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Here are the 8 best Glock 17 complete slides you can buy now to make your factory Glock 17 optic ready and look slick.

We picked these red dot ready slides based on looks, weight, and overall functionality to build the dream Glock 17 you want.

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Best Glock 17 Complete Slides

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ZEV Z17 Slide - Best Overall Glock Slide

ZEV Technologies Z17 Citadel Stripped Slide w/RMR Plate, Glock 17 Gen 3, Gray, SLD-Z17-3G-CIT-RMR-GRY

ZEV's dragonfly is one of ZEV's most popular Glock 17 slide with slide windows cut to save weight and show off the nice looking barrel underneath. They also offer no window cut version to prevent dirt and debris from entering.

ZEV has been producing aftermarket part kits like triggers and other accessories, and they make your $450 Glock into a $1700 looking John Wick type of gun.

Now you can order pre-milled custom slide right to your mail box. Available mostly for Glock 34, 17, 19 Gen 3 and Gen 4.

TYRBE Defense - Best For The Money

TRYBE Defense Pistol Slide, Glock 17, Gen 3, DeltaPoint Pro Cut, Black, SLDG17G3DP-BN

TRYBE defense's Glock optic ready Glock 17 slide product line is the balance between good looks and functionality under $300. It works with factory OEM slide parts.

Available For Gen 3, 4 and 5 - Multiple Glock 17 slides available for Glock gen 3, 4 and 5.

Cover Plate Included - All optic ready slides come with cover plates

Show Off Barrel - Side windows shows off the slick custom barrel you have

Lightening & Serration Cuts - Improved for fast cycling and enhanced grip feature under $300

Better Optics Compatibility - RMR, Vortex Viper, Venom, DeltaPoint Pro

*Get a TRYBE Defense threaded match grade barrel here

Grey Ghost Precision - Fits RMR & DPP

Grey Ghost Precision Version 4 Pistol Slide w/ RMR-DP Pro Cut, Glock 17 Gen 4, 17-4 Stainless Steel, Nitride Coated, Black, GGP-17-4-OC-V4

The Grey Ghost Precision Glock slides are available for Gen 3 and Gen 4 Glock 17 pistols. The best part about this particular slide is its ability to mount a Trijicon RMR or a DeltaPoint Pro on the same slide without any adapters.

It's very much like the Shadow Systems optic ready slide.

Cover Plated Included - G10 cover plate with screws included 

Finish - Black Nitride

Better Optics Compatibility - RMR, DeltaPoint Pro

LANTAC Razorback - Best Look

LANTAC Razorback Stripped Light Glock Slide, Glock 17

This Gucci looking Glock 17 slide draws a lot of attention when you bring it out to the range. It features edgy looking serration cuts, tight tolerances, and it's a nice aftermarket slide for a Glock handgun.

Tight Tolerances - Improved barrel accuracy just like very most gun parts LANTAC makes.

Conditioned Steel Slide - The slide is machined from pre-hardened (H900 condition) 17-4PH (Precipitation Hargened) stainless steel. 

Weather Proof - It'sead blasted to create a satin surface finish. Finally the slide is coated with a protective layer with proprietary Lithium-Ferro process.

Available mostly for Glock 17 Gen 4.

These sells fast, please check availability below:

Unity Tactical ATOM Slide - Best Optic Plate Design

Unity Tactical Atom Glock Stripped Pistol Slide Up to $50.00 Off  w/ Free Shipping  — 2 models

The ATOM Glock 17 slide has the most unique optic mounting system Unlike others. The ATOM system features one size cut that fits different adapter plates. 

In another word, this solves the problems where an optic specific slide cut can't use other optics. 

Norsso Reptile Slide - Best Front Serrations Cut

Norsso reptile glock 17 slide

This is a ready to buy slide without any shipping, milling or waiting is a huge market for people who wants to trick out their Glock 17 pistols. The Norsso Reptile makes reptile textured Glock 17 slide cuts on the slide for better surface contact with or without gloves.

The company also offers custom order complete slides with multiple machining options to make the slide you want (~4-6 weeks lead time)

Get yours today!

Visit their website here at norsso.com

Lone Wolf Arms AlphaWolf Pistol Slide w/Stainless Steel 20 Machining, Glock 17 Gen3, 9mm, Raw Stainless, AW-SLIDE17-G3-SS20

Lone Wolf Damascus slide and AlphaWolf Glock 17 slide have been around for a long time, and they are best known for making aftermarket Glock slides with nice design without breaking the bank. They also make aftermarket Glock 17 barrels to go with this slide.

The Lone Wolf AlphaWolf slide is affordable, and it features serrations and lightning cuts like the Norsso, but just under $400.

It comes without iron sight or other internal parts.

New! Trinity Nevada Ground Breaker Complete Slide Up to $74.75 Off  w/ Free Shipping  — 96 models

This is one of the most insane looking custom Glock 17 slides that completely sets itself apart from aftermarket Glock slides and factory slides. The entire design reengineers the Glock 17 to shoot flatter with its unique compensator and slide integration.

Fully Integrated Comp - Significantly lighter slide, the none moving front sight, and added top barrel weight to keep the recoil flat. 

Complete Kit - Locking Block + Gold TiN Barrel Comp Hybrid + Different recoil springs to work with your ammo type

Reduced Target Acquisition Time - Turn normally a sharp recoil to a gentle back push recoil sensation. This means faster RDS time, and the user can mount it on any compatible Glock 17 frames and go!

Works With G17 Holsters - Fits existing Glock 17 holsters without custom fitting

Deep Serrations - Better slide gripping

Better Optics Compatibility - RMR only

Aftermarket Glock 17 Slides FAQ

norsso glock slide

Glock Slides With Lightening Cuts To Reduce Recoil Worth It?

Lightening cut slides are not recommended for use in environments prone to dust, debris, and mud, but they're pretty slick to have on the range. 

A lightened slide combined with a muzzle compensator can mitigate felt recoil and muzzle climb to get the sights back on target faster.

Learn the difference between recoil vs muzzle flip here

Glock Slides With Serration Cuts Useful?

Slide serration cuts help the user to grip the slide to charge with much more surface contact with or without gloves

Front, top, sides and rear serrations give the shooter multiple contact points to operate the slide.

Some are more aggressive than others, and most of the cut patterns work.

Cycling Reliability

Changing the weight of the Glock slide too much can cause malfunctions and cycling issues.

Sometimes, bad ammo selection, weak firing pin spring, weak recoil spring or poor grip can cause problems as well.

Please see the recommended parts kit at the end of the article.

Slide Optic Cut

Unity Tactical's Glock aftermarket slide has the most unique optic plate design on the market using only one slide.

Other slides generally cut the top ahead of the rear fixed sight. If you don't want an optic makes sure you find one that offers you a cover plate.

A rock solid optic mounting system recently have featured index posts to fully lock in the optic.

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Recommended Parts Kits

Pistol compensator can reduce muzzle climb, check out more here

Trigger is a great upgrade, but if you aren't careful fine tuning it, it can cause misfire or out of battery issue.

Recoil spring needs to be tuned for different calibers and slide weights

Red dot sight weight can affect slide cycling, but for the most part they work. When combined with a fine tuned Glock with compensator, the shooter quickly reacquire the sight after each shot.