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This guide will show you how to correct Glock 19 shooting high with these 3 tips. Here are a couple of top reasons:

  • Bad grip
  • Breaking wrist up
  • Anticipating recoil jerking motion prior to the bullet leaving the barrel
  • Inaccurate barrel or loose lock up
  • Bad sight picture alignment
  • Unzeroed sights (Included red dot)

The fastest way to diagnose your shot error is to reference this pistol shooting errors chart below:

shooting error chart iron sight
mantis x10 elite on Glock 19

We highly recommend MANTIS X10 tracker to diagnose your errors in real time, see how it works below:

Mantis Diagnoses Shooting Performance In Real-Time

Dry firing practice is highly recommended for Glock shooters. The Mantis X10 Elite is a precision tracking device that collects exact shot data in real time:

mantis x10 elite shooting tracker

Tracks muzzle movement down with precision 

mantis x10 elite user interface
  • Tracks muzzle movement into a readable graph
  • Track micro muzzle movements the shooter just can't 
  • [Live fire] real time diagnose like the pistol shooting errors chart with high precision
  • Saves data to see improvements overtime
  • Caliber / load testing
  • Barrel length & compensator performance testing
  • Tons of rifles & handgun data profiles to choose from
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3 Corrections To Shoot More Accurately

Correct Your Grip First

glock 19 with viridian c5l light

A proper shooting grip should close all the void inside the grip so the recoil impulse doesn't go in the direction of the least resistance. 

If you have Gen 4 or 5 Glocks, changing grip panels until you feel comfortable without any grip mods.

Stippling the grip makes the gun harder to slip off your hand when performing faster follow up shots or shooting high caliber conversion barrels.

Glock trigger guard under cut

Under cutting the trigger guard so the hand can grip higher, and it can slightly change the angle of the grip to help with recoil control.

Misaligned Sight Picture

iron sight picture alignment

Recoil anticipation is the biggest cause of missing shots, but another big one is misaligned sight picture when using an iron sight.

Align square rear notch sight and a heavy square front blade sight. The shooter should be front sight focused while aiming with dominant eye

As experience builds overtime, a parallax free red dot sight on a Glock allows the shooter to be target focused, which eliminates the need to align iron sights and the target together.

Re-Zero Sights Correctly


If you're shooting with a red dot sight, be sure to re-zero the dot, test and verify point of impact.

If you want to go a step further, adding a barrel compensator to your Glock can minimize muzzle flip and lateral movement for faster dot acquisition after each shot if it gets lost in the window.

killer innovation velocity compensator

Practice, Practice and Practice

Practice is the key to get good. Dry firing with the Mantis X10 recommended above will give you more data driven feedback than without it.

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