounts, and we recommend using the low mount for AK rifles so it sits low and co-witness very well.

For under $150, you are getting a great optic without spending tons of money. People who buy this sight love it for plinking and training.

Check one out by visiting the link below

Didn't find what you're looking for? you can browse our in-depth red dot sights buyer's guide here.