We have narrowed down to the best lights for Springfield XDM elite that offer great illumination and throw capability.

All recommended lights were purchased and used for a very long extend time on the XDm and other handguns before putting them on this guide.

Our recommendations are based on practical use, lumen output, activation switches, size and price. 

Top Lights For Springfield XDM Elite

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Streamlight TLR 1 HL - Best Overall

springfield xdm streamlight tlr 1 hl

Why Get The TLR 1 - The Streamlight TLR 1 is by far the most popular duty grade pistol light for Springfield XDM Elite and original XD line pistols with great illumination capabilities just under $170.

(HL Model) Increased Lumen - 1000 lumens provides much brighter beam pattern to lit up a scene in the dark for positive identification and low light search

streamlight tlr 1 hl beam pattern drone shot

Wide Illumination - Scan a wide area using the flood beam without having to flag the muzzle all over the place

Easy Toggle Switch - No hard press required to activate the light or strobe. It works even with just one hand operation.

Serviceable Lens Bezel - Easy to remove and clean.


  • 1000 Lumens
  • 15000 Candela
  • 2 CR123A Batteries
  • 4.18 oz
  • 3.39 in
  • IPX7

Surefire XH30 - 2nd Best Duty Light

springfield xdm surefire x300u

Why pick this one - The Surefire X300U is the gold standard pistol weapon lights for guns including the Springfield XDM. This MIL-SPEC grade weapon light can withstand repeated recoil and drop impact for duty use.

Balanced Throw & Spill - Wide illumination like the TLR 1 to illuminate far away and also ID targets in low light. 

Slide Always In Battery - Extra light bezel length goes over the muzzle to prevent the slide from getting out of battery during close up contact shoot situations

Mounts Directly To The Rail - Fit on any M1913 pic rail 

Very Durable - One unit construction. Full waterproof

Highly recommended - SUREFIRE DG SWITCHES for shooters that can't easily reach the toggle switch 


  • 1000 Lumens
  • 11300 Candela
  • 2 CR123A Batteries
  • 4.8 oz
  • 3.7 in
  • IPX7
xdm elite streamlight tlr 7a

Streamlight TLR 7A Flex Is by far the best subcompact light for XDM compact 3.8" barrel length. It sits flush with the muzzle making it very compact for CCW users.

streamlight tlr 7a beam pattern drone shot

See All Around You - Up to 40 yards effective beam distance for night shoot, search & personal defense

Adds Only 2.4 Oz - Runs on only 1 CR123A battery (50,000 hours) that can produce up to 500 lumens & 5000 candela

Improved Switches - Upgraded from the original TLR 7 with user friendly toggle switches (Constant, Momentary & Strobe)

Slim Profile - Faster to reholster and draw

Responsive Ambi Control - Works For Lefties & Righties (Better toggle switch reach wanted) 


  • 500 Lumens
  • 5000 Candela
  • 1 CR123A Batteries
  • 2.40 oz
  • 2.58 in
  • IPX7'

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Olight PL Pro - Best Battery Life

springfield xdm olight pl pro

Why Train With Olight? - The PL Pro's USB charging capability makes this light very cost effective for high volume low light training at home, at classes or at the range. 

High Lumen - Higher illumination output compared to ones we have recommended above

QD Lever Mount - Mount on the USP adapter rail with the M1913 key and lock it in place

Positive Control Switch - Activation control switch with positive feedback even when wearing gloves

Saves Money On Batteries - Use the light as much as you want and just charge it via a USB cord

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