We have tested a few products that we believe are the 4 best Glock 26 light options based on price, beam performance, fit and durability:

If you have a non railed Glock 26, please get this first:

Alight! Let's check out what we have...

Best Light For Glock 26

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  • Best Overall
  • Best Laser & Light Combo
  • Fastest Activation
  • Best Battery Life

Streamlight TLR6 - Best Overall

glock 26 streamlight tlr 6

Why we picked this one - The Streamlight TLR 6 is the best overall pistol light for the non-railed Glock 26. This is it.

Contoured Body Profile - The TLR 6 fits the profile the Glock 26 around the trigger guard. It fits flush with the muzzle and it doesn't snag on anything when concealed.

Ambi Control - Activating the light from either side simply by pressing the push-button. Works for lefties and righties.


  • 100 Lumens (2000 Candela)
  • 80 meters throw
  • No Strobe
  • 1.12 oz


  • Activation felt easier than it looks
  • Works for non railed G26
  • Very streamlined design for CCW
  • Bright light for its size


  • Difficult to install
  • Not for mid range use
  • Uninstallation required to swap battery

Viridian C5L - Best Light & Laser Combo

Glock 26 viridian c5

Why Viridian ? - Viridian makes some of the best green aiming laser for pistol applications. Their products are rock solid and are choice for many gun owners.

Flush Muzzle Fit - The light fits flush to the muzzle of the Glock 26 for faster holstering or draw speed

Non Snag Concealability - Easily conceal carry the light with the gun in any high quality holster without catching on things. 

Increased lumen for compact light - 150 lumens of intense white light is ideal for close range illumination (Not for long distance PID)

Built In Strobe - Use for threat control and signaling 

3 Modes - Light + laser only, Light only, Laser + Strobe 


  • 150 Lumens 
  • ~2000 Candela 
  • 5 mW Red Laser or Green (620 to 670 nm)
  • Pressure switch activation (Ambi)


  • Redesigned control switch for better ergonomics
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Battery indicator built in


  • Works only for railed Glock 26

Crimson Trace LL 810 Laserguard Pro - Fastest Activation Switch

Why we picked the Crimson Trace LL810 is the best light and laser combo for the Glock 26. The light design is similar to the Streamlight TLR 6, and the instinctive light activation is unbeatable for enhanced gross motor skill under stress. 

The light only produces up to 150 Lumens like the Viridian C5, and it's not designed for long range PID.  The key feature of this product is the fast activation 5mW Class 3R red laser to make improvised shooting more accurate and fast. 

Super Low Profile - The CT LL 810 mounts securely around the trigger guard, and tighten down by a few screws to hold it in place. (Use 0.05 wrench size for installation)

Instinctive Light Activation - Active the laser simply by gripping the gun without worry of where the toggle switches are in the dark or dealing with poor hand motor skills.


  • Instant activation when gripping the gun
  • Very bright lumen output & flood


  • Installation takes time

Olight BALDR Mini - Best Battery Life

glock 26 olight pl mini

Why people love it - The Olight BALDR Mini is by far the most affordable option for first time gun owners before moving onto more expensive products. 

However, this product requires a railed G26 frame or an adapter.

Added Green Laser - Visible green laser sits closer to the bore for better accuracy, and it can help new shooters to practice steady trigger control

Multiple modes - The user can switch the light mode between:
Laser only, Light only & Laser+Light 

Adjustable Position Mount - Slide the light to exactly where you want on your G26 so your finger can reach activation switch

USB Rechargeable - You save tons of money on batteries and train with the light as much as you like


  • Very bright lumen output & flood
  • Adjustable mount position
  • Light & laser
  • Rechargeable battery


  • Light bezel sticks out for a gun this size
  • QD lever may be a snag hazard

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