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This guide goes over how to convert RMR to ACRO footprint, so you can mount any Aimpoint ACRO footprint or MPS footprint optics on existing RMR optic cut. You don't need special slides.

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strike industries rmr to acro plate review
strike industries rmr to acro adapter plate

The process is extremely simple, and I highly recommend using the Strike Industries RMR to ACRO adapter. The adapter plate is extremely lightweight and its made with 6061 T6 aluminum for durable optic mounting.

strike industries rmr to acro optic plate


  • Works with RMR footprint to mount ACRO style optics
  • Features front RMR footprint recoil index posts
  • Works with RMR SI LITESLIDE/Strike Slide
  • Hardware included for both standard (#6-32) and metric (M3) screw holes
  • Lightweight and high-strength with middle lightening cuts
  • 6061-T6 aluminum material

The plate has recoil index posts to lock it in place, then the ACRO red dot can clamp on top.

The package comes with mounting screws and I find torquing them to 13 inch pound guarantee rock solid mount so the optic won't lose zero.

real avid torque wrench

I recommend using the Real Avid precision torque wrench so you don't accidently over torque the screws.

si rmr to acro plate

The Strike Industries RMR to ACRO plate works the best on handgun slides with RMR optic cut, and it fits super tight. It can also go on any RMR optic mount like the Scalarworks LEAP. 

Here, I have the CH Precision ACRO Duty red dot mounted on the Sig P320 Norsso slide. The installation is quick and easy.

Please check out this video for the actual installation guide: