4 Best Torque Wrenches For Gunsmithing, Scope Mounts & Accessories

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Here are the best torque wrench for gunsmithing and scope mounting.

Getting a good one to keep in your rifle case to go wherever you need it!

Check them out here:

Top Torque Wrenches For Guns

Instead of overpaying someone at Bass Pro Shop to mount your scope you should do it yourself with a good quality digital firearm accurizing torque wrench or a manual scope mounting kit.

Wheeler FAT Wrench

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People love the Wheeler FAT Wrench for scope mounts and scope rings.

It has a maximum torque range up to 65 In-lbs, which gives a wide range of torque value for a lot of applications.

Such as rail pieces, one-piece scope mount, grip, iron sights, and other parts

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REAL AVID Smart TORQ features a 1 in lb per click increment adjuster, so the user doesn't have to eye ball or guess when sitting the torque value when installing firearm optics by reading the small torque scale.

See full review here

fix it sticks for red dot sight mounting

The Fix It Sticks All-in-one kit is small, lightweight, versatile and extremely handy for various applications.

The best part in the package is the torque limiter adapter. This thing can gauge the amount of in-lb torque the user is applying, and it can added on most compatible size socket. 

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List of Popular Gun Parts Require In-Lb Torque

  • SCAR16/17 Barrel Retention Screws - 63 Inch-Pound/Each
  • Sig MCX Barrel Retention Screws - 60 Inch-Pound/Each
  • Sig MPX Barrel Screw Torque - 40 Inch-Pound
  • Handguard Rail Section - 12-15 Inch-Pound
  • M-LOK (Metal) - 35 Inch-Pound
  • M-LOK (Polymer) - 15 Inch-Pound
  • Gun barrel assemblies, generally around 70-80 Ft-Lbs
  • Castle nuts, 40 Ft-Lbs
  • Flash hider, 30 Ft-Lbs

Foot Pound Torque Wrench


WARNING! Torque In-lbs and Ft-lbs are two different unit values!

Foot Lbs torque value is typically used on heavy duty parts such as cars, mounting structures, and in this case, a gun barrel.

Be sure to look up the torque value before applying the torque to prevent damage.

Next, you need an all-purpose wrench such as the TEKTON 24335 Drive Click Torque wrench for Foot pound torque.

Attach this to an extension piece to torque a specific gun part.

Common FAQ

What to Look for In A Gunsmith Torque Wrench Set

AR15 tool set kit

Get This Complete Real Avid Tool Set Here

These are the most important things to look for:

  • Torque range up to 25 In-lbs or 40 In-lbs is common torque range for ring mounted optics and accessories mounted on the Picatinny rail
  • Digital readout or manual are both ok.
  • It allows you to use a large variety of bits such as Allen, Torx, flathead…etc
  • The wrench makes an audible sound when the torque value is reached to signal the user to stop torquing to prevent damage.
  • Easy to read value indicator.
  • Look for a firearm wrench that measures in In-Lbs, and NOT Ft-Lbs because most gun parts do not need Ft-lbs torque. Ft-Lbs wrench is usually used for heavy-duty things such as car wheel bolts. You only need an Ft-Lb wrench when tightening items such as barrel nuts, Castle nuts and flash hider.

Digital VS. Manual Torque Wrench

The difference between digital and manual torque wrench is precise number readout.

The digital torque wrench can give you exact value

The manual torque wrenches require the user to adjust the torque setting to a ballpark number.

Why Torque To Exact Specification On Gun Parts?

torque wrench value

There are many rifle parts that need screws. so getting in a firearm torque wrench set makes a huge difference.

The purpose is to mount parts to the exact tightness to prevent things from getting loose.

When you shoot a gun, it is experiencing recoil and vibration back and forth, and those screws can, in fact, get loose over time.

In all manufacturing industries such as aerospace and automobile, they all use various types of torque wrenches and torque screwdriver to precisely and safely install parts.

It's a must for long-range scopes and other precision related accessories.

Scope Mounting

vortex razor HD scope turrets

Installing rifle optic on and off the rifle affects accuracy. No matter how expensive scope you have, make sure the mount holds the scope tight to prevent loss of zero.

Parts Accessories

Sometimes hand tight is all you needed for non precision accessories such as QD mount, foregrips...etc

Read More: Please check out this article about how recoil forces could affect accuracy here 

Common Gun Parts Torque Setting Guidelines

I recommend the Wheeler wrench since the whole package comes with various bits for mounting a scope and other accessories.

  • Scope Base To Rifle Torque Setting  22 - 25 Inch-Pound
  • Scope Mount to Rail   45 - 65 Inch-Pound
  • Scope Ring  19 - 25 Inch-Pound
  • Rifle Stock and Bedding  50 - 65 Inch-Pound

Check out the complete guide for most scope rings and mounts here

5 Tips - Torque Wrench How To Use Properly

  • Torque wrench calibration should be done periodically for maintaining accuracy.
  • DO NOT drop or bang it on things or else it can become inaccurate.
  • Store it in its box to protect it.
  • Never use it to loosen a bolt or screw.  Use it only for tightening and only when you need an accurate torque setting. 
  • When you’re done using the wrench, make sure to dial down the value back to zero to relieve the tension on the spring so it wouldn’t wear out over time.


I thoroughly test every firearm product before recommending it for civilian use. This involves personally purchasing or borrowing each product and rigorously using and testing them for content creation.