I have compiled a list of the 4 best P320 slides that are currently available online, including some aftermarket P320 optic cut slides.

While aesthetics are often a key factor in slide selection, I have taken into consideration both asethetics and function.

Best P320 Slides

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best p320 slide

Grey Ghost Precision makes many aftermarket pistol slides, and this is their drop in Sig P320 slides. They offer two versions with one of them featuring slide lightening cuts.

Faster Follow Up - Lighter slide than the factory one to reduce recoil momentum to reacquire the sight

Serrated Slide - Aggressive serrations with window cuts to show off any custom barrel (Version 1)

All Kits Included - Includes G10 cover plate, mounting screws & shim plate

Optics Compatibility - Leupold DeltaPoint Pro, Trijicon RMR, Holosun 507C, Sig ROMEO1

Sig Pro Cut - Best Aesthetics

sig p320 pro cut slide full size

While most people look for Sig p320 pro cut slide full size, Sig Sauer brand pro cut slides are also great custom P320 slide options.

This is Sig's factory replacement slide for the P320 full size 9mm and it doesn't void your P320 warranty. 

Available for compact and full size

Optics Compatibility - Leupold DeltaPoint Pro, Trijicon RMR, Holosun 507C, Sig ROMEO1 Pro

ZEV Z320 - Best High End Build Option 1

best p320 slides

ZEV is the Lamborghini level Sig P320 custom slide upgrade. The same slide machine quality as their OZ9 & Z365. 

The slide cut is very similar to other products we have listed above, but one thing that stands out is the angle of the serration & slide channels on the top of the P320 slide to reduce glare to maintain sight picture. (It's not a necessary feature to have, but it's nice that it's there).

No iron sights included

Available for X Carry and X Compact

Optics Compatibility - RMR footprint only

best p320 slides

Live Free Armory LF320 Elite is very similar to the Sig Pro P320 slides, and it's aftermarket. Buyers can pick various cerakote finishes that the Sig brand doesn't offer.

Available for compact P320 & full size.

Optics Compatibility - RMR footprint only (Check out RMR footprint optics here)

Other P320 Slide Upgrades

Aftermarket Barrels - There are tons of aftermarket P320 barrels available with tighter tolerance to shoot more accurately.

If you have slide window cuts, these barrel design will be visible.

Check out our top selections on our site here

Compensator - Compensator can reduce muzzle flip and help shooter get back on target slightly faster especially when using a red dot sight.

It's not required, but it will slightly change the overall recoil feel of the gun.

A threaded barrel is required to attach a compensator, and you can check out our top compensator selections here