Let's check out some of best light for Glock 19 (all generations) you can buy right now. 

While the TLR 7A remains the most popular compact light, there are newer lights that you may want to check out.

Glock 19 Light Buying Guide

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  • Most Compact
  • Most Versatile 
  • Easy Activating Switches
  • Great Battery Life
  • Best Throw Performance
streamlight tlr 7a on glock 19 pistol

I highly recommend this weapon light for Glock 19 with its size for low light CQB use, but not for long range outdoor use. It's perfect for my concealed carry needs and for defending my home. With just one CR123A battery, it shines as bright as 500 lumens and 5000 candela, making it ideal for close-quarters situations.

One of the things I love about it is its Muzzle Flush Fit. The light fits snugly, so it doesn't stick out from the muzzle, which makes it compact for hiding and quick to draw from my holster.

Streamlight's TIR Optic - I can easily identify targets up to 30-40 yards away. It has a focused center with a wider spread of light around it. The beam can cover the entire range from 9 to 3 on a clock face in a room-scale environment.

Upgraded Switches - The improved light activation ergonomics when shooting on the move are a significant improvement over the original Streamlight TLR 7. It makes handling the light while in action much smoother and more efficient.

  • High ouput: 500 lumens
  • Peak Candela: 5000 candela
  • Batteries: 1 123A
  • Switch: Ambi toggle
  • Length: 2.51"
  • Weight: 2.39 oz

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  • Best light for Glock 19X and 19
  • Wide CQB beam pattern
  • Front loading battery compartment design
  • Very lightweight weapon light for CCW
  • Top EDC light option


  • Strobe mode activation isn't so obvious (See instruction here)

Streamlight TLR 1 HL - Best Duty Light For The Money

glock 19 with streamlight tlr 1 hl light

I recently tried the Streamlight TLR 1 HL on my Glock 19. This light is seriously bright, way more intense than the TLR 7. It's a full-size light, but what I love about it is how effortlessly it mounts onto the rail. Plus, switching it on is a breeze.

I don't need to apply much pressure at all to reach and operate the switch. And when it comes to mounting or demounting the light, it's a piece of cake. I can use a coin, shell casing, or screwdriver, thanks to the retained mount screw. This is super handy in a variety of situations.

It also comes with a built-in strobe mode, which can be a real advantage in certain scenarios. However, I've noticed that the activation can be a bit too sensitive. If I'm not careful and accidentally double-tap the switch, especially when I'm fumbling, it activates the strobe. This can be a bit of a nuisance, but it's a minor issue compared to the overall performance and convenience of this light.

glock 19x light

Users can replace the light bezel without having to replace the whole light if its damage during force on force training

  • High ouput: 1000 lumens
  • Peak Candela: 20000 candela
  • Batteries: 2 123A
  • Switch: Ambi toggle
  • Length: 3.39"
  • Weight: 4.32 oz

Compare side by side - TLR 1 HL VS X300U


  • Easy toggle switch for one handed operation
  • Much more affordable
  • Easy strobe activation and momentary on
  • Replaceable front lens
  • Easy toggle switch for one handed operation


  • Not much the the price

Viridian C5L Gen 2 - Best Light & Laser Combo

glock 19 gen 5 light

I decided to put the Viridian C5L tactical light on my Glock 19 for a specific reason. It aligns almost perfectly with the Glock 19's muzzle, sitting just slightly behind it. This placement not only looks sleek but also makes it one of the best green laser pointers for the Glock 19.

Now, I'll be honest, the light feature of the C5L might not be the most impressive out there, especially since it's an older model. However, where it really shines is the green laser. It's exceptional for fast aiming. 

Another aspect I appreciate is that the 100 lumens brightness doesn't overpower the laser dot. This means I don't get blinded by the hotspot, allowing for clearer visibility. The added strobe mode is a nice touch too. It offers options like strobes with constant on laser, constant on for both laser and light, and a momentarily on/off feature. These functionalities make it a versatile tool.

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  • Very compact on Glock 19
  • Visible green laser
  • Front loading battery design
  • Very lightweight laser and light combo for CCW


  • A bit difficult to mount on Glock 19 frame
  • Allen keys required to mount

Surefire X300 Turbo - Best Duty Thrower

surefire x300 turbo glock 19

The Surefire X300 Turbo is on the top of my list, and finally got my hands on it many years ago. It's an upgrade from the Surefire X300U to have a higher candela light output for long range illumination.

The focused beam is a standout feature. It's like having a rifle light mounted on my Glock 19. What makes it really awesome is the tight focus beam can light up targets behind tree lines and shadow dense areas that a flood light can't.

Overall this light has the same dimension as the Surefire X300U, and it's great for home defense and daily carry.

  • High ouput: 650 lumens
  • Peak Candela: 66000 candela
  • Batteries: 2 123A
  • Switch: Ambi toggle
  • Length: 3.76"
  • Weight: 4.4 oz

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  • As durable as Surefire X300U series
  • Handles extreme weather conditions
  • Long range illumination
  • No dimensional differences from X300U
  • Same ergonomics as X300U


  • Stiff switches to toggle for gloved users
  • Sticks out too far if without muzzle brake

Olight PL Pro 3 - Best For Training

glock 19 flashlight

I've been using the Olight PL 3 rechargeable light on my Glock 19, and it's been fantastic for my low-light training sessions. The biggest draw for me was not having to constantly buy new batteries. This light is brighter and has a longer battery life, all thanks to its USB rechargeable feature.

