Here are the best red dot sights for shield plus 

We narrowed down this list based on compatibility, overall performance, durability and price. We've spent months buying and evaluating the best red dot options, and here they are.

Let's check them out.

Any RMSc footprint optic will mount directly to the slide

Red Dot For M&P Shield [Optic Ready]

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The Holosun 507K enhances concealed carry with its durability and direct slide mounting, making it the ideal choice for the M&P Shield. Its compact design and reliability are favored by many.

Recoil Proof - Handles regular 9mm and +P ammo like a boss

Multi-Reticle - Single dot or a 32 MOA ring around it. The user can select different reticle modes

Motion Sensor Reticle - The ShakeAwake technology instantly activates the reticle upon sensing motion & deactivates when not in motion to save more battery juice.

Snag Free Holster Draw - In and out of the IWB and OWB holster without getting in the way of anything

No Hassle Battery Change - No sight removal or re-zeroing required. 


  • RMR alike durability
  • CCW optimized user experience
  • Long battery life
  • Multiple reticle selections


  • Not bad at all

Swampfox Sentinel - Lightest Weight

Mounts DIRECTLY To Shield Slide Without Mod

The Swampfox Sentinel stands out as an excellent red dot option for both the Shield Plus and the standard Shield. It offers direct mounting without requiring any modifications. Additionally, it's a top choice for subcompact pistols such as the Smith Wesson Shield

7075 Body - Hard coated 7075 aluminum body just like the 507K X2 for reliable duty carry but with a much slimmer lens hood profile

Low Profile Lens Hood - The thin lens frame minimizes obstruction of the field of view

Extra Protection - You can add a lens hood for extra protection against physical impacts, barricade slide racking, and drop damage. You can buy here: IRONSLIDES SHIELD

Manual Model -  We highly recommend the manual version for indoor low-light use, as it provides consistent reticle brightness.

Auto Model - The auto model incorporates a photosensitive sensor that adjusts dot brightness according to ambient light conditions.


  • Very Affordable
  • Tight fit
  • Clean FOV
  • Ambient light brightness adjustment


  • Reticle distortion in direct sunlight
  • Non positive feedback MOA turret adjustments
  • Hard to tell exact MOA clicks adjusted 

Crimson Trace 1550 - Best For The Money

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Mounts DIRECTLY to optic ready Shield slide without mod

Why use Crimson Trace? – They are the best handgun laser sight maker, and the 1550 is their entry point product to the budget red dot sight market. It consistently maintains zero, and its operation is very intuitive. We wholeheartedly recommend it!

Perfect for single stack pistols - Fits flush on the Shield's slide. Looks great similar to Swampfox Sentinel

Super lightweight for CCW - Super lightweight under 0.65 oz


  • Simple design
  • Long battery life (20K hrs)
  • Ambient light sensor


  • No 6 MOA offered