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streamlight tlr 1 hl vs tlr 7a side view

In this side by side comparison guide, let's check out Streamlight TLR 1 HL VS TLR 7A.

Streamlight TLR 1 HL is the bigger brother to the TLR 7A for full size handguns, and the TLR 7A is the best for compact handguns.

Check this out:

Specs Comparison - Streamlight TLR 1 HL Sub VS TLR 7A

Streamlight TLR 1 HL

Max Output 1000 Lumens / 15000 Candela
Runtime~105 Mins
Weight w/Batteries4.18 oz
Batteries 2 CR123A

Streamlight TLR 7A

Max Output 500 Lumens / 5000 Candela
Runtime~90 Mins
Weight w/Batteries2.39 oz
Batteries 1 CR123A

Size & Weight

streamlight tlr 1 hl vs tlr 7a disassembled

The Streamlight TLR 1 HL is obviously larger than the TLR 7A. When putting them side by side, they are two different lights.

What's the point of comparing them then?

The purpose of comparing these two is for users who are currently debating whether to get one over the other for their compact pistols or full size pistols.

Biggest Buying Decisions:

Get Streamlight TLR 1 HL

glock with streamlight tlr 1 hl light
glock 19 streamlight tlr 1 hl
  • Want maximum lumen output performance over size profile
  • For full size & compact guns
  • For long gun & sub gun use
  • Want strobe mode

Get Streamlight TLR 7A for:

streamlight tlr 7a on glock 19 pistol
glock 19 streamlight tlr 7a
  • Conceal carry without printing
  • The best aesthetics for compact pistols
  • Upgrade from original TLR7 for a better control switch module
  • Smaller profile
  • Strobe mode available (TEN TAPS Programming)
  • No muzzle overhang
streamlight tlr 1 hl vs tlr 7a top view
streamlight tlr 7a vs tlr 1 hl bottom view

Lumen & Candela Comparison

We stress a lot on our website - Lumen intensity is important, but Candela is king for throwing the beam far to identify targets.

Intense candela can punch through fog and overcome photonic barriers

streamlight tlr 1 hl beam pattern drone shot

TLR 1 HL Top Down ( 5- 10 yards) - Much Brighter

streamlight tlr 7a beam pattern drone shot

TLR 7A Top Down ( 5- 10 yards)

TLR 1 HL VS TLR 7A Side By Side

tlr 1 hl 1 tlr 7 sub 1
Pole - 77 ft away Shack - 225 ft away

The TLR 1 HL can illuminate up to 1000 lumens with 15000 candela. In low light, this thing absolutely beats the TLR 7A.

Flood Beam

tlr 1 hl 2 tlr 7 sub 2

TLR 1 HL is brighter! notice the surrounding area.

Top Down Aerial

aerial TLR 1 HL beam aerial tlr 7 a beam

streamlight tlr 7 sub beam top down

The TLR 7A can output up to 500 lumens & 5000 candela on a fully charged CR123A battery, and for its size, it's a very rock solid pistol light option 

Brighter than TLR 6, brighter than Viridian C5L, Similar brightness compared to Olight Baldr S

streamlight tlr 7a weapon light beam warehouse 30 yards

For personal defense engagement distance, the TLR 7A and TLR 7 Sub can lit up the scene and the user can clearly see the target in low light, and ID what the person is holding in their hands to make the best judgement.

streamlight TLR 7A car outdoor

Both lights have a balanced focused hot spot & flood beam optimized for close-range applications up to 30 yards.

Neutral beam tint for accurate rendition in low light.

streamlight tlr 1 hl beam brightness

About 150 feet to the second shack

p365 with tlr 7 sub top down

Top Down - 5 - 7 Yards

streamlight tlr7a led light bulb removeable

The light head can be replaced via Streamlight's Limited lifetime warranty. Great for airsoft & simunition training. When something breaks, just replace the head.

Modes Of Operation

TLR 1 HL uses the toggle switch for

  • Single click - Constant on
  • Double tap - Strobe
  • Light press - Momentary

Also accepts remote pressure switch module for long gun & sub gun applications.

It works for TLR 1, TLR 2, TLR HL, TLR 1 HP.

TLR 1 HL's toggle switch is also the best for single handed operation, and it's just very easy to press to activate without much finger strength. 

During cold weather conditions, the TLR 1 HL switch feels much easier to toggle even when the user's hand gets very cold and feels stiff.

Note: TLR 1 HL's switch ISN'T mirrored the same way for left & right

streamlight tlr 1 hl vs tlr 7a switches
glock 19 with streamlight tlr 1 hl
sig p365 xl with streamlight tlr 7 sub

TLR 7A  features the new ambi toggle switches, and it's reachable for shooters with various hand sizes, and it gives very positive click feedback.

  • Single click - Constant on
  • Press & Hold, Then Release - Momentary
  • Double Press - Strobe

Note: TEN TAPS programming required to enter strobe mode for TLR7A. Press one of the toggle switches 9 times, hold on the 10th press until the light flashes then off.

Now you're in the strobe mode, and you can still perform constant on and momentary mode.

Mount & Rail Keys

The TLR 7A and TLR 1 HL both come with various rail keys:

  • M1913
  • GL
  • Universal

TLR 7A's self retained screw mount doesn't stick out on the side of the body, and the user can twist it using a shell casing, penny or a flat head screw driver.

TLR 1 HL's screw mount is also self retained so you can't lose it in the field, and the user can twist it using a shell casing, penny or a flat head screw driver.

Preview Product Rating Price
Streamlight TLR Key Kit for TLR-1 and TLR-2 Streamlight TLR Key Kit for TLR-1 and TLR-2 No ratings yet $13.87

If you lose the mount keys, you can buy them separately here


streamlight tlr 1 hl and tlr 7a front

TLR 1 HL and TLR 7A are made out of 6061 T6 aerospace aluminum. Under normal use the light will last you a long time.

The bezels are removeable for both lights, and the plastic control switch module can be removed as well.

Many people think the TLR 1 HL and TLR 7 A can't be broken. But, like other electronics, they can get damaged if not used properly or put in intentional damaging situations.

Final Verdict

Streamlight TLR 1 HL is by far the best full size & compact pistol weapon light on the market for under $150, while the Surefire X300U costs about $280.

That's about ~47% savings on a durable & mil spec grade weapon light that will last a very long time.

The TLR 7A is by far the best compact size light for compact pistols, and for conceal carry users who want the light to sit flush with the muzzle.

What can be improved ? - We are looking forward to seeing the Streamlight introduce higher output rechargeable battery for higher lumen & candela output

Both lights cost right around $147 to $168 in most places, and on Amazon they cost about $130 to $150, so check out the link on this page to get one if you find this review guide helpful.