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In this ModLite PL350 review, let's take a look at this new pistol-mounted weapon light's spec, user experience, beam performance, and overall feel.

Let's check it out:

Who Is This For:

modlite pl350 on walther pdp

The PL350 is a new pistol light platform that can accept popular Modlite PLHv2, OKW and PLH 5K light heads to produce much more lumen and candela than anything else on the market so far.


unboxing modlite pl350

The PL350 comes in a very simple box. In the package we get:

  • PL350
  • PLH 5K head
  • 18350 battery
  • Rail keys (Universal & M1913)
  • Additional PHLSTER ARC WML toggle switches 

Core Specs

modlite pl350 bottom view


  • 5000 Kelvin color temperature
  • 1500 Lumens
  • 29,000 Candela
  • This Beam pattern is identical to that of our PLHv1 head, for those who are familiar.
  • This model is made to be a warmer color temperature to be easier on the eyes during indoor and urban operations. It also provides more flood than the other two models.

Lumen & Candela - 3 Heads

Let's check out the PLH 5K first:

modlite plh5k head

The PLH 5K provides rifle weapon light alike throw capability and bright flood beam better than anything else on the market. 

Yes, it's much brighter than Streamlight TLR 1 HL and Surefire X300U.

Check this out:

surefire xh30 TIR beam nodlite plh 5k beam

Beam Pattern

modlite pl350 pov plh5k

Here is the best way to put it:

The PLH 5K beam pattern is by far the best out there for pistol applications. It's like having a Cloud Defensive REIN on the pistol.

modlite okw vs plhv2 vs plh 5k head
PLH 5K beam pattern is the way it should be for pistol weapon light. 

It throws far to ID targets and the flood beam can lit up what's in front of the user for maximum situational awareness. 

By the way, the PL350 can also accept PLHv2 and OKW head.

Check out this comparison down below:


modlite plhv2 18350 battery modlite plh 5k beam pattern


modlite plh 5k beam pattern modlite okw lumen intensity 18350 battery


modlite plh5k with 18350 battery

PL350 houses one 18350 rechargeable battery to power the PLH 5K light head. The 18350 battery can also power PLHv2 and OKW head.

modlite pl350 18350 battery compartment

The 18350 cell supports Modlite heads for about 35-40 minutes of continuous use.

Rechargeable battery gives the user long lasting usage without having to buy CR123A batteries constantly.

Control Switch

modlite pl350 control switch view
modlite pl350 toggle switch rear view

The control switch closely resembles the Surefire X300U, but without the push to activate function.

The toggle switch is positive and gives audible feedback even for users wearing gloves in the cold.


modlite pl350 m1913 rail mount

The PL350's mount is integrated as a part of the body like the Surefire X300U, and the only difference is that the rail key has to be inserted into one of the two slots.

modlite pl350 rail key insert

The package comes with Universal and M1913 rail keys.

The mount goes on tight on most railed handgun frames, but the only down side is that the user will need a hex screw driver to remove or install the light in the field. 

Overall User Experience

modlite pl350 threads o ring

PL350 features “Out the front” battery changeability, which allows the user to quickly replace discharged batteries without tools or light body removal from the handgun.

This is a much better user experience than Streamlight TLR 1 HL and Surefire X300U.

Where To Buy

Check out Brownells or Modlite

Modlite offer military / LE exclusive discount via VerifyPass