In this guide, let's check out the best red dot sights for AK47 rifles and subguns

There are tons of options on the market today. 

We have tested a handful of sights based on their durability, reticle, battery life and cost so you don't waste money on a poor optic that will lose zero. 

Let's check them out:

Best Red Dot Sights For AK47

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Holosun 507C X2 - Best Overall

Holosun 507C

Why People Love Holosun 507C - The HE507C is by far the best micro red dot sight on the market today for any gun setups, even more so than the gold standard Trijicon RMR. There are more shooters using this optic on rifles, handguns and shotguns more than any other products.

Superior Durability - Forged 7075 T6 aluminum housing unit protects the internal component to retain zero from sharp recoil impulses and rough handling.

Same RMR Footprint - No special adapter or milling required! Just use the same Trijicon RMR adaptor plate to mount the optic

Solar Power BackUp - Solar fail-safe power kicks in immediately when the battery dies, so the optic will always remain on.

Motion Activated Reticle –  Increased battery life with HoloSun’s Shake Awake technology that activate the reticle with the last brightness setting recall to save battery

Side Battery Access - Access the battery from the side. No sight removal is required nor re-zeroing

Multi-Reticle System - Cycle through the following reticle options for various applications:

  • 2 MOA Center dot
  • 32 MOA circle
  • 32 MOA circle + 2 MOA Dot

*Change by pressing the minus button for 3 seconds.

The 32 MOA circle helps significantly for picking up the sight faster because it's big and easier to see.

Trijicon SRO 5 MOA - Best Stigmatism

Ak with trijicon sro
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Why pick the SRO -  Trijicon SRO 's  larger viewing window is a game changer for anyone wanting a low profile optic with fast & smooth aiming. It has the same mounting footprint as the RMR, same battery and the lens is wider and taller in a circular profile.

Hard To Lose The Sight Picture - The enlarged window gives the shooter so much room to track the reticle during rapid follow up shots even if the sight picture is slightly off center. 

Fast Target Acquisition - Long sight radius + large FOV lets the shooter acquire targets fast and drive the muzzle to the target fast

Easier Battery Access - Load/Replace battery right from the top! No sight removal or re-zero required

Crisp Dot - 5 MOA is big enough and clean enough with minimum light refraction for shooters with astigmatism

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Aimpoint Micro H2 - Best Durability

ak with aimpoint micro
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Why Use Aimpoint Micro? It's the Gucci optic that's built like a tank (7075 T6 aluminum), tough as hell, battle proven product perfect for AK as well as other rifles.

Insane battery life - No need to swap out the battery at all for 4+ years. 50,000 hrs on a single CR2032 battery - Leave it on, never turn it off, pick it up and it's ready.

Built like a tank - The Micro series red dot sight is made from 7075 T6 aluminum - the industry's highest material tough standard for weapon parts for surviving physical abuse, recoil and retain zero.

Low Profile - Lightweight setup for a AK fighting rifle.

Accepts various mounts - The Aimpoint micro can accept many different mounts from various companies to suit your tactical needs, having a optimized mount helps retain zero and reduce weight.

Look at that recoil harmonics 

For those AK users that like to mount an optic on the handguard, the Aimpoint Micro is the best choice because it can handle the recoil and vibration that occurs around the gas tube area.

If you don't want to mount it on the handguard, the other way is to mount it on the receiver with the RS Regulate mount.

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Holosun 515GM - Best Value

Holosun 515GM

Why we picked the Holosun 515GM - The Holosun 515GM is Holosun's mil-spec grade red dot sight just like the Aimpoint Micro but way more affordable.

Uses Aimpoint Micro Mount - Uses any aftermarket Aimpoint Micro mounts you like with various height options

Point & Shoot - Shoot CQB targets fast even in improvised shooting positions without scope shadow nor complete eye alignment thanks to the Unlimited eye relief & parallax free reticle

See Through Flip Covers - Just like the Aimpoint Pro, it protects the optic from dust, and no need to flip up the lens covers before engaging

Motion Activated Reticle - ShakeAwake technology activates the reticle upon sensing any movement, and it turns off to save battery when sitting at rest

For the price, you're getting a great optic that you can mount on your AK and go to the range and run it hard, or take to a carbine class and you won't disappoint!

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Holosun 510C - Widest Field Of View

Holosun 510C on AK top rail

Why people love this one - HoloSun makes some of the most popular optics for handguns, rifles and shotguns on the market right now. This sight works for beginners and experienced shooters.

Fast Target Acquisiton - Large CQB 65 MOA reticle circle for range estimation, and fast target acquisition with two eyes open

Multi reticle system - Cycle through 4 different reticles at the push of a button. Better yet, the same LED projects both reticles, and no re-zeroing is necessary.

Extended battery life – Additional Solar Failsafe system keeps the sight working even if the battery runs low and dies

No Sight Alignment Needed - Parallax free reticle stays on target accurately even if the shooter's eye shifts off center horizontally or vertically.

Versatile Reticle System - Large CQB 65 MOA reticle circle for range estimation, perfect for accurate close-range shooting with a rapid holdover reference point

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Sig Sauer ROMEO 5 - Most Affordable

sig sauer romeo5 side view

The ROMEO5 is a robust, compact red dot optic offering from Sig Sauer. It's their hottest selling budget option red dot sight that many people love.

It features ultra-low parallax so the point-of-aim is the point-of-impact and the red dot remains parallel to the bore of the firearm for accuracy.

The 2 MOA dot size reticle with 10 illumination settings including 2-night vision works extremely well in all light conditions.

It uses 1 CR2032 battery that runs up to 40,000+ hours, and the cool part is it has the same motion-activated reticle like the HoloSun for battery consumption and longevity.

The ROMEO5 is also compatible with standard Aimpoint Micro aftermarket mounts, and we recommend using the low mount for AK rifles so it sits low and co-witness very well.

For under $150, you are getting a great optic without spending tons of money. People who buy this sight love it for plinking and training.

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Common FAQ

Where To Mount An Optic On AK?

You can mount an optic on 3 spots on an AK rifle

  • Top Handguard
  • Railed Dust Cover
  • Receiver