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There are tons of torque wrenches on the market right now, and we are here to review the REAL AVID torque wrench and see how it can help you in your next project.

The REAL AVID Smart TORQ comes in a large box, and inside you get a nice carrying case with it.

You get:

  • Torque Wrench
  • Carrying case
  • Bit driver handle
  • 12 bits

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Real Avid Smart Torque Wrench Review

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How It Differs Than Others

swampfox red dot sentinel mounting springfield hellcat

There are tons of adjustable torque wrench out there, but the REAL AVID Smart TORQ is the first one at least to our knowledge that features a 1 in lb per click increment adjuster, so the user no longer has to guess or estimate when sitting the torque value when installing firearm optics by reading the small torque scale.

m lok rail torque spec

Each rotation features total 10 in lb clicks as the user increase and decrease the torque value.

This will save you time and headache on the range and while maintaining firearms. When you use this or any other torque wrench, you have to power to setup an optic right on a firearm.


avid smart torque wrench on keymod rail

How is the accuracy compare to the popular Wheeler FAT Wrench?

It's about the same, and the difference is that the REAL AVID gives you a more accurate reading by using the 1 in lb per click adjustment.

For example, setting close to 17 inch pounds is much easier using the REAL AVID smart TORQ comapred to using a torque wrench that has a hard to read torque scale, which only allows you to set the torque between the ball park 10 to 20.

Bit Driver Handle - Use As A Regular Screwdriver

screw driver real avid handle

Many traditional torque wrench doesn't feature horizontal driver handle, which is very beneficial for providing additional points of leverage for various torque applications.

The user can leverage the free spinning top cap to hold vertical pressure on the wrench while applying torque by gripping the horizontal driver handle for more leverage.

This is an detachable part that also accepts different bits to use as a screw driver.

Final Verdict

Definitely get it!

The adjustable torque with 1 in pound increment is a huge improvement over others on the market.

 No more guessing when dialing to a specific torque value. Get exact as much as possible is why this product is a must have for any gun guys in their tool bags.


  • Gives close to exact 1 in pound click
  • No more eye balling to get exact
  • Very nicely packaged and made
  • Works with any 1/4" bits
  • Comes with a carrying case
  • Driver included


  • Nothing bad to say for what it can do

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