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Many torque wrenches are available, but the Fix It Stick stands out to me the most. It's now my favorite tool in my range bag, and many others love it too.

In this Fix It Sticks review guide, let's see what's included and how to use the torque limiter adapter.

Is this tool perfect for the job? Let's find out.

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Fix It Sticks Review

all in one fix it sticks package
fix it sticks back

The Fix It Sticks comes in a medium size box shown below:

You get:

  • T stick handle
  • Carrying case
  • T25 size Bits
  • 1/2" drive socket
  • All-In-One Torque limiter adapter
fix it sticks unpackaging

Fix It Sticks Main Features

How It Differs Than Other Tools

The Fix It Sticks All-in-one kit is compact, light, and super useful!

What we love most is its torque limiter adapter. It measures the in-lb torque you apply and fits other screwdrivers of the same size.

This tool makes your time at the range and firearm maintenance easier. Using this or any torque wrench lets you properly set up an optic on a gun.

fix it sticks
fix it sticks torque limiter attached

It's an important tool for mounting firearm accessories especially optics and scope rings to retain zero.

fix it sticks vertical grip

This T-shaped driver handle has three ends to fit driver bits. It's great for taking out screws and bolts. You can also use it for other jobs without the torque limiter.

Torque Limiter Adapter Accuracy

The torque limiter is not digital. As the user applies force, the outer collar will rotate and align with the hashmark (0 to 65 in-lb) to give the user a read out.

Roughly about +/- 6 % accuracy based on Fix It Sticks' website. 

The torque limiter will not click when reaching a specific torque value, and it's a simple spring loaded design.

fix it sticks torque trijicon rmr

You need to estimate the torque value by looking, so it won't be precise if you're setting a torque between the marks. However, its accuracy is better than the Wheeler FAT Wrench, which has a tiny window to read the torque value.

So far I haven't got to the point where I had to torque something where I can't see the hashmark.

If that's the case, try a torque wrench that clicks, Real Avid Smart Torq Check out the review, when it reaches a set torque value so you know without guessing.

If you want the individual torque limiter that gives "audible click" please check out the following:

Not all are applicable to firearm parts

Other Cool Features

fix it sticks free spin bearing

The free spin plastic bearing on the T handle bar can help the user tightening screws without spinning the hand repeatedly.

Fix It Sticks Final Verdict

Definitely get it!

Considering its size and price, it's a handy tool for your range bag, while the larger torque wrench is best for the workshop.

I strongly suggest using this to attach optics correctly and maintain an accurate zero.

For more top torque wrenches for gunsmithing, check our website guide.


  • Small & compact for field carry
  • T handle is very ergonomical, can orientate side way for more leverage  
  • Torque limiter adapter works on other compatible screwdriver shaft
  • Torque limiter has big numbering and easy to get a good read out


fix it sticks bit removal
  • Very strong magnetic pull, requires a small plier to pull the bit out after use
  • Torque limiter reading may not be visible depend on what the user is working on