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olight odin gl mini on kp9

In this review guide, we gonna take a look at the new Olight Odin GL mini weapon light. Especially it's new in-body green laser and ring mode selector.

This article will mostly focus on the added laser feature and the new light beam pattern. Is it better than other previous products? let's find out...

Olight Odin GL Mini Specs

olight odin gl mini lens

Length: 5.04"

Diameter: 1.14"

Waterproof: IPX4

Weight: 6.7 oz

Lumen: 1000 lumens  & 200 lumens

Candela: 8100 cd & 1800 cd

Laser wavelength: 510 - 530 nm

What's Included In The Package

olight odin gl mini packaging
olight odin gl unboxing
  • Odin GL Mini (18500 Battery Included) x 1
  • MCC3 Magnetic Charging Cable x 1
  • New sROD 7 Magnetic Remote Switch x 1
  • H2.5 + H1.5 Allen wrench
  • M1913 Mount X 1
  • Set screws X 2
  • Zip ties X 2
  • User Manual x 1

Core Features

Lumen & Candela

The Olight Odin GL Mini is a close range light. It works well up to mid distances, but definitely not comparable to MODLITE OKW or PLHv2.

olight odin gl in the dark

 Wide flood beam (35 ft)

The Olight Odin GL Mini has 1000 lumens, but only has 8100 candela output. Overall the light is bright to ID any low light scene, but lacks candela performance for long distance PID. 

It has more flood this time than the full size Olight Odin Mini. When we took it out in the dark, here are the result:
olight odin gl beam indoor

We compared it side by side with the Odin Full Size, Surefire M600DF and Modlite. For professional duty use, we would go with Surefire M600DF

Green Laser

olight odin front lens

The green laser is built inside behind the reflector and doesn't stick out.

The user can switch between 3 modes:

  • Laser only
  • Light only
  • Light & laser combo
olight odin mode selector

Just dial the ring to the setting you want

When the light gets hot, the lumen intensity will drop to prevent overheating, and the bezel will be warm, but not hot that the user can't touch the adjustment ring.

olight odin gl mode selector

USB Rechargeable 18500 Battery

Odin GL Mini uses 18500 2040mAh 3.6V rechargeable battery.

With the laser beam off:

The light runs 3.6 min on 1000 lumens, then 500 lumens for 67 mins, then 200 lumens for 13 mins.

While running on 200 lumens, the light runs for 3 hrs and 35 mins consistently without lumen intensity drop.

With the laser beam on:

The light runs 3.5 mins on 1000 lumens, then 61 mins on 500 lumens, then 12 mins on 200 lumens.

While running on 200 lumens, the light runs for 3 hrs and 15 mins consistently without lumen intensity drop.

The 1000 lumen intensity drop (Built in over temp protection) is after 3.6 mins isn't a big problem, but it can be an issue when you need that lumen intensity to PID, but it drops to protect the circuit.

Laser Accuracy

olight odin gl panning low light

To ensure the laser retains zero, we tested this on an aftermarket mount to fully secure the light instead of using the mount included.

The light was mounted on a KP9, and the laser performs exactly as expected. Since it's just 9mm, we only zeroed the laser to the red dot with a slight 2" constant offset.

It's important to ensure the laser doesn't wobble at all on the handguard. The accuracy of the laser is only as good as the handguard and mount tight tolerance.

Integrated Scout Light Mount

olight odin gl vs modlite 18350

The Odin GL Mini has the same built-in scout mount as the original Odin and the Odin mini. 

Check out the new 2023 Olight Javelot Tac, which features a one piece scout mount design

olight odin gl mini picatinny rail mount

Using the included M1913 mount.

It's not the tightest mount for laser retention because the light can be slide onto the mount.

odin gl mini light mount
IWC scout mount

For laser accuracy, we recommend using aftermarket scout mounts. Click here to see more

Any existing scout mounting accessories will work

They work, however, the mount can still fall off under rough use and maybe this is something Olight can address in the future to really beef up the Odin design.

[NEW] Lockable Magnetic Pressure Switch Pad

olight odin gl mini tail cap

The new sROD7 magnetic pressure switch ONLY works with Odin GL.

Original switch will NOT work with the Odin GL.

olight odin gl control switch
olight odin gl pressure switches

It now features LOW and HIGH control on the switch, and it gives the user more lumen control.

This time, the switch does feel a bit higher quality based on initial impression.