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RMRcc vs RMSc footprint

In this quick-to-read guide, we break down the spec differences between RMRcc vs RMSc. These are two very different red dot sight footprints that often confuse buyers who are new to micro red dot sights.

This article plus the video below are helpful so you don't end up buying something, wait for shipping, then realizing it doesn't fit.

RMSc VS RMRcc Footprint

RMRcc Footprint Specs

rmrcc footprint

Micro Red Dot Sights With RMRcc Footprint

Currently, the Trijicon RMRcc is the only subcompact red dot sight with this footprint.

The Trijicon RMRcc footprint works with Glock 43 MOS if you get a adapter plate from:

However, firearms with RMRcc footprint is rare at the time of writing this article. It's recommended to buy a custom precut slide for the RMRcc or custom mill the slide for the RMRcc footprint.

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Shield RMSc Specs

swampfox red dot sentinel bottom

The Shield RMSc is the improved version of the original Shield RMS footprint. The mounting hole dimensions are still the same, but the overall optic size is slimmer.

RMSc Red Dots

See the complete list of sights that feature RMSc mounting pattern here

Aftermarket Adapter Plates

holosun 507c x2 chwps plate for hellcat

If you have been searching online for adapter plates for your particular slide mod, then you have probably come across CHWPS, DPP, EGW, and many other mounting hardware for various optics.

Gun manufacturers usually do a good job by including these adapter plates when you purchase a optic ready pistol, and some require the user to buy them separately.

As more sub compact pistols are entering the market, slides with RMSc seem to be the most popular.


Custom Slide Milling Service

There are tons of custom milling shops around the country to mount an specific RMRcc or RMSc optic to the slide.

It provides a much tighter tolerance to hold the optic in the cut so it doesn't shift or move.

If you would like to mill your non-optic ready Sig P365, Glock 42, 43, 48, Springfield Hellcat and other slim slide handguns, please check out these services below:

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