4 Best Glock 17 Light Options

We have narrowed down best tactical lights for Glock 17 and other similar pistols you can buy right now.

There are much more powerful lights with increased lumen and candela, available now!

Check them out below:

Top Glock 17 Flashlight

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Streamlight TLR 1 HL - Best Overall

glock with streamlight tlr 1 hl light

Why Pros Have TLR 1 On Their G17s? - The Streamlight TLR 1 is used on most law enforcement officer's duty pistol setup. It's by far the most popular duty grade pistol weapon light that offers great illumination capabilities at a good price point.

streamlight tlr 1 hl beam pattern drone shot

Similar to Surefire X300U, but slightly different beam pattern. See X300U VS TLR 1 HL side by side comparison here

Easy and Tactile Toggle Switches - No need to hard press the switch to activate the light even in cold freezing weather with or without gloves

Replaceable Lens Bezel - Saves you money just by replacing the bezel instead of the whole light after  force on force simunition training damage.

Strobe Mode Added - Blind threats with fast rate strobe light to gain tactical advantages


  • 1000 Lumens
  • 15000 Candela
  • 2 CR123A Batteries
  • 4.18 oz
  • 3.39 in
  • IPX7


  • Very affordable 
  • Duty grade light
  • High lumen & candela output
  • Easy to mount and demount
  • Easy to toggle switches for one handed use


  • So many mount keys provided, may lose them
  • Still runs on 2 CR123A batteries

Also check out LAPG XWL - TLR 1 Clone with much more focused throw, but for how affordable the Streamlight TLR 1 HL is now days, we recommend getting the TLR 1 instead of fussing over saving just $40 more.

LAPG sliderail xwl vs streamlight tlr 1 hl side view
glock 17 with lapg sliderail xwl

Surefire XH30 - 2nd Best Duty Light

xh30 on glock 17

Why pick this one - The XH30 is newer model of the X300U. It's the go-to duty grade handgun light for the military and law enforcement for close range low light applications.

Slide Always In Battery - Prevent the slide from getting out of battery during point blank muzzle-to-surface contact engagement to save your life.

Strobe Mode Added - New strobe mode added to blind threats like the TLR 1 HL

glock 17 with surefire xh30 TIR beam pattern

Balanced Throw & Spill - You get the hot spot and wide illumination. Make sure to get the XH30 for this feature, not the XH35

Mounts Directly To The Rail- Glock rail key included for a perfect Glock 17 fit. Use it on other pistols as well.

Built To Last - Mil-spec grade aluminum housing protects electronic components inside from sharp recoil impulse, drop, and day to day field handling.


  • 1000 Lumens
  • 11300 Candela
  • 2 CR123A Batteries
  • 4.8 oz
  • 3.7 in
  • IPX7

See detailed XH30 reviews here


  • Duty grade light
  • Very wide flood beam
  • Easy to mount and demount
  • Strobe mode added that X300U doesn't feature


  • Stiff control switches
  • Doesn't fit existing X300U holster
  • Slightly pricier than TLR 1

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Olight PL Pro - Best For Training

Olight PL PRO on glock 17 right side view

Why Train With Olight? - The PL Pro's USB charging capability makes this light very cost effective for high volume low light training at home, at classes or at the range. It looks like a Surefire X300, but not exactly.

High Lumen - Very powerful illumination just like the ones we have recommended above

QD Lever Mount - GL rail key included. No tool required to install or removal

Positive Control - Very positive activation control switch even when wearing gloves

Unlimited Battery - Saves money on buying batteries, and use the light as much as you want and just charge it via a USB cord


  • 300 - 1500 Lumens
  • 19600 Candela
  • USB Rechargeable Batteries
  • 3.25 oz
  • 1.44 in
  • IPX6

See detailed PL PRO reviews here

olight pl pro unboxing


  • Recharge any time - huge savings on batteries
  • Easy to mount and demount
  • Very bright light beam for training


  • Hard to find holsters (More products coming)
  • Two button press required for strobe
  • Not duty use

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tlr 7 on glock 17

Streamlight TLR 7A Flex is the best compact size handgun light in the market for compact size pistols including the Glock 19, Shadow System MR920, and it also works on the Glock 17. 

Adds Just 2.4 Oz To Your Setup - It's super light weight for compact Glock 19, but it also works on the Glock 17 for concealed carry.

Bright Light Beam  - It uses only 1 CR123A battery that can produce up to 500 lumens & 5000 candela with its C4 LED technology to see all around you.

streamlight tlr 7a beam pattern drone shot

See All Around You - See up to 30 - 40 yards in low light and not miss a thing from your 9 - 3 O' clock positions. Compare TLR 7 beam pattern with TLR 1 HL here

Great For CCW - Much smaller light profile for the G17 daily carry

Responsive Ambi Control - Works For Lefties & Righties

(Sold Separately ) Laser - Try the TLR8AG with the laser aiming capability as best Glock 17 light laser combo setup


  • 500 Lumens
  • 5000 Candela
  • 1 CR123A Batteries
  • 2.40 oz
  • 2.58 in
  • IPX7

See more TLR 7A pics & review here


  • Performs the same as TLR 7A but smaller
  • Non snag profile for CCW


  • Strobe mode activation is a bit complicated

Things To Look For

Does The Light Bezel Flush With The Muzzle Matter?

The benefits of flush fitting the light bezel to the muzzle are:

  • More Compact
  • Faster In & Out Of The Holster
  • Reduced size profile when concealing

The benefits of light bezel extends past the muzzle:

  • Keeps muzzle contact free to keep the slide always in battery during contact shoot scenario

For a full size Glock 17, having the light bezel sticking out pass the muzzle isn't a big deal unless you want to conceal it to minimize size.

Mount Type

Most weapon lights on the market today offer GL specific mount key. 

Custom Holster Weapon Light Fit

We recommend checking out Trex Arms, Bravo Concealment, Raven and many others for more products.

Or check out our partner at MyEDCHub.com

Battery Life

Most compact weapon light and laser combo systems use CR123A battery technology.

As newer lights hit the market, the rechargeable ones are very popular so that you can train more, charge it whenever you want, and save more money on batteries.

When it comes to getting more training with the light without burning tons of batteries, use the OLIGHT and then swap it to something like the X300 when for serious use.