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In this article, I will share my knowledge of the 8 best Glock 19 Gen 4 upgrades that can enhance the handling and performance of this popular firearm. With years of training and a wealth of knowledge on upgrading Glock pistols, I am confident that my insights and recommendations will be invaluable to both novice and experienced firearm enthusiasts alike.

So, whether you are looking to improve your shooting skills or simply want to get the most out of your Glock 19 Gen 4, check this out:

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Flared Magwell

ZEV glock flared magwell

A flared magwell enables faster magazine insert. It's like a funnel that . This is a simple upgrade any Glock 19 owners can do. The best one we recommend is the ZEV Pro one piece Magwell.

This is a 6061 T6 aluminum Type 3 Anodized part will last you a long time.

glock extended slide stop lever

Swap the factory slide lock with a large size one is a great upgrade for people with medium to large size hands to operate the slide. 

The factory slide release is too flat and too small for some users to operate especially when its slippery, wet or wearing gloves.

This is a simple upgrade anyone can do at home.

zev adjustable trigger upgrade kit

The stock Glock 5.5 lbs trigger gets the job done, but it can be much better.  We recommend the ZEV Fulcrum trigger pack.

This is a complete parts kit with slide parts including:

  • Stainless steel firing pin safety plunger
  • Trigger spring
  • Ejector
  • Connector
  • Striker springs

Often times, upgrading the trigger also involve upgrading the the slide with optimized spring and safety plunger. This is why we love the complete part set the ZEV Fulcrum offers.

Aftermarket Slide - Optic Ready

Norsso reptile glock 17 slide

An aftermarket slide completely changes the look of your Glock 19. A good aftermarket slide should feature optic cut, serrations and unique design. 

Most slides are cut for an RMR or Holosun 507C, so if you have one, they are ready to go on there right out of the box.

Our favorite pick for a starter kit is the TYBRE Glock 19 Slide. If you want to see more Glock 19 optic slides, please click here.

killer innovation g19 threaded barrels

An aftermarket Glock barrel does the following:

  • Tighter lock up
  • Improved accuracy
  • Can shoot various reloads
  • Threaded barrel can mount suppressor or compensator
  • Customized barrel can show through when using an aftermarket slide

Killer Innovations Velocity barrel is highly recommended

truglo tfx pro iron sights

Replacing the plastic iron sights should be the first upgrade any stock Glock 19 owners should do. There are tons of metal iron sights available, and most of them are night sights. Our best pick is the Trijicon HD XR with the U shaped iron sight, and a thin front sight post for a larger field of view at further distances.

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Mounting an red dot sight on a Glock helps the shooter to acquire the sight picture much easier without having to be front sight focused

This completely changes the way people shoot while maximizing situational awareness so the eyes are focused on the target.

While there are so many different types of optic available, the top choice are still Trijicon RMR or Holosun 507C for duty use. 

The third recommendations are DeltaPoint Pro or Trijicon SRO.

strike industries G4 mass driver glock 19

Adding a barrel compensator helps to reduce muzzle climb, thus helps the shooter to reacquire the sight picture faster and smoother when using a red dot sight.

Not all compensator can achieve the same performance unless they are well engineered, therefore we highly recommend either the Killer Innovation compensator or the Strike Industries Mass Driver.

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