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In this updated Swampfox Sentinel review, let's delve into the specifications and assess whether this subcompact optic is worth the investment for CCW handguns or for range use.

I've purchased it and tested the optic on three different firearms for over 3 years. There are things I still liked, and things I don't.

Swampfox Sentinel Review After 2 Years

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swampfox sentinel pov
  • Magnification - 1X
  • Reticle - 3 MOA 
  • Adjustment - 1 MOA / Click
  • Brightness - Photosensitive sensor or Manual
  • Footprint - RMSc
  • Construction - 7075 T6 housing + Anodized
  • Submersion - IPX7
  • Body Dimension -1.61" X 0.91" X 0.94"
  • Lens Diameter - 1X16mm
  • Weight - 0.62 oz


  • Fully enclosed
  • No obstructing field of view
  • Long battery life
  • Large field of view


  • Open emitter
  • Auto brightness just sucks period
  • Turret dial is not positive

Best Use:

  • Range

Swampfox Sentinel Unboxing

swampfox red dot sight packaging
swampfox red dot sight box label

The packaging looks very neat inside, but the outer packaging presentation could be improved so it doesn't look like an cheap airsoft product Made in China.

You get:

  • Swampfox Sentinel
  • Manual / Welcome card
  • 3 screw sets
  • Cleaning cloth
  • 1 CR2032 battery
  • Allen key
  • Rubber optic protective cover
swampfox red dot sentinel unpackaging

First Impression

swampfox red dot sentinel front lens

The Swampfox Sentinel is small! It's the same size as a Holosun 507K X2, but with a much slimmer lens hood profile.

Right out of the box, it looks and feel very solid with a bit of Vortex Venom feel to it as far as the lens hood profile..

swampfox red dot sentinel side view

what else is there?

Swampfox Sentinel Features

Window Size

swampfox red dot sentinel side iso view

The Swampfox Sentinel has a very similar window size as the Holosun 507K and Trijicon RMRcc. 

The window size is: 16mm wide, 16mm tall

swampfox sentinel on hellcat 9mm pistol
swampfox sentinel red dot on hellcat 9mm

The optic might be slim, but it doesn't seem like the window is any much smaller than other full size optic.

The tin lens frame makes the sight picture appear wider and less obstructive compared to thick lens frame optics like the Cyelee CAT Pro


swampfox sentinel hellcat pov

Lens tint is definitely there, but it's not noticeable at all under a sunny day at the range. However there is emitter reflection if the sun is right above the shooter.

swampfox sentinel in the hood

In the beginning, I liked the photosensitive dot brightness feature, but after 3 years of use, I absolutely hated it because it never adjusts to the level that I want, and it doesn't work well in low light at all.

If you can, go with the manual adjustment model.

swampfox red dot sight low light

The Swampfox Sentinel features a 3 MOA single dot reticle. For range use it's fine, but I would go with a 6 MOA instead.

When I mounted this on the Springfield Hellcat, I was able to pick up the dot fairly fast and as long as I keep a good grip and presentation the best I can.

During live fire drills, the muzzle flip will throw the reticle off center, and it takes time to get it back. It is what it is even with a large window optic like the Trijicon SRO.

If you have trouble finding the dot, check out this guide on how to find the red dot on pistol faster and more consistently.

Battery Life

The Swampfox Sentinel takes one CR2032 battery to power the sight, and it lasts about 2 years based on manufacturer's specs. 

To be honest, I have lost track after 3 years of use and I haven't touched it in the last 8 months in 2023, and the optic is still on.

swampfox sentinel photosensitive sensor

If I wasn't doing a product review content, I will just replace the battery once every year.


swampfox red dot sentinel front lens

The body is made of 7075 T6 aluminum, the highest grade material for field grade optic up to date. As far as running this optic hard, we will update this content to show you these following tests:

swampfox sentinel racking slide against hard surfaces
  • Drop
  • Repeated recoil to hold zero
  • Slide racking
  • Every day carry wears and tears

Even though this is a budget red dot sight. I have tossed it around in my vehicle and range bag. It didn't lose zero because they are properly mounted on the pistol.

When it comes to making a purchase decision, the emphasis on durability for an optic in the firearm community is often exaggerated.

swampfox red dot sentinel top view

A budget red dot option can withstand some rough handling, but it's not designed to endure the extreme conditions that a Trijicon RMR can.

Subjecting it to such torture is unnecessary, especially since this optic isn't intended for warzone conditions.


The windage adjustment is not the best feature on this optic. There is no positive click feedback, and it's difficult to even eye ball the adjustment to get it right.

After 2 years of use, I still hated it because I can never tell if I dialed 1 MOA or 1.5 MOA or even 2 MOA. This leads to me wasting ammo on the range when zeroing.

swampfox red dot sentinel moa elevation turret
swampfox red dot sentinel windage turret

1 MOA / Click is all you get with this optic. 

The only thing I liked is that the elevation and windage adjustment knobs are recessed to prevent accidental adjustment.

swampfox red dot sentinel moa adjustment screw driver

Mounting Footprint

swampfox red dot sentinel mounting springfield hellcat
swampfox red dot sentinel bottom
swampfox red dot sentinel mounting footprint

Sentinel features the Shield RMSc footprint, so it will fit directly with optic ready Sig P365, Springfield Hellcat and Glock 43.

swampfox sentinel hellcat 9mm

Use For Conceal Carry

swampfox sentinel conceal carry

Is the optic small enough for conceal carry?

The optic is slim on a subcompact handgun for conceal carry and there is no doubt about that.

However, the only downside of an open reflex sight is that stuff, dirt, hair and other things can fall into the opening while holster under your cloth even if you're a super clean person.

Overtime, things can build up without cleaning, can affect dot clarity or potentially block the emitter.

Final Verdict 

If you are looking the best pistol red dot under $300 with RMSc footprint to go directly to your favorite sub compact pistols, the Swampfox Sentinel is a great product in that price range to buy. The mounting screws could be improved for higher tolerance.

It's built rugged, and it works as an entry level optic. 

The biggest downside of this optic is the non feedback positive windage and elevation adjustments. Please also check out the Cyelee CAT Pro red dot sight.