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There are many torque wrench on the market, but the Fix It Stick is just cool and it has became one of my favorite tools to carry in my range bag as well as many others.

In this Fix It Stick All-in-one kit review guide, let's take a look at what comes with your purchase and what you can do with the torque limiter adapter.

Is this the right tool for the job? Let's check it out


all in one fix it sticks package
fix it sticks back

The Fix It Sticks comes in a medium size box shown below:

You get:

  • T stick handle
  • Carrying case
  • T25 size Bits
  • 1/2" drive socket
  • All-In-One Torque limiter adapter
fix it sticks unpackaging

Main Features

How It Differs Than Others

The Fix It Sticks All-in-one kit is small, lightweight, versatile and extremely handy!

The best part we care about is the torque limiter adapter for gauging how much in-lb torque the user is applying, and it can also be used on other screwdrivers with compatible size socket. 

This tool will save you time and headache on the range and while maintaining firearms. When you use this or any other torque wrench, you have to power to setup an optic right on a firearm.

swampfox red dot sentinel moa adjustment screw driver
fix it sticks torque limiter attached

It's an important tool for mounting firearm accessories especially optics and scope rings to retain zero.

fix it sticks vertical grip

Overall, it's a simple T shaped driver shaft handle that accepts driver bits on all three ends for flexible gripping, and it can be used to remove screws and bolts.

The user can use it without the torque limiter for other tasks.

Torque Limiter Adapter Accuracy

The torque limiter is not digital. As the user applies force, the outer collar will rotate and align with the hashmark (0 to 65 in-lb) to give the user a read out.

Roughly about +/- 6 % accuracy based on Fix It Sticks' website. 

The torque limiter will not click when reaching a specific torque value, and it's a simple spring loaded design.

fix it sticks torque trijicon rmr

Do you have to eye ball it? Yes you do, so the accuracy isn't going to be exact if you're torquing for a value in between the harshmarks.

But the read out accuracy is much better than the popular Wheeler FAT Wrench where the user has to get the read out from the small torque scale window.

So far I haven't got to the point where I had to torque something where I can't see the hashmark.

If that's the case, try a torque wrench that clicks, Real Avid Smart Torq Check out the review, when it reaches a set torque value so you know without guessing.

If you want the individual torque limiter that gives "audible click" please check out the following:

Not all are applicable to firearm parts

Other Cool Features

fix it sticks free spin bearing

The free spin plastic bearing on the T handle bar can help the user tightening screws without spinning the hand repeatedly.

Final Verdict

Definitely get it!

For the size and price range, it's a very useful tool to pack inside your range bag while the bigger size torque wrench belongs at the shop.

Highly recommend using this to mount optics to properly mount optics and retain a good zero.

If you want to check out other best torque wrench for gunsmithing, we have a guide on our site.


  • Small & compact for field carry
  • T handle is very ergonomical, can orientate side way for more leverage  
  • Torque limiter adapter works on other compatible screwdriver shaft
  • Torque limiter has big numbering and easy to get a good read out


fix it sticks bit removal
  • Very strong magnetic pull, requires a small plier to pull the bit out after use
  • Torque limiter reading may not be visible depend on what the user is working on