bad ass MK18 regular guy setup

We put together of list of the 8 Best MK 18 Rifle upgrades that will significantly improve the rifle's handling, recoil performance, and accuracy.

You don't need to spend thousands of dollars buying fancy AR15 accessories that don't really improve the rifle, just get what already work.

Let's take a look

MK18 Upgrades - Handling

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BCM Gunfighter Foregrip

bcm vertical grip short

There are tons of grip on the market to enhance the handling of the short barrel MK18 rifle in a CQB environment, the BCM Gunfighter grip is our favorite.

Enhanced Grip Handling - Adding a grip enhances the handguard grip ergonomics for driving the muzzle faster to the target, and the shooter can naturally grip the gun and operate a weapon light at the same time.

Reduced Sway - Gripping the handguard the right way for leverage is possible with a foregrip. It helps reduce sway by providing greater stability.

Better Recoil Control - Control the recoil like a boss! A good foregrip + a good grip help reduce horizontal and vertical muzzle shift during recoil (Helps even more if using a muzzle brake)

Magpul BAD Lever

The battery assist device is a must have accessory for any AR15 owners. We recommend the Magpul BAD Lever

Reload Way Faster - The battery assist device cuts down the reload speed by extending the bolt release paddle to the right side of the rifle, allowing the trigger finger to operate the bolt from the fire control / ready position.

Improved Manual Of Arms - Significantly improved the speed and efficiency of weapon manipulation and clearing malfunction.

One-Handed Operation - Lock the bolt to the rear with the index finger without getting off the pistol grip

SB Tactical SBA3 Brace [MK18 Pistol Only]

SB tactical sba3 brace

You can now legally own or build a short barrel rifle “pistol” legally without the long wait or pay a $200 tax stamp.

For any MK18 pistol owners, this is an must-have after market accessory.

Legally Own A "SBR" Pistol - Legally own a "less-than-16-inches" barrel rifle without any NFA paperwork. Yes you can shoulder it.

Best Looking Brace - The SBA3 is by far the best-looking pistol brace that assembles the look of a Magpul MOE stock, and it feels pretty solid to shoulder and maneuver.

Adjustable Position - Adjust the length of pull on a regular mil-spec AR15 buffer tube. This is so unique that isn't available for other pistol braces on the market.


Before you get too excited, Please pay attention to the latest November 2023 ATF rule on the using a pistol brace. Please email us if you have any latest update so we can update this content to the most correct information.

Increase Recoil Reduction

Surefire MB556


Swap out the boring A2 birdcage muzzle device with a Surefire MB556 muzzle brake! Your shooting experience will change forever.

Reducing muzzle flip and muzzle rise significantly to get follow up shots on target FAST! This muzzle brake minimizes side blast and rearward concussion effects for the shooter.

Compatible With Surefire Suppressor with multiple bearing surfaces for superior suppressor can alignment.

Includes Timing Shims - Adjust the muzzle brake to the perfect orientation on the barrel thread using the provided shims.

Enhance Cycling Performance

Geissele Combat Trigger

geissele combat flat trigger

Wanting to shoot fast? this is like borrowing Jerry Mulick's fast trigger finger and put it on yours. We recommend the Geiessele combat single stage trigger.

Quick Installation - Drop-in trigger kit is very easy to install. Two trigger pins and you are done!, no gunsmithing or fitting required.

Shoot Faster - The single-stage trigger significantly improves the trigger pull down to  and eliminates trigger pre-travel for faster trigger reset & faster follow up shots.

Reduced Trigger Pull Weight - Reduce trigger pull weight from that nasty 8 lbs pull to just 4.5 lbs crisp combat trigger pull. It feels smooth and prevents accidential trigger discharge due to adrenaline.

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Geissele Super 42 Braided Buffer Spring


Get rid of that spring twanggg... sound and increase the service life and the reliability of the M&P 15 buffer spring. We recommend the Geissele Super 42 Braided Spring with H1 or H2 buffer.

Increased Cycle Life - Operating ONLY at around ~35% of its maximum stress load compared to a standard spring. The springs flex separately from each other like a harmonic damper and energy absorber to displace excess energy to prevent spring failure.

Improved Reliability - The Braided wire improves weapon cycling performance and increases bolt return force to ensure proper round chambering when dealing with a dirt or steel case ammo

Eliminated Spring Twang Sound - The braided wire spring kills the annoying twang sound and preserves spring harmonics inside the buffer tube.

Other Tactical Add Ons

MK18 Optics

mk18 with eotech exps3

Mount any optic you want on the MK18 will help you aim faster and shoot more accurately. For CQB we recommend the Aimpoint Micro, or the Holosun 515GM.

For mid range, we recommend a Vortex RAZOR 1-6X low power variable optic.

For more product selection, please check out our ultimate red dot sight guide here.


dbal with surefire m600df on mk18

There are tons of laser devices available on the market for serious shooters who train during the day and night, and they can get very expensive. 

For the most part, a weapon light and a laser device go together to make a great setup.

IR laser is great for night vision activities, and for the most part, a visible laser is a good starting point.

We don't want to just throw out a product in this guide because there are just way too many options, and they require a special pressure switch that can control both.

Please learn more by checking out our Laser & Light combo guide here.  

Cloud Defensive REIN Weapon Light

cloud defensive REIN scout light mounting footprint

Adding a light to your MK18 gives night time tactical advantage to positive ID targets and also using it as a blinding tool for personal defense. After testing bunch of lights, the Cloud Defensive REIN is our new favorite.

Insane Candela Rating (Throw) - The REIN has 60K cd with a tight hot beam that can throw as far as 190 yards without dimming down to clearly PID target

Uses Scout Mount - Any scout light mounting accessories from Surefire, Arisaka, IWC...etc can be used with the REIN (Works for KeyMod, Picatinny & M-LOK)

Improved Color Rendition - Neutral white light beam tint gives the shooter accurate color rendition under low light.

Serviceable Bezel Lens - The bezel is made with S7 tool steel & uses a 3mm thick lens (thicker than anything else out there right now) to significant beef up the durability of the light.