Best Weapon Light For Glock 43x

Streamlight TLR 6 on Glock 43

Can you put a laser on a Glock 43? What about a light?

Of course! and the best weapon lights for Glock 43 in 2020 are the following:

  • Streamlight TLR 6
  • Surefire XC1
  • Crimson Trace LL 803

Based on community feedback, the Streamlight TLR 6 is the best setup, and its also fairly comfortable when carrying appendix, 3 O clock or 4 O clock.

The Glock 43X is the bigger grip size gun than the 43 model. Its a step up to make the Glock 43X like a Glock 19, but slim and great for concealed carry.

Let’s check out what else is there for the G43…


Best Tactical Weapon Light For G43X


STREAMLIGHT TLR-6 (For G43 & 42)

  • Intensity: 100 Lumen Concentrated Beam & 2000 Candela
  • Laser: Red
  • Battery: 2 1/3N batteries
  • Benefits: Mounts securely around trigger guard, Ambidextrous for L & R handed shooters, Snag FREE, 100% flush with G43


  • Intensity: 150 Lumen (2 Modes) + Strobe
  • Laser: Red
  • Battery: Single 1/3N
  • Benefits: Super slim, Instinctive Activation for rapid laser & light activation , Mounts securely around trigger guard, 3 years Limited warranty

A light for G43X can also be used on G43, when we talk about the G43 or G43X, please assume it’s for either one.

The Glock 43 doesnt have tons of options just like the Sig P365 Lights when it first came out. The 43X railed version is a different story

For G43X Railed models please check out our Ultimate Pistol Weapon Light For Pistols on our site.

Streamlight TLR6

glock 43x with streamlight TLR 6
Image Referenced IG @pewpewyomo

The Streamlight TLR 6 is built for compact size handguns including the G43X.

The TLR 6 (Item 69270) is probably the best light for Glock 43, and with increasing abundance of light bearing G43 holsters since 2015, which makes it great option for carry and close quarter home defense.

This contoured weapon light mounts securely on the frame of the G43 around the trigger guard, flush with the muzzle. The light Weighs only about 1.2 oz, its a super lightweight for CCW.

The light projects about 100 lumens using just two CR 1/3N battery that lasts about 1 hr when using light & laser combo, 11 hrs when only using the laser.

So how much lumen is enough for a weapon light, we have a guide that can answer that question.

The lumen intensity ISN’t the best compared to others, which has an effective range of 35 yards before it gets weaker.

To activate the light, simply just press the push-button on both sides, which is helpful for left & right handed shooters.

What we also love is that the users dont have to remove the unit off the gun to switch battery, so re zeoring the laser isnt required.

Is the TLR6 worth it?

shooting in the dark with weapon light on

For the price and for what it can do, its a great light for the G43.

In fact besides the Crimson Trace, this is worth getting if you really need a light. Its lumen intensity isnt the best compared to something like the TLR 7 and Surefire X300


for its size 100 lumen is about the best you can get The TLR6 is designed to fit variety of subcompact handguns like G42, G43, Sig P365, P238, M&P and more Please check out the compatibility list here

Crimson Trace LL 803 Laserguard

The Crimson Trace 803 is our second pick for the G43. Similar to the Streamlight TLR 6 comes with a light and a laser.

Also works for G42, and G48.

The light produces up to 150 Lumens, which is 50% more lumens than the TLR6. The 5mW Class 3R red laser makes improvised shooting more accurate and fast. All of these features are ran under just 1 CR2 battery, which lasts about 2 hrs.

The CT LL 803 mounts on the frame securely around the trigger guard, and tighten down by a few screws to hold it in place. (Use 0.05 wrench size for installation)

Whats different about the Laserguard VS. Streamlight TLR 6 is its instinctive light activation where the shooter can activate the light simply by gripping the gun.

Some people like it, and some people dont, which we will discuss in the next section. Overall the CT LL 803 is our second best weapon light and laser combo for the Glock 43 series handguns, backed by 3 years limited warranty.

Instinctive Light Avtivation VS Manual

Crimson Trace weapon light usually comes with its unique instinctive light activation system, which the shooter can immediately active the light once they grip the gun.

Here are couple questions you should ask yourself

  • Does changing pistol grip during a course of fire significant affect your accuracy?
  • Do you want the light to be activated every time you pull the triggers?

If you answered YES to these two questions, then a manual thumb operated weapon light is a better option because you have full control over the light without any accidental discharge simply by just gripping the gun.

Disvantages Of Super Compact Light That Sit Flush With The Muzzle

The TLR 6 and CT LL 803 laserguard are two great lights for the Glock 43, and the only disadvantage in up close personal defense they have is:

  1. The flush muzzle light doesn’t help keeping the slide in battery if its pushed against something. This is extremely important for anyone carrying concealed for personal defense.

Most personal defense situation happens within just couple feet, and sometimes it could involve some hand to hand combat.

2. Every shot will leave carbon residue to the weapon light sitting close to the muzzle. Learn how to keep the light lens clean after the range session is important habit for conceal carry people.

Maybe using a Glock 19 is a better choice? We also have a G19 Weapon Light Buyer’s Guide on our site you can check out.

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