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We got two badass holographic sights here to compare.

Vortex UH-1 VS EOTech EXPS3 - Which is better?

EOTech products have been proven in real world applications, but what about the new Vortex RAZOR UH 1 Gen 2?

Let's check out their specs, reticle differences, mount, and battery life and point out what major differences they have to provide you with helpful information if you are deciding which one to get.

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Vortex AMG UH1 vs. EOTech EXPS3 Comparison


iwi x95 with eotech exps3

What We Liked

  • Best passive aiming holographic sight
  • Adjustment buttons on the side, so it doesn't interfere with rear mounted magnifier scope
  • QD lever for easy mounting without tool
  • Night vision compatible
  • Dedicated night vision button
  • 68 MOA ring provides fast target acquisition

What We Disliked

  • Shorter battery life compared to most 50K hours reflex sight
  • NV mode isn't exactly night vision, it's just really dim
  • Can't switch reticle to just a single dot

Best Uses

  • Centerfire carbines
  • Pistol caliber carbines
  • Law enforcement and military

Vortex UH1 Gen 2

iwi x95 with vortex amg uh1 gen 2

What We Liked

  • Slick body design
  • Open section 68 MOA EBR CQB reticle for better target visibility down range
  • Everything is snug and tight fitting on the firearm
  • Night vision compatibility
  • Micro USB port has been removed from the GEN 1 version
  • Adjustable tension QD lever

What We Disliked

  • No lens hood protecting the top holographic collimator reflector on the roof of the optic
  • No reticle switching option
  • Rear adjustment buttons get in the way of the magnifier scope

Best Uses

  • Centerfire carbines
  • Pistol caliber carbines
  • Users who want better PID or less reticle obstruction when aiming down the sight

Major Differences


The Vortex RAZOR AMG UH 1 feels slightly larger sight due to the hood structure extending all the way forward, but it's almost the same length and width as an EOTech holographic weapon sight and also weighs the same.


Reticle size eotech exps2 vs vortex amg uh1
eotech exps3 68 moa ring

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Both optics offer a 1 MOA center dot and a 65 MOA outer reticle for range estimation and clear sight picture. The Vortex Razor AMG UH 1 holographic reticle is similar to the EOTech reticle, but with a little triangle on the bottom for an offset holdover crisp reticle aiming point for a CQB zero. Works well for a 36 yard zero when shooting 5.56mm

However, users with astigmatism will not see the details of the reticle well.

vortex uh 1 gen 2 pov

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A major distinction between the two reticles is that the EOTech features a full circle 68 MOA reticle, and the Razor AMG UH 1 Gen 2 features an open section 68 MOA reticle to allow slightly better visibility so the reticle doesn't completely cover up targets down range.

The open section reticle works better under a magnifier scope.

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The EOTech EXPS3 cost right around $750, and the new UH 1 costs around $500.

From the price perspective, the Vortex UH1 is a steal for the quality and performance is as good as the EOTech

Field Performance

uh1 vs eotech mount base

Both optics will get a 5 star for holding zero on hard recoil rifle. Both optics feature integrated quick detach mounts, and the difference in the AMG UH 1 is that the windage adjustment is spring loaded like the ELCAN SpecterDR. It holds zero as long as the user adjust the QD tension so the optic doesn't fall off the top rail.

The EOTech's lower third mount can be swapped with other aftermarket riser mount by Scalarworks. The purpose is to increase the optic height to reduce neck strain for some shooters if shooting firearms with unfavorable cheek weld to optic positions.

The battery compartments on both optics are very tightly sealed, so it will not just randomly get loose or experience waterproof problems.

Parallax Shift

All holographic reticles will have a little parallax ESPECIALLY at super close distances, and then almost no shift at longer distances.

No optic is exactly 100% parallax free regardless of how the companies promote them to be.

Objective Window

vortex uh 1 gen 2 side view eotech exps3 side view

The EOTech has a big field of view in width, and the protective hood beefs up the optic a lot, but it also slightly takes up the user's field of view. 

The Vortex RAZOR UH-1's field of view is similar to the EOTech with a bit vertical stretch that appears to be more squared, and the stretched lens inner hood wall slightly blocks the eye relief the field of view if the eye isn't aligned with the optic.

For better situational awareness, both optics deliver the result. If you had to pick one, I would go with the EOTech for its super clear lens without any tint.

Lens Quality

vortex amg uh 1 front glass
eotech 45 degree leaning left

The EOTech has the clearest lens coating with no tint or glare. The Vortex RAZOR AMG has a bit of tint when you look through the sight.

It doesn't really distract you on a sunny day, but its unnoticeable if you don't pay attention to it.

Long Battery

vortex amg uh 1 battery compartment

Vortex RAZOR AMG UH 1and EOTech EXPS3 both use laser to project the reticle instead of LED diode, so the battery life for holographic sight lasts about 1400 hrs.

This is where a red dot sight maybe better than a holosight in terms of battery performance. Read more on red dot vs holographic sight

Even though both sights have auto shut off features to conserve as much battery as possible, however, this is the current state of holographic sight technology.

The Vortex Razor AMG Gen 2 model got rid of the USB charging port this time since not many people use it from the Gen 1 model.

If optic battery life matters a lot to you, please check out a red dot sight or prism sight.

Night Vision Capable

Both holographic sights offer night vision capability, and the button is very easy to access.

All buttons for the UH 1 are facing the user, and buttons for the EOTECH is located on the side of the optic. 

Waterproof / Fogproof

Both optics are perfectly sealed, and there is nothing to worry about. Most optics out there have this specification handled without any problem.

Final Thoughts on Vortex UH-1 VS EOTech

EOTECH holographic sight is what all full time professionals use, and the Vortex Razor AMG UH1 is just as good and it offers a slightly different look. While there is a huge price difference between the two. The Vortex UH-1 is a better alternative to buy if you don't want to spend $780 for a EOTech.

If durability is something you can't live without, please go with the EOTech for that additional lens hood protection.