Trijicon HD VS HD XR – Which Is For You?

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In this Trijicon HD VS HD XR comparison guide, let's check them out side by side and decide which one works for your need.

Side By Side Comparison

trijicon hd xr vs hd night sights

Yes, there is a huge difference between them, especially the front sight post.

The HD XR night sights feature a thinner front sight post.

Trijicon HD

trijicon hd night sights


  • Great night sight for any compatible pistols in low light
  • Durable and long lasting Tritium phosphor lamp
  • Can be used to rack slide in one handed slide operation 
  • Protective aluminum cylinders
  • U shaped rear sight quickly draws the eye to the front sight post in all lighting conditions
  • Quicker target acquisition than factory iron sights


  • Thick front sight obscures the target, which can impact accuracy at longer ranges

Trijicon HD XR - What's Special?

trijicon hd xr night sight


  • Thinner front sight posts opens up a larger field of view
  • Increase aiming accuracy without total view obstruction
  • Same features as the original HD
  • Various color options to choose from


  • None

Wide Gun Model Compatibility

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