Whether you have the Galil ACE or GEN II for 5.56mm or 7.62mm, these are the 4 best Galil Ace optic options

These are the industry's top products and they have very good performance track records.

Check them out below:

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Best Galil ACE Optic Upgrades

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EOTech EXPS3 - Operator's Pick

iwi galili ace eotech exps3

Or Vortex UH1 AMG Gen 2

Why pick Holographic Sight - The EOTech and Vortex UH1 are two field grade optics with HUD alike aiming ranging reticle to increase accuracy of the Galil ACE. They offer shooters much better range estimation than just a simple red dot in the center of the window.

Shoot With Both Eyes Open - Keep both eyes open to maximize situational awareness, and the reticle appears right in front of your aiming eye

Unobstructed FOV - Easily acquire the target while shooting on the move, shooting over barricade and around corners.

CQB Holdover - Use the bottom of the 68 MOA ring for fast 7 yard close range holdover to compensate sight over bore offset. We like the UH 1's open section reticle design for better long range PID visibility.

Optimized Cheek Height - Built in 1/3 co-witness mount height for the shooter cheek weld more comfortablely without pressing cheek into the stock. We still recommend a mount riser for more head space flexibility.

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uh1 vs eotech mount base



  • Proven combat durability for serious users
  • Best passive aiming performance
  • Less lens glare under low light
  • Quick detach in the field without tools


  • Short battery life compared to red dots

Vortex UH1 Gen 2

galil ace vortex uh 1 gen 2


  • Reticle doesn't clutter the field of view for PID
  • As good as EOTECH
  • Very long battery life
  • Very slick aesthetics


  • Slightly larger profile

Aimpoint Micro - Best Durability

iwi galil ace aimpoint comp
Why Use The Aimpoint - The Aimpoint Micro is by far the toughest small profile red dot sight available on the market for almost any firearm types. It's the gold standard red dot sight that makes your Galil ACE a CQB weapon

"If you're looking for the best bang for the buck, I've recommended the Aimpoint Patrol optic to many law enforcement officers, and I've never had a single complaint" - Larry Vicker (Former US Army 1st SFOD soldier)

Always Ready - It's always on without fumbling with brightness dial before use. The sight runs on one single CR2032 battery that lasts over 5 years on mid brightness setting. 

Precise Aiming Reticle - Engage targets up to 200 yards with a fast to pick up 2 MOA dot 

Use Different Mounts - Multiple aftermarket mounts to pick from to match your co-witness height needs

Even Survives Fire - It survives any hash combat environment like an terminator to keep the sight running.


  • Proven combat durability for serious users
  • Low profile
  • Very long battery life
  • Use as offset red dot


  • Expensive

Holosun 510C - Best For The Money

iwi galil ace holosun 510c

Why Everyone Buys This - HoloSun is on the rise for making some very innovative red dot products. This sight works well on the Galil ACE with its large FOV, battery life, build quality at a low price point for beginners and experienced users.

Solar Fail Safe - The solar panel extends the battery life longer to keep the sight running longer even when the battery dies. It acts almost like a fiber optic under any light source

Built In Quick Detach Mount - Mount and de-mount the optic without any tools in the event of optic failure or swapping optic in the field

Versatile Reticle System - Cycle through simple point and shoot dot or with a 65 MOA Ring for range estimation like the EOTECH recommended above

At this price point, which is the lowest it’s ever been for a reflex sight like this one, You’ll save a ton of money. Just make sure to click the button below for the best deal.

  • Magnification: 1X
  • Objective Lens: 32 X 23 mm
  • Eye Relief: Unlimited
  • Reticle Type: 65 MOA Ring + 2 MOA Center Dot
  • Battery: CR123A
  • Turret : 0.5 MOA / Click
  • Length: 3.3 inches
  • Weight: 4.94 oz

See more Holosun 510C review here


  • Vey affordable
  • Additional lens hood protection
  • Great aesthetics for the money
  • Recoil proof


  • Open emitter design attracts dirt

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