Best Weapon Light For Sig P365 – Compact For Concealed Carry

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p365 pistol with streamlight tlr6 light

The Sig P365 striker-fired pistol is the newest conceal carry pistol on the market. Chambered in 9mm (rated for Plus P ammo). It holds just 10 rounds weighing just 17.8 oz on an empty magazine, which is great for concealed carry.

In this guide, let’s check out the best weapon light for Sig P365, one of the best accessories you can get for this gun for personal defense purposes, and we got a great list of hand-picked products to show you.


Before you buy anything online! The P365 does NOT come with a plug-n-play Picatinny rail system to accept common weapon lights. It has its proprietary accessory rail for Sig Sauer branded lights.

If you want to add a Picatinny rail adapter to the gun, please go with the Recover Tactical ZR65 rail adapter (No Modification Required)

Most weapon lights we recommend here would fit directly on the P365 that are lightweight and slim for concealed carry.

At the end of this post, you will know which light can go directly on the P365 trigger guard, and ones that are specifically made for the gun.

Let’s check them out…

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Best Sig Sauer P365 Weapon Lights


STREAMLIGHT TLR-6 (For G43 & 42)

  • Intensity: 100 Lumen Concentrated Beam & 2000 Candela
  • Laser: Red
  • Battery: 2 1/3N batteries
  • Benefits: Mounts securely around trigger guard, Ambidextrous for L & R handed shooters, Snag FREE, 100% flush with P365


  • Laser: Red
  • Battery: Single 1/3N
  • Benefits: Super slim, Instinctive Activation for rapid laser & light activation , Mounts securely around trigger guard

Streamlight TLR 6

sig p365 with streamlight tlr6

The Streamlight TLR 6 is like the TLR 7 but made specifically for the Sig P365. It mounts directly to the P365 without needing any rail adapter.

Out of all the weapon light products available for the P365, we highly recommend TLR 6 for the performance, reputation, and price.

The light features a red laser aiming module as well as the white LED light.

  • 100 Lumen light ONLY mode
  • Light & Laser Mode
  • Laser ONLY mode

The light produces up to 100 lumens using 2 1/3N lithium batteries, and they can be activated via pressure switches from both sides, and most people can reach the button with their index finger one-handed.

Press both buttons to switch modes

One thing to be aware of is that there is an offset distance (1.2″) between the laser and the bore, so you have to zero the laser at a realistic distance. 15 feet is a good distance for a pistol laser.

Crimson Trace LTG 772 Lightguard

sig p365 with crimson trace

The Crimson Trace definitely has taken the step to fulfill the P365 community with this lightweight & compact light & laser combo.

It also works on P365SAS and P365XL

It produces up to 110 Lumen LED white light, which lasts about 1 hr using two 2/3N batteries (Included). The LTG 772 Lightguard mounts securely directly around the SIG SAUER® P365 trigger guard.

Just because it’s small it doesn’t mean they cut out important features such as Constant On & Momentary. In fact, its ambidextrous Instant Activation buttons allow the user to do just that.

Crimson Trace LTG 422

p365 with crimson trace 422

The LTG 422 is a red laser ONLY product that goes directly on the Sig P365 similar to the LTG 772 (light + laser).

For the size of the P365, this micro-sized handgun is extremely fast to deploy, and the LG-422 offers a front activation button powered by Crimson Trace’s Instinctive Activation™ technology.

The laser sight uses only 1 single 1/3N Lithium battery, which provides up to 4 hours of battery life. As with all Crimson Trace laser sights, the LG-422 is completely user-adjustable for windage and elevation.

It’s important to check your zero the LG422 laser with constant offset for maximum accuracy.

Sig Sauer FOXTROT365

sig foxtrot365 pistol weapon light

The Sig Sauer has recently entered the weapon light market with several models have already been released. The FOXTROT365 is specifically designed for the P365.

Goes on rail on the gun and you’re done.

The light is small, and it works. As far as getting the best light for P365, we recommend going with the Streamlight TLR6. Sig Sauer is new to the red dot, weapon light market, and few of their products have received quality complaints. Until they can get past that just go with the TLR6.