One thing that really stands out is the adjustable mount position. The Olight PL 3 comes with a new thumb screw mount, replacing the QD lever to avoid any snag hazards. I love the adjustable mount key that lets me shift the light's position closer or further away from the trigger guard as I need.

In terms of lumens and candela, the PL 3 really lights up a room. I can positively ID targets further in the dark, up to about 50 yards. However, I feel the throw capability hasn't improved much from the PL Pro.

The USB rechargeable battery allows me to use the light as much as I want during training and recharge it anytime, saving me the hassle and cost of constantly buying batteries. This feature is particularly great when I'm playing around with the light and don't want to worry about battery life.

  • High ouput: 1500 lumens
  • Peak Candela: 10200 candela
  • Batteries: USB Rechargeable
  • Switch: Ambi toggle
  • Length: 3.19"
  • Weight: 3.77 oz

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Modlite PL350 - Best Versatility

glock 19x light

I have been testing the MODLITE PL350 for the past 2 years, and I must say, it surpasses most standard Glock 19 pistol lights for my needs. The unique selling point of this light is its ability to change light heads for different purposes, offering brighter light options and a throw performance that extends beyond what a typical pistol light can achieve.

For the first time, I've found a light like this for the Glock 19. It's like having a rifle light on a handgun.

One of the best features is the customizable light heads. I went ahead and purchased all three light heads and found that swapping them on the go is incredibly easy. For low light usage with my Glock 19, I particularly liked the PLHv2 and PLH 5K light heads. They offer a balanced throw and spill. However, the OKW head lacks a wide beam, so I wouldn't recommend it for pistol use.

The mounting is flexible, too. The light body has two slot keys for the M1913 rail, which is great. But keeping track of two mount keys can be a bit of a hassle.

The control of this flashlight is exceptional. It's equipped with highly responsive rocker control switches. I found them incredibly easy to operate, even when wearing gloves in cold weather. As someone who sometimes struggles to reach the switch due to shorter fingers, or when the flashlight is positioned near the trigger guard, the included PHLSTER ARC enhanced WML Switches were a significant help.

Another aspect I appreciated was the accurate color rendition. I didn't notice any tint when using this light, and the scene color appeared more neutral, without any skewed color perception.


  • Much brighter light and throw than other lights for PID
  • 18350 rechargeable battery - long battery life
  • Front loading battery without removing the light
  • Easy toggle switch for one handed operation around the trigger guard


  • Mount key insert feels sloppy 
  • No QD mount
  • Not for CCW because it sticks too far past the muzzle on Glock 19

Olight PL Turbo - Best Budget Thrower Light

olight turbo glock 19

The Olight PL Turbo on my Glock 19 performs very similar to the Surefire X300 Turbo, and it's a great budget-friendly option for anyone wanting a high candela lights without breaking the bank. If you're eyeing something like the Surefire X300T or the MODLITE PL350 PLHv2 but want to save some money, this light is definitely worth considering. Olight sent it to me for testing, and I've been quite impressed with its high candela output.

The adjustable mount position is a feature I really appreciate. The light has a new thumb screw mount, a change from the QD lever, which helps avoid any snag hazards. The adjustable mount key is a great addition; it lets me adjust the position of the light closer or further away from the Glock 19's trigger guard as needed.

When it comes to lumens and candela, I found that it's very similar to the Surefire X300 Turbo. This light can positively identify targets up to 100 yards away in the dark, which is impressive.

Another aspect I like is the ambi control ergonomics. The design works well for both left-handed and right-handed users, allowing easy activation of constant on, momentary, or strobe modes.

  • High ouput: 800 lumens
  • Peak Candela: ~66300 candela
  • Batteries: 2 CR123A
  • Switch: Ambi toggle
  • Length: 3.53"
  • Weight: 4.48 oz


  • Much brighter light than Surefire X300T
  • Long range illumination with flood beam
  • Strong battery door latch
  • Aluminum body with new QD screw mount


  • Candela output drops after a set time

Glock 19 Light FAQ

Lumen Intensity & Beam Pattern

After trying out a variety of lights, I've come to realize that the ones with a lumen intensity between 500 to 1000 are the most effective for seeing in the dark. I highly recommend a balanced throw and spill beam pattern. This really maximizes situational awareness, especially from the shooter's 9, 12, and 3 o'clock positions in the dark.

When it comes to throw performance, I've found that the higher the candela, the further the light beam can reach out into the dark. This is crucial as it helps the light power through ambient light, fog, and other visual obstacles.

In my experience, anything over 5000 to 13,000 candela does a great job for most purposes. However, if you're looking for long-range illumination to identify targets, lights in the range of 60,000 to 90,000 candela are absolutely fantastic. They provide an incredible level of brightness and reach, which can be a game-changer in various low light scenarios.

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