Shooting Low Left Consistently [Corrections To Try]

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fn509 trijicon sro pov in action

Are you consistently shooting low left with a pistol as a right handed shooter? Here are a couple of top reasons and 4 things you can try to accurately diagnose your error:

  • Bad grip
  • Anticipating recoil jerking motion prior to the bullet leaving the barrel
  • Too much or too little trigger finger curl the muzzle slightly to the left
  • Bad sight picture alignment
  • Unzeroed sights (Included red dot)

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6 Corrections To Shooting Low And To The Left

Reference A Pistol Shooting Error Chart

The quickest way to diagnose your shot error is to reference this pistol shooting errors chart below:

pistol error chart

This is the manual method, next let's check out what MANTIX X10 can do for you with more precision.

Use Mantis X10 To Diagnose

The Mantis X10 Elite features the same pistol error chart above.

Simply, attach it to the accessory rail and connect it via Blutooth with your smartphone. This device will give you more feedback on the natural performance tendency of your particular firearm and the way you shoot.

mantisx correction

Immediate feedback!

mantis x10 elite shooting tracker

If you jerk the trigger, it will let you know

If you flinch before firing, it will let you know

If you do anything, it will let you know and guide you along the way

  • Real time tracking of muzzle movements
  • Live fire & Dry fire diagnosis
  • Saves data to see improvements overtime
  • Caliber / load testing
  • Barrel length & compensator performance testing

This is absolutely an amazing tool for anyone training and testing firearms.

Correct Your Grip

p365 with tlr 7 sub top down

A proper and consistent shooting grip is the first thing to check.

  • Close all the void inside the grip so the recoil impulse doesn't go in the direction of the least resistance.
  • Stippling the grip makes the gun harder to slip off your hand, aka avoid readjusting the grip
  • Let the recoil happen, stop fighting against it every time.

Under cutting the trigger guard so the hand can grip higher, and it can slightly change the angle of the grip to help with recoil control.

Refine Trigger Squeeze

shooting breathing cycle

When the gun shoots low and to the left, the most common things you can fix are:

  • Coordinate your breathing for follow up shots to reduce
  • Too much trigger finger placement can curl the muzzle to the left
  • Slow squeeze to the rear after hitting the wall (Keep sights steady, steady, steady...until the trigger breaks)

Misaligned Iron Sights

truglo tfx pro iron sights

Misaligned sight picture when using an iron sight can happen if they are not aligned properly right out of the factory.

If this is a problem, please use a sight pusher to readjust the rear sight.

Re-Zero Sights Correctly

If you're shooting with a red dot sight, be sure to test and verify points of impact.

Above all, it's absolutely important to mount the optic properly on the slide so it doesn't loose zero.

Use a metered torque wrench to torque down the optic tight so it retains zero and not get loose over time.

holosun 509t vs 507c on pistols pov

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Practice, Practice and Practice

Practice is the key to get good.

Dry firing or live firing with the Mantis X10 recommended above will give you accurate data driven feedback than without it.

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