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In this Olight PL Pro Valkyrie review guide, let's check out the product's core specs, beam pattern, laser-quality, control ergonomics, compatibility, and battery performance.

The Olight PL Pro is a great option for people looking for a light under $200 & provides great illumination capability.

Let's check it out...

Olight PL Pro Core Specs

  • Beam Distance: 280 meters
  • Max. Performance: 300 - 1500 lumens
  • Candela: 19600 cd
  • Reflector: Smooth
  • Laser: None
  • Strobe: Yes
  • Switch: Side Switch
  • Battery: USB Rechargeable
  • Waterproof: IPX6
  • Weight: 3.25 oz
  • Head Diameter (in): 1.44"
  • Length (in): 3.27 in
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What's Included In The Packaging

Olight PL Pro packaging
olight pl pro unboxing

The Olight PL Pro comes with the following:

  • PL Pro  x 1
  • Picatinny (Mil-std-1913) Rail Mount x 1
  • Rail Screw x 2
  • T6/T8 Socket Head Wrench x 1 
  • USB MCC 1A Charging Cable (If lost, buy replacement on OlightStore)
  • User Manual x 1

Who Should Buy PL Pro

fn509 with olight pl pro

The Olight PL Pro is great for unlimited light practice since it's USB rechargeable. It saves tons of money buying batteries.

Overall it's great for personal defense, range use & hunting. For the price, it's a great option for anyone looking for a high performing light under $200.


It's very similar to a Surefire X300U, if you would like to see more comparison pics, please click here

Core Features

Beam Pattern, Lumens & Candela

olight baldr pro hot spot

The Olight PL Pro can output 1500 lumens on a max charge to provide bright illumination indoor and outdoor. The 19600 candela can punch the light beam as far as 80-120 meters before it starts to be difficult to see in low light.

The user can also switch the lumen intensity down to 300 lumens if desired.

Anything over 15k candela for a pistol light is already 10X better than anything that's out there today.

Illumination Distance

At about 15 - 25 yards, the hard edge corona hot spot of the light stretches about 11 -16 feet in diameter to illuminate the size of the human body from the head to toe.

If the person is a threat the defender can quickly spot if he/she has a weapon in hand or not.

For higher output candela, please check out the new Olight Valkyrie Turbo LEP Light with up to 70K candela

Light Beam Color Tint

Olight baldr pro low light warehouse

The PL Pro Valkyrie features a Neutral White color tint light beam (Slightly warm but not too much) 

For personal defense use, it's absolutely important for the officers & operators to accurately identify colors in low light conditions when using weapon lights.

A person wearing a red shirt appears to be wearing a black shirt under a cool tint beam can create mis-identification, skewed decision making & potential mistakes.

Why Neutral White Tint Is The Best For Tactical Applications

  • Most accurate color  rendition in low light
  • Easier on the eyes when punching the light beam through fog
  • Minimized glare when using in fog
  • Better color contrast under low light

Activation Switch Ergonomics

Olight pl pro valyrie on glock 17
Olight pl pro valyrie control switch top view Glock 17

The light activation on the Olight PL Pro is streamlined, very positive clicks, ambidexous and well made.

The light mode of the light:

  • 300 - 1500 Lumen Switch (Double tap the switch)
  • Strobe Mode (Press both switches at the same time, requires two hands)

It's not the same toggle switch as Surefire X300U or Streamlight TLR 1 HL, but it works and requires a bit of practice to get used to.

When you press & hold the button all the way down, then release gives you the momentary on.

When you quickly tap the switch the light stays constant on instead of off.

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Battery Endurance

The PL Pro Is USB rechargable. We love this because the user can train and play with the light unlimited times without worry of battery cost

  • 1500 Lumens - Constant on for 1.5 mins
  • 600 Lumens - Drops to 600 lumens for 45 mins
  • 300 Lumens - Lasts about 90 mins

Construction Quality

Olight pl pro on glock 17

It just doesn't feel cheap. The feel and the visual just don't lie

Olight PL PRO on glock 17 right side view

The light is made with aerospace grade aluminum and the overall feel and coating finish is very solid.

QD Mount

When the light is mounted on pistols, there is no need to worry about the light falling off the gun during recoil. Once the lever is locked, it's not going anywhere.

Olight PL PRo QD Lever
Olight PL PRO glock mount slot key

Check out more light like this for Sig P320 here

The QD lever is the same as other Olight weapon lights and the screw tightness can be adjusted with a screw.

The only down side of the QD mount is that it has sharp edges that rubs against the user's thumb on a pistol, and it can snag onto a piece of clothing string if not being careful.

Olight PL PRO m1913 key

The M1913 rail key is also included with screws. If you want to mount it on HK VP9, FN....etc then this is what you will use.

Final Verdict

The Olight PL Pro is a great affordable pistol weapon light under $200. It fits on most full size and compact railed handgun frames.


  • High lumen & candela outputs are outstanding for range use, force on force training & home defense
  • Best hot spot & spill performance for a light at this price range
  • USB rechargeable battery for unlimited training use to save on battery cost (A much better option than Olight BALDR Pro)


  • No momentary control switch
  • Strobe can't be activated with just one hand
  • USB charge port can attract metal parts
  • QD mount has sharp edges that pose snag hazard

Where To Buy

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