If you want to add a compensator, suppressor, or to build your dream Sig P320. Here are the 4 best Sig barrel upgrade on the market [Compact & Full size]

There are so many options out there, and we are only listing the top 4 based on design, accuracy, compatibility, and price.

*Note: Selected barrel may not be legal in all 50 states, please check your local gun laws before purchasing

Best P320 Threaded Barrel Options

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Killer Innovations Velocity P320 Barrel - Best Overall

Killer Innovations Velocity Glock 19 Threaded Pistol Barrel, Black, GLKBT179DLC

The Killer Innovation Sig P320 threaded barrel (Mod 2) ranks as our number 1 choice to upgrade your factory Sig P320 barrel or build your own one from scratch.

This Sig P320 barrel features an 11° target crown for greater accuracy than factory Sig P320 barrels.

This barrel features set screw indents to perfectly time a compensator without tilting. 

This is the best Sig P320 barrel up grade setup if used with the Killer Innovations P320 compensator

Caliber - 9mm

Thread Pitch - 1/2-28 (Suppressor & Compensator ready)

Twist Rate - 1:10 / Single Point Cut with “SPT” Technology

Length - 4.5"

Weight - 3.9 oz

Barrel Material - 416R stainless steel

3 Color Options - Grey, Black & Gold

Faxon Full Size P320 Barrel - Best Fluted Barrel For The Money

Faxon Firearms Sig Sauer P320 Fullsize Barrel, Flame Fluted, Threaded, 9mm, 1-10 Twist, 1/2x28, 416-R SS, Nitride, Black, 320B910NFLOQ-T

This match grade fluted Sig P320 barrel works well with Faxon's EXOS compensator. These drop in P320 barrels feature tighter lockup tolerance to improve a full size P320's overall accuracy when shooting 9mm ammo.

It features the 11 degree target crown design makes a huge difference to shoot more accurately and consistently especially when using a red dot sight.

Compact and full length barrel available for Sig P320 X Carry, X compact and M17

Caliber - 9mm

Thread Pitch - 1/2-28 (Suppressor & Compensator ready)

Twist Rate - 1:10 with button rifled fully stressed relieved

Barrel Material - 4150 stainless steel

Norsso N320FS - Best Longevity

best p320 barrel

Norsso N320FS features a very unique barrel profile for any custom built P320 slide. The barrel is CNC machined with solid round 17-4 PH Stainless Steel, and it offers than 416 SS material.

Slide must not have the LCI feature to work. (LCI stands for Loaded Chamber Indicator). The removal of LCI prevents corrosive primer gas spray on optic.

Highly recommend the Norsso P320 slide to go with this barrel.

Caliber - 9mm

Thread Pitch - 1/2-28 (Suppressor & Compensator ready)

Twist Rate - 1:10 with button rifled fully stressed relieved

Barrel Material - 17-4 PH Stainless Steel

True Precision P320 - Best Compact Barrel Profile

True Precision Sig Sauer P320 Compact/Carry Threaded Barrel, 1/2x28, Gold TiN, TP-P32CB-XTG

The True Precision Compact Sig P320 barrel features US certified 416R match grade stainless steel material for a much more accurate barrel than the factory one.

In addition, it locks up tighter and shoots more accurately thanks to True Precision's enhanced rifling techniques. 

The polished feed ramp, 10 degree match target crown and SAAMI spec chamber are top specs this barrel feature to upgrade your P320.

This is a great option to add a compensator and fit it on a custom full size P320 with a red dot.

Caliber - 9mm

Thread Pitch - 1/2-28 Right hand (Suppressor & Compensator ready)

Twist Rate - 1:10 with button rifled fully stressed relieved

Barrel Material - 416R stainless steel

See more color options below:

TRYBE Defense P320 Compact - Best For The Money

TRYBE Defense Grade Threaded Pistol Barrel, Sig Sauer P320, 1/2 x 28 Thread, Gold TIN, TPBSIG320-TIN

TRYBE Defense Sig P320 barrel is a hot selling product for its match grade quality and price point under $150. It features a tighter lockup tolerance to improve existing P320 accuracy, or use it to build your own P320.

This product often gets out of stock due to its high demand, please check below to see availability

Caliber - 9mm

Thread Pitch - 1/2-28 Right hand (Suppressor & Compensator ready)

Twist Rate - 1:10 with button rifled fully stressed relieved

Barrel Material - 416R stainless steel

3 Color Options - Gold Titanium Nitride, Ti DLC or Black nitrade


Why Replace OEM Barrel?

Most people who replace the OEM P320 barrel for the following reasons:

  • For mounting a suppressor
  • For adding a compensator
  • Improve aesthetics (especially for slides with window cuts)
  • Tighter lockup to increase accuracy

Fluted VS Non Fluted Barrel?

Fluted barrel design does the following:

  • Look slick
  • Reduces barrel weight
  • Improved heat dissipation
  • No impact on overall accuracy

There are many fluted barrel design:

  • Spiral flutes
  • Straight flutes
  • Diamond flutes
  • Bear claw, and more

It's not a must have feature. A standard barrel does just fine.

Will Aftermarket Sig P320 Barrels Be Compatible With A Factory Slide

Yes, aftermarket P320 barrels are machined to fit factory slide with tighter tolerance. 

Users can also fit these barrels in compatible aftermarket P320 optic slides.

Are Threaded Barrels Legal?

Not all 50 states legalize threaded barrels. Please check your state law before purchasing a threaded barrel online.