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The biggest difference between Trijicon RM07 VS RM06 is the dot sizes. The rest are all the same rugged 7075 T6 forged aluminum housing with adjustable LED brightness that Trijicon RMR is known for. They are to use on handguns, shotguns and rifles.

Here is the key part about figuring out which dot size is best for you.

RM07 vs RM06 is a conversation about 6.5 MOA vs 3.25 MOA. These are two of the many dot sizes that Trijicon offers to their RMR product lines.

When to go with 6.5 MOA (RM07)

6.5 MOA is large for the eyes to see, and it's great for conceal carry and acquiring any target up close. It's a CQB optic and it's also the best dot size for users with astigmatism.

Why? Here is a better way to explain in the context of Pros and Cons:


  • Rounder dot for astigmatic eyes to see (without appear smeared or distorted)
  • Cranking up the dot brightness doesn't immediately create emitter starburst
  • Much bigger dot to acquire right away
  • Big dot appears to tremor less


  • 6.5 MOA covers up too much target if aiming far away
  • 6.5 MOA can obscure target identification and aim in poor low light situation

RM06 and RM07 Deals

When to go with 3.25 MOA (RM06)

3.25 MOA is the middle of the road option between a super fine 1 MOA dot and 6.5 MOA. It's not too small or big.

It's great as an offset red dot sight on a carbine, and it's overall a good dot size option if your eye vision isn't too bad.

Long distance aiming

trijicon rmr with vortex micro 3x

It helps a lot with aiming using a 3X magnifier

The 3.25 MOA covers up 50% less than 6.5 MOA if aiming at a target far away. This means better target acquisition to see the target and dot placement, and that allows much more precise aiming. 

Even though the 1 MOA is the best for long range.

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