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Finally the Swampfox Sentinel 2 is here. In this Swampfox Sentinel review, let's take a look at how different it is from its first generation design and all the improvements Swampfox has added to this optic.

I have used the 1st generation Swampfox Sentinel for almost 3 years, and you can visit my updated Swampfox Sentinel review here.

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Swampfox Sentinel 2 Initial Impression

The Swampfox Sentinel 2 has a completely different look than the generation one model. This one is much beefier and it looks much more appealing. 

By the way, the packaging is 100X times better than the original Sentinel, so nice job Swampfox!


  • Thicker lens frame than Gen 1
  • Optional rear iron sight to cowitness
  • Very positive turret dial 
  • Recessed window for glass impact durability
  • Impressive aesthetics


  • Requires a super thin flat head to dial the turret
  • Max brightness isn't the highest it can be under a sunny day
swampfox sentinel 2 packaging

The window size on the Sentinel 2 is 20mm wide and the original Sentinel is only 16mm wide. So the user gets a bigger window as an RMSc optic micro sub compact handguns.

swampfox sentinel II window size

On thing that stands out right away is the more user friendly turret dial, and it's audiable.

Now let's look at it in more details.

Swampfox Sentinel 2 Construction

The lens frame on the Sentinel 2 is much thicker and the front lens is recessed for better protection against off hand racking techniques and table slide racking. 

swampfox sentinel 2 body

Additionally, I can also add an removable rear iron sight in front of the lens. This will be a great solution for a gun like the Sig P365 XL where there isn't a rear sight.

sig p365 xl sentinel 2
swampfox sentinel II removeable iron sight

Some users would really appreciate this new feature if they want to co-witness to find the sight picture faster.

You can buy versions with tritium white dots or blackout rear.

Waterproof Performance

Unfortunately, the Sentinel 2 isn't fully waterproof. It's not an enclosed optic, and there is always a chance for water and moisture to come in if the bottom isn't sealed.

I have encounter this issue even with the Trijicon RMR, so it's not recommended to toss this in the snow or mud.

Reticle Options

The Sentinel 2 only offers a 3 MOA dot in either red or green. This one is a green dot version. I prefer the 6 MOA, because the dot appears rounder and it pierces through the emitter glare much better.

swampfox sentinel 2 pov

You can learn about the difference between red and green here, it's all based on personal preference, and it's not a solution for astigmatism


swampfox sentinel II rmsc footprint

The Sentinel 2 has the same RMSc footprint, and the battery loads from the bottom. Based on Swampfox's comment at Shot Show 2023, the reason for a bottom battery design is to lengthen the battery life.

I also noticed that there is some rubber seal traced around the battery compartment. If torque the mounting screw tight, it should push the optic to make contact with the entire surface to fully seal the optic. 

Turret Upgrade

One thing that drove me crazy on the 1st generation Swampfox Sentinel is the non audible turret dial.

swampfox sentinel 2 turret dial

So on the Sentinel 2, everything has changed. The turret dial is now much more tactile and I can use a slightly bigger flat head screw driver to turn it.

As usual the turret dial is 1 MOA per click.

The only complaint is that the turret requires a super thin flat head to dial. While trying to zero the optic at the range, I couldn't do it with a regular flat head screw driver or with a shell casing.

Battery Life

Sentinel II uses a bottom mounted CR2032 battery, and it's marketed to last up to 2 years of use.

Dot brightness has direct impact on battery draining speed. The shake and wake system is also built in to save battery while you're resting at night.

So please wait for an review update in regards to the battery life. 

For concealed carry users, it's better to swap out the battery every year regardless if the battery can last past 4 years.

However, I will say that a higher end optic does have better battery life than the Sentinel 2 while using a CR2032.

Final Verdict

If this is your first time checking out the Sentinel II, I will personally buy it and skip the original Sentinel. The Sentinel II has significantly improved on its quality, body design, and user features.

swampfox sentinel 2 red dot sight

One thing that really stood out was the positive turret dial that was missing in the original model, and the body design is just out of this world. Speaking of a bad ass optic... this is probably the most bad ass RMSc optic so far in 2024. 

While there are other competitive products like the Holosun 507K, EPS carry and the Cyelee CAT Pro, the Sentinel II comes in right around $230, which makes it super affordable to check out.