hk vp9 weapon lights guide
Here are the 5 best weapon lights for the HK VP9?

We have used over 8 different lights on this awesome handgun, and these are the best based on their performances, durability, features and value for money. 

Let's check them out...

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First Top 3 Weapon Lights For HK VP9

Best Overall

Surefire X300U


Best For Carry 


streamlight tlr 7a

Best Price


streamlight tlr 1 hl

SureFire X300U - Best Overall

hk vp9 weapon light surefire x300u
  • 1000 Lumens
  • 11300 Candela
  • Surefire TIR lens
  • Ambi Control
  • 2X CR123A Batteries

Why pick this one - The SureFire X300U is the godfather of pistol weapon lights. It's been around the longest, and it's the go-to duty grade handgun light for the military and law enforcement.

Wide Spill Light Beam - Optimized for CQB applications so the shooter can use the bright flood beam to illuminate everything in front and the sides

Slide Always In Battery - The extra light bezel length sticks out to prevent the slide from getting out of battery during point blank engagement that can save your life.

Mounts Directly To The Rail- Just slap it on the handgun frame rail slot and locks it in place.

The X300U-B is the same as the X300U-A but with a T-slot mounting design, which allows the user to adjust the tension on the mount even if the polymer frame rail starts to wear out.

Built To Last - The light is built with mil-spec grade aluminum housing to protect the light from sharp recoil impulse, drop and other day to day rough handling without damaging or shifting the electronic components inside the housing unit.

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SureFire XH30 / Best Multi-Function

HK vp9 with surefire XH30 weapon light

  • 1000 & 300 Lumens
  • 11300 Candela
  • Strobe Mode
  • Ambi Control
  • 2X CR123A Batteries

Why we pick XH30 - The XH30 is the improved version of the X300U with added strobe mode for signaling and disorienting capabilities in tactical situations.

Multi-Lumen Modes - 1,000 blinding lumens for lighting up the environment in the dark & blind threats, and 300 lumen if less brightness is desired for close proximity indoor use.

Strobe Mode Added - Fast flashing strobe to disorient opponents in tactical situations. 

Powerful Throw - High candela can illuminate far to positively ID targets in low light. Use it to temporarily impairing an adversary’s vision while keeping a safe distance.

In addition, a powerful throw performance enables the beam to burn through photonic barriers such as fog and ambient lights.

surefire xh30 strobe model drone shot
Referenced Movie - All The Devil's Men

NOTE: If you already have a holster for the X300, the XH35/30 will not fit due to the front lens bezel differences.

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Olight PL Pro Valkyrie - Best Rechargeable Light

vp9 olight pl pro

Why pick the the Olight PL Pro - The Olight PL Pro is the Surefire X300U alternative at 1/3 the cost. The light has a much brighter output and longer battery life (USB rechargeable).

You can check out the X300U and PL Pro comparison on our site.

  • 300-1500 lumens
  • 19600 candela
  • QD lever mount

Increased Lumen & Candela - The PL Pro has about 1500 lumens and 19600 candela, which is 2X what the Surefire X300U offers so the shooter can positive ID targets further in the dark.

Rechargeable Battery That Saves You Money - Recharge via USB cable, so you can use the light as much as you like for training without buying tons of batteries.

Ambi Control Ergonomics - Works for both lefties and righties

  • constant on
  • momentary
  • strobe

That can be used from both sides.

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Streamlight TLR 7A Flex - Best For Compact Carry

hk vp9 streamlight tlr 7a

Why this is the hottest selling - The Streamlight TLR 7A is the best compact light for almost every compact pistols on the market. It looks slick on the VP9 and the beam pattern is effective up to 40 yards for indoor low light applications.

  • 500 Lumens
  • 5000 Candela
  • 1 CR123A battery
  • 2.4 oz

Super Compact For Conceal Carry - TLR 7A doesn't not overhang on a full-size VP9. It’s super light and compact for concealed carry use

streamlight tlr 7 sub beam pattern

Great In door beam pattern - Streamlight’s TIR Optic gives optimum peripheral illumination to see everything in close quarter from your 9 > 3 O'clock positions.

Ambi Features - Works for lefties and righties. Try the LOW switch or HIGH switch to your preferences to activate the light 

We highly recommend this product for its size, performance, and price.

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Olight BALDR MINI - Best Value

hk vp9 light olight baldr s

Why people love it - The Olight BALDR Mini is by far the most affordable option for new gun owners before moving onto more expensive products. 

  • 600 Lumens (4225 Candela)
  • Visible Green Laser
  • Magnetic USB Rechargeable
  • QD lock mount + adjustable position mount

Added Green Laser - Visible green laser sits closer to the bore for better accuracy, and it can help new shooters to practice steady trigger control

Multiple modes - The user can switch the light mode between:
Laser only, Light only & Laser+Light 

Adjustable Position Mount - Slide the light to exactly where you want on your VP9 so your finger can reach the trigger

USB Rechargeable - Just like the Olight PL PRO, you save tons of money on batteries and train with the light as much as you like

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Common FAQs

What's The Difference Between LOW and HIGH Candela?

Think of the candela rating like water pressure coming out of a hose for the light beam. 

Low candela light is like shooting water out of a hose without a lot of pressure behind, so the light beam doesn't punch out far.

High candela light is like a water jet that shoots very far with tons of pressure and power, so this means the beam can reach far.

Example: A 5000 cd light is as good as being blind in the dark when trying to see things up to 100 yards, and a 20,000 cd light 4X the brightness and reach. 

Streamlight TLR RM2 throw performance in low light

470 Ft, Low candela

PLhv2 throw performance

470 Ft, High candela throw

Where To Buy Light Bearing Holster

Whether you carry the VP9 for conceal carry or open carry on the range, you need a customized light bearing holster with good retention, please check out Neptune Concealment here to customize make yours.

Other top holster brands are:

  • TREX Arms
  • Bravo Concealment
  • Safariland holster
  • Alien Gear Holster
  • Crossbreed

Wrap Up

We hope you have enjoyed checking out this list of weapon lights to go on your VP9.

If you didn't find what you're looking for please check out our Ultimate handgun weapon light on our site.

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