4 Best Sig Sauer P365 Red Dot Sights [Standard & Optic Ready]

Looking for the best red dot sights for Sig Sauer P365 and XL models? here we got a list of compatible products for this slim profile CCW pistol.

This is helpful for people doing research before owning a Sig P365 and for those looking for compatible optics.

We will also include links to buy aftermarket plates for special optics and slide milling services at the end of the guide. 

Let's check them out.

Top 4 That Fit Right Out Of The Box

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Holosun 507K X2 - Best Overall

holosun 507k x2 on p365 xl pov

Mounts Directly To Optic Ready P365 XL Without Any Mod Or Special Mounting Plate

Why people love Holosun 507K - The 507K micro red dot sight is specifically designed for CCW single stack pistol with a flush slide fit and it's even more compact to carry. It's perfect for P365 XL model with that integrated rear iron sight for backup.

Motion Sensor Activated - ShakeAwake technology activates the reticle upon movement & deactivates when not in motion to save more battery juice.

holosun 507k on p365 XL

Replaces The Rear Iron Sight - Integrated back up rear sight replaces P365's rear iron sights that the user took off to mount the optic. Great all in one feature for the P365

Snag Free Holster Draw - Works for IWB and OWB holsters. Nothing sticks out and nothing snags.

Side Battery Tray - Access battery from the side tray instead of the bottom. No sight removal or re-zeroing required after battery swap

Trijicon RMRcc - Best For Duty Use

sig p365 with trijicon rmrcc

Recommended For Slide Cut Mount

Why pick the NEW RMRcc - Built from the same grade features as the original RMR, the RMRcc is thinner and more compact for Sub compact guns. However it does sit tall on the P365 with an adapter plate, therefore we recommend mounting this with a slide cut instead of the optic ready P365 XL.

6.5 or 3.25 MOA - 6.5 MOA is for fast target acquisition, and 3.25 MOA is for precise aiming and works for shooters with astigmatism

trijicon rmrcc vs rmr

Upgraded electronics - Tighter battery grip prevents weak battery terminal contact due to drops, bumps or repeated recoils

No accidental brightness adjustment - The new “LOCK-OUT” Mode secures the setting regardless of bumping or rubbing against clothing when concealed.

Durable for single handed operation - Racking the slide against the optic on any hard surfaces. The 7075 T6 forged aluminum housing allows the user to go rough on the optic

Shield RMSc Best For Astigmatic Eyes

p365 xl with shield rmsc

Referenced The Firearm Blog

Will Mount DIRECTLY To P365 XL Slide Without Any Mod

Why use Shield RMSc – The RMSc shares the same mounting footprint as the original RMS red dot & Holosun 507K X2. It has the clearest lens and dot via a polymer lens for shooters with astigmatism. They gonna love it!

Perfect for single stack pistols - Fits flush on the a slide cut P365 or optic ready P365. Looks great, feels great and built tough.

Polymer glass optic for endurance - Withstand up to 10X greater shock impact than glass optics plus minimal lens reflection

Super lightweight for CCW - Carry it any where you go without feeling like there is weight on you. 

Img Referenced The Truth About Guns

The optic is powered by one CR2032 battery that lasts about 2 years (recommended to switch out every year).

4 or 8 MOA Dot Sizes - Recommend 6 - 8 MOA for the close distance the P365 is roughly designed to shoot.

Swampfox Sentinel - Best Value

swampfox sentinel on p365 tactical grip

Referenced Swampfox Optics

Will Mount DIRECTLY To P365 XL Slide Without Any Mod

Why Try This One - The Swampfox Sentinel mounts directly to the factory P365 XL slide without any modification. It's RMSc mounting footprint makes it a great hassle free option for anyone avoiding messing with aftermarket parts or DIY projects.

7075 Body - Hard coated 7075 aluminum body for hard use and can handle up to 1500 G force on the slide during fast cycling

Extra Protection - Optional to add IRONSLIDES SHIELD to beef up the lens hood to handle barricade racking, drop and other physical impact to protect optic internals

swampfox red dot sentinel front lens

Low Profile Lens Hood - Aim with both eyes open without thick lens frame getting in the way 

Manual Model -  Shake ‘N Wake motion sensing preserves battery life when Sentinel-M has been still for about 4 minutes and shuts off. When it senses motion, it resumes its previous brightness level. Highly recommend manual version for indoor low light use. 

Auto Model - A photosensitive sensor on the left side of the body provides dot brightness relative to ambient light conditions. There are no manual controls at all

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Common FAQ

What MOA Sizes Are Best For Sub-Compact Conceal Carry Pistols?

3 - 8 MOAs are great for sub-compact conceal carry handguns.

A larger dot is much easier to pick up, and it's much rounder for shooters with bad astigmatism to see, and it requires less brightness adjustment 

Highly recommend to checking out different ones physically in your local retail store first before making a buying decision.

Read More About Dot Sizes and see how it can benefit you

Aftermarket Optic Plates - What Are / Aren't Compatible?

There are many aftermarket plates available for the P365, and sometimes it gets confusing on which ones are compatible when shopping online. 

For non optic ready P365 - Slide milling is the best way to go (The only way to mount Trijicon RMRcc currently)

For optic ready P365 - The factory slide is milled for the RMSc footprint, any optic with RMSc will fit right out of the box 

Aftermarket P365 Slides  

If you have an P365 and you would like the longer barrel version or vice versa, you can buy some slick looking P365 slides with optic cut:

Live Free Armory

Norsso Custom