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Does TLR 7 have strobe mode? The answer is YES.

Many people aren't aware that the TLR 7 series lights have a built-in strobe feature. This guide will show you step by step how to activate strobe mode on TLR 7A and TLR7 Sub.

Follow the steps:

Following Streamlight's TEN TAPS Procedure

streamlight tlr 7a on walther pdp
  1. Press one of the toggle switches 9 times, and hold on the 10th press
  2. Light will flash, then off
  3. To activate the strobe, Double tap the switch

Now the strobe mode is activated, and you can STILL activate constant on & momentary mode.

This is the same procedure for TLR 7, TLR 7A, and TLR 7 Sub.

streamlight tlr 7a on glock 19 pistol

Return To Normal Mode

Repeat the same process to deactivate the strobe mode. In many ways, having the strobe mode activated doesn't affect normal operation of the light either way.

Hope this helps you discover this hidden feature on the TLR 7 series pistol light that not many people are aware of.

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