Here are the best Smith Wesson M&P 2.0 lights, and in this guide we show the 4 top choices for duty use, training classes and personal defense.

Out of all, the Surefire X300U and the Streamlight TLR 1 HL are the best duty grade light with plenty of lumen intensity 

Best Light For M&P 2.0

Surefire X300 ULTRA - Best Overall

surefire x300u on mp

Why Mount The X300U? It’s been around the longest and it's the best pistol weapon light for smith and wesson M&P 9mm

TIR Reflector - 1000 lumen wide spill beam for max situational awareness to ID targets in the surrounding low light area and also perform threat control using the hot spot

Ambi Control - Mirrored toggle switches for left and right handed shooters

Built To Last - Mil-spec grade one-piece aluminum housing protects internal circuits and LED from high volume firing and shoulder drop

T Slot OR Rail Lock - The X300U-B features a T-slot mounting design, which allows the user to adjust the tension on the mount even if the polymer frame rail starts to wear out.

  • 1000 Lumens
  • 11300 Candela
  • Surefire TIR lens
  • Ambi Control
  • 2X CR123A Batteries

Surefire XH30 - 2nd Best

surefire xh30 on mp pistol

Why we pick XH30 - The XH30 is similar to the X300U with a few added capabilities to make this tactical light for M&P 9mm pistol great.

Multi-Lumen Modes - 1,000 blinding lumens for lighting up the environment in the dark & blind threats, and 300 lumen if less brightness is desired for close proximity indoor use.

surefire xh30 strobe model drone shot

Strobe Mode Added - Fast flashing strobe to disorient opponents in tactical situations. Not available on the original X300U

Powerful Throw - Positively ID targets in low light up to 40 yards for most pistol applications. 

  • 1000 & 300 Lumens
  • 11300 Candela
  • Strobe Mode
  • Ambi Control
  • 2X CR123A Batteries

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Streamlight TLR1 HL - Best Control Switch

smith wesson mp with streamlight tlr 1 hl

Why Use Streamlight Product? The TLR 1 series pistol weapon light is law enforcement's top pick for officers' duty pistols. It's by far the most high performance light without breaking the bank for a M&P 9mm tactical light

Easy Toggle Switch - Users can easily activate the light with one handed operation without having the hard press the switch with index finger like the Surefire X300U.

Replaceable Lens Bezel - Replace just the light bezel after any force on force training damage without replacing the whole light

Better Strobe Mode - Just double tap the switch to activate strobe without configuring the light, much easier than the Surefire XH30

streamlight tlr 1 hl beam pattern drone shot
  • 1000 Lumens
  • 15000 Candela
  • Strobe Mode
  • Ambi Control
  • 2X CR123A Batteries

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Streamlight TLR7 Sub - Best Compact Size

streamlight tlr 7 sub on mp 9mm pistol

Why Get This Light? - The Streamlight TLR 7 Sub is the newest sub compact light for sub compact pistols. It's smaller than the TLR7A, and it fits great on the M&P full size and M&P 9C pistol for duty use or conceal carry

Super Compact - Smaller than the TLR 7A and it doesn't not overhang past a full-size M&P muzzle for optimal concealed carry use

streamlight tlr 7 sub beam pattern

Great In door beam pattern - Streamlight’s TIR 500 lumen beam gives optimum peripheral illumination to ID everything in close quarter from your 9 - 3 O'clock positions.

Ambi Features - Works for lefties and righties just like all products recommended above

  • 500 Lumens
  • 5000 Candela
  • Ambi Control
  • 1 CR123A Battery

TLR 7 Sub offers 3 models, for Smith Wesson M&P, please buy the M1913 model

Common FAQ

Best Beam Type To Use

Wide angle & high lumen light beam (Flood Beam) is great for lighting up the entire room so you can see everything in front of you without panning the light around, for max situational awareness while remain focused on what's in front of you.

Tight light beam (Spot Beam) patterns are great for long distance target ID and LESS peripheral illumination at close ranges.

Reach + Surround light beam is the happy medium.

Custom M&P Light Holster

Getting a custom holster that fits your specific weapon light is easier than ever and there are tons of companies making them.

Please head over to Bravo Concealment, and Alien Gear Holsters.