Here are the 4 best P320 compensator upgrades that effectively reduce both vertical and horizontal recoil while facilitating faster follow-up with your red dot sight. These accessories are among the best additions for enhancing your Sig P320 shooting experience.

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Best Sig Sauer P320 Compensator Upgrades

sig sauer p320 compensator

Caliber: 9mm

Thread Pitch: 1/2X28

Weight: 1.9 - 2.1oz

Length: 36.8mm

The Killer Innovations Velocity outperforms other Sig Sauer P320 Compensators by featuring a robust mounting system. It goes beyond merely applying barrel thread torque with set screws.

It looks fantastic on the P320, the fixed screws are excellent, and it ensures a proper fit to achieve that sleek compensator appearance on the slide. I encountered no problems with the product, and I highly recommend it if you're aiming to enhance the aesthetics of your build.

It enhances your shooting experience with faster red dot sight picture, reducing muzzle rise for quicker red dot reacquisition, faster follow-up shots, and improved recoil control.

Achieving Improved Accuracy, it maintains an even air gap, resulting in greater bullet precision and reduced vertical and horizontal recoil.

Installation is a breeze - simply tighten the locking ring. Note that set screws still require a tool for tightening.

For convenience, it offers a Fast Detach feature, allowing for easy removal during concealed carry and quick reattachment when needed.

You should be able to securely attach the Killer Innovations Sig P320 Compensator to your Sig P320 4.3 threaded barrel using the provided lock system. However, it's advisable to use the included blue loctite during installation for added security.

sig p320 compensator

Perfect Locking - This P320 compensator shoulders against the Killer Innovation P320 threaded barrel with perfect timing on the threads. No recoil will shake the comp off axis.


  • Greatly reduce horizontal recoil arc
  • Quick detach without tool
  • Locking ring prevents compensator tilt


  • 9mm only for now
  • Set screws still need tools to install

Griffin Armament Micro - Best For CCW

sig sauer p320 compensator

Caliber: 9mm

Thread Pitch: 1/2X28

Griffin ATM™ (Advanced Threaded Match) Barrels are precision machined from 416R chromium stainless steel to ensure a perfect fit. The 5-axis machining maintains critical dimensions on the breech, ensuring an ideal geometric relationship between the barrel, slide, and locking lug. 

This barrel looks amazing, and the finish exceeded my expectations. It's an excellent quality drop-in part! It fits perfectly in my P320C RX and cycles flawlessly with zero malfunctions.  The Barrel and Compensator fit perfectly and seamlessly integrate into my P320.

Simple Installation - Simply tighten it securely, and you're good to go. Its three ports don't require precise timing alignment.

Shorter Split Time - You can shoot faster follow-up shots with precision by reducing vertical recoil, enabling quicker target reacquisition.

Compact for Concealed Carry - It's designed with concealed carry users in mind, this barrel provides accessory and suppressor support while maintaining uncompromising reliability.

No Blinding Effects - The muzzle flash won't blind the shooter, even in low-light conditions.

Effortless Installation - Secure the compensator using a flat wrench and torque it to 8 ft-lb.


  • Reduce muzzle rise
  • Very short for a compact slide
  • Fits through most open ended holsters


  • No timing alignment required

Agency Arms 419- Slick Look

compensator for sig p320

Caliber: 9mm

Thread Pitch: 1/2X28

This is either a single chamber or two chamber Sig P320 compensator to reduce vertical climb (Use with Agency Arms P320 slide). What's special among others is that the front iron sight can be mounted on the comp instead of the slide for a slightly longer sight radius.

Offset Length - Turns into full size length on a compact length slide.

Tucks In The Frame - Mount this on a compact P320 and the comp fits within the full size frame

Works With Hotter 9mm Loads - Slide cycles with 115gr bullet, but it also works better with heavier charged ammo


  • Reducing vertical climb and felt recoil
  • Front sight post can be installed on the comp
  • Work with most standard 115 gr 9mm


  • Not compatible with conversion barrels
  • Recoil spring fine tune required
  • Held on by set screws

Faxon EXOS 515 - Best Flush Fit For Most Slides

New! Faxon Firearms EXOS-515 Pistol Compensator for SIG P320 816341026193 Color: Black, Caliber: 9mm Caliber, $4.25 Off  w/ Free Shipping

Caliber: 9mm

Thread Pitch: 1/2X28

Weight: 0.8 oz

Length: 27.94mm

Faxon Firearms Pistol Compensators have been tested and confirmed to be compatible with SIG P320 Full-Size pistols. While not specifically tested on the SIG P320 Compact/Carry model, they are likely compatible.

It's important to note that compensators can impact the timing of your pistol and may require adjustments to lubrication, ammunition, and other factors. Compatibility with pistols or generations other than the SIG P320 Full-Size pistol cannot be guaranteed.

For other barrels, the barrel should protrude no more than .600 for a flush fit. Each compensator includes thread locker, two 6-32 set screws, and a 1/16 Allen wrench.

Deflect Gas Upward - Angled side gas ports further reduce muzzle flip and enhance reliability.

Matches P320 Slide Cross Section - Fits perfectly in existing open-ended holsters.

Flat Shooting - Significantly reduced muzzle rise compared to a non-compensated 9mm P320.

Fast Red Dot Follow Up - The red dot quickly returns to the shooter's field of view after each shot.


  • Works with most threaded 9mm barrels
  • Works for many popular gun models
  • Super lightweight
  • Greatly reduce vertical muzzle flip


  • Set screws can get loose
  • Timing alignment required

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