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Here are the 6 best optic riser mounts for modern carbines.

High optic mounts, with the optic sitting at 1.93 inches or above over the bore line, have become increasingly popular in recent years for red dot sights and LPVOs to accommodate better shooting postures and reduces neck strain.

Some of them I have personally bought and used, some were borrowed and others are based on third party user experiences.

My favorite is still the Scalarworks 1.93" for the lightest weight, and please check out the rest below:

Best Optic Riser Mounts

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Scalarworks LEAP Mount 1.93 Riser Mount

best optic riser

Scalarworks is a well-known company offering quality products, and the LEAP 1.93 Aimpoint Mount is the best AR-15 riser mount that offers the lightest construction and features the best skeletonized aesthetics.

The body is made of 7075 T6 aluminum, this mount is both strong and resilient, ensuring a stable platform for your optic. The Scalarworks LEAP 1.93 mount is also reasonably priced, considering its durability and features.

  • The higher riser allows for a more intuitive placement of the optic, making it easier to use with night vision devices.
  • With a good IR illuminator, passive aiming becomes a faster and more natural method for shooting under night vision.
  • The mount's click drive system ensures an easy return to zero after removing and reattaching the optic.

One drawback of the 1.93 height is the issue of backup sights. If you need to have iron sights on your gun, you'll likely need to use 45-degree offset sights or an offset RMR. However, even if you don't use night vision, the LEAP 1.93 Aimpoint Mount is worth considering for its natural shooting position and overall comfort.

Reptilia 1.93 Riser Mount

best optic riser

The Reptilia 1.93 inch optic mount is designed to accommodate various optic footprints, including AimPoint, Trijicon MRO, and AimPoint Acro, among others. It's also available in different heights, depending on your shooting style and preferences.

It's constructed in the US with 7075 T6 aircraft-grade aluminum and type 3 hard coat anodized finish, this mount is built to last. It's available in black or clear anodized, allowing you to match your mount with your weapon.

There's nothing to get snagged or stuck on. It's a low-profile solution that prioritizes simplicity and efficiency.

Unity Tactical FAST 2.26"

best red dot riser mount

Unity Tactical offers a variety of mounts, including ones that fit holographic sights like the EOTech. The one I have here today has the same footprint as the AimPoint Micro series, such as the Aimpoint Micro T1, T2, Sig ROMEO 5, Holosun 515 and many similar footprint optics.

The Unity Fast optic Mount stands out due to its height, which is 2.26 inches high - It's the highest mount I could find online. It's taller than a lower third co-witness mount, and you can't co-witness with your iron sights through the optic because it sits above them.

The primary purpose of this design is to provide a quicker presentation onto the target and a more natural shooting angle for night vision users, and it's made to work with Unity Tactical's FTC magnifier scope which folds directly down instead of to the side.

Unity Tactical FAST LPVO Mounts

best red dot riser

FAST LPVO series of mounts are specifically designed for the next generation of low-powered variable optics

The FAST LPVO mount positions the optics at a 2.05 center line above the top of the rail, which is slightly higher than the 1.93 standard that you see today to significantly offer a better sight picture and reduced neck stain during extended use.

The FAST LPVO series of mounts boasts an incredibly strong and long interface solution for the top of your rail, designed to accommodate both 30 and 34 millimeter optics. 

One of the standout features of the FAST LPVO series of mounts is the inclusion of two FAST mounting options on the right side. This interface allows you to mount a variety of offset optic solutions that are compatible with RMR footprint optics, micro optics, Vortex Acro, and many others. This versatility gives you several mounting positions for a 35-degree offset.

The offset optic mounts are also positioned 2.05 inches above the bore of the rifle, meaning you won't have to change your head position when shifting from your primary to your secondary optic. 

Unity Tactical FAST EOTech Riser

best eotech riser

The Unity Tactical fast picatinny rail riser is the simples upgrade anyone should have in their rifle cases. This EOtech riser is designed to work with any optics that already comes with a mount to stack it taller, and to align with Unity Tactical's FTC magnifier setup.

The absolute red dot riser height is designed to stack an absolute cowitness height optic to a 2.26" high optic.

The lower third riser mount is designed to stack a lower third optic to a 2.26" tall optic (For example, the EOTECH EXPS3)

LaRue LT101 QD Riser

best picatinny rail riser

The LaRue Tactical LT101, designed for quick release, shares similarities with the Unity Tactical FAST riser, but boasts a much longer length. Measuring 5.5 inches, the LT101 features recoil lugs that securely lock onto the top rail, ensuring stability during use.

Ideally suited for stacking both a red dot and magnifier setup on a single mount, the LT101 offers the added advantage of quick-release capability, making it a versatile and convenient choice frequent optics swapping.

GBRS Group Hydra

best red dot riser

The GBRS Group riser optic mount boasts a 2.91" optic height, seamlessly incorporating the laser device mount without the need for backup iron sights. As the tallest optic mount currently available, it significantly reduces neck strain while maintaining a comfortable cheek weld. This design accommodates versatile shooting positions, whether standing, prone, or wearing full body gear.

It's main benefits are:

Improved Weight Distribution - With a more centralized weight distribution, this mount allows for easier handling and reduced front-end heaviness. This is especially beneficial when using firearms with shorter barrels or suppressors, which can add significant weight to the front.

Minimized IR Flood Splash - In the past, when the laser device were mounted closer to the front of the gun, users risked IR flood splash off their hands. With this new mount design, the laser is brought back, reducing the chance of IR flood splash and promoting cleaner gun operation.

Space Optimization - This mount is ideal for firearms with limited rail space, such as the APC 9K and Rattler models. It brings the laser closer to the user while keeping the pressure pad out front, keeping the setup as clean and efficient as possible.

Enhanced Ambidexterity - With the higher mount, users can more easily transition from one side of the gun to the other without affecting their ability to use the laser. This is especially beneficial for shooters who need to perform shoulder switches.

M4 Carry Handle Riser Mount

M4 carry handle optic mount riser

The M4 carry handle, combined with a mount isn't originally designed raise the optic height, but we can use it for that purpose.

This method not only offers a unique aesthetic on an retro AR15 build, but also helps reduce neck strain from cheek weld by elevating the optic.

This versatile option allows the user to attach optics of various heights to the carry handle's Picatinny rail. In addition, utilizing the carry handle mount ensures the rifle setup stands out from all the modern AR15 configurations, while it still enables the user to use iron sights when necessary.


Safety Consideration

  • Always ensure your firearm is unloaded and pointed in a safe direction when installing or adjusting optic riser mounts.
  • Follow the manufacturer's guidelines for proper installation and torque specifications to prevent damage to your optic or firearm.
  • Regularly check the mount's tightness and stability, as recoil and regular use may cause it to loosen over time.
  • Be aware that changing the height of your optic may affect your original zero and require re-zeroing your firearm.