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  • Post last modified:January 26, 2024

I've found that converting my RMR footprint to a Holosun K footprint is a breeze, and the best part? I don't have to permanently modify the slide cut in any way. All it takes is this nifty DPP titanium adapter plate I stumbled upon on Amazon. 

dpp titanium rmr to k footprint

This is a great adapter plate because it fits way tighter than the factory Holosun adapter that came with the EPS package. Plus, it's versatile enough to mount the 507K with the RMSc footprint too.

Now, let me tell you why the DPP Titanium plate is such a snug fit. It's all about the tall threaded index posts. They offer more depth for the screws to catch onto, making the mount more rigid. And these posts aren't just any add-ons; they're machined directly into the plate, acting like recoil bosses.

rmr to k footprint adapter plate tall index posts

This design provides additional contact points, way beyond the tiny pins usually relied upon to hold the EPS or EPS carry in place. Once the optic is on there, it's rock solid, even before I screw it in place. That's the kind of reliability I need.

rmr to rmsc footprint

Installing it is a piece of cake. I just use the adapter screws to attach the plate to any RMR footprint slide and torque each screw to 10 inch-pounds. After that, I can mount the EPS, and torque those screws to 13 inch-pounds.

Please use the EPS screws included in the packaging because it's the perfect length.

The Real Avid Torq wrench has been a lifesaver for me. It takes all the guesswork out of finding the exact torque value, preventing any chance of over-torquing.

For the installation video watch it here: