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Here are 5 best RMR for Glock pistols. This list features tried and true micro red dot sights that fit the RMR footprint for factory MOS optic cut or custom milled Glock slides.

We have used most of them for years, and some for almost a decade to provide this insightful guide.

Top 5 RMR Footprint For Glock Pistols

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Trijicon SRO - Largest FOV

trijicon rmr vs sro FOV comparison

The new Trijicon SRO for Glock pistols are extremely easy and fun to shoot. The Trijicon SRO features a large circular shape window for much faster target acquisition and dot tracking.

trijicon sro vs rmr

This is one of the top red dot RMR red dot for Glocks for competition shooting and range use.

Even though the lens hood isn't duty grade as the RMR

Reticles offered are: 1, 2.5 or 5 MOA center dot only

See more SRO review here

Holosun 507C - Best Overall

holosun 507c acss

The Holosun 507C red dot features the exact same Trijicon RMR footprint to work with all existing RMR cut slides and adapters, and it's one of the most popular RMR alternative today. 

glock 45 mos red dot holosun 507C

Above all, the 507C features side loading battery tray to replace battery without sight removal, a multiple reticle system (32 MOA ring + 2 MOA center dot), or ACSS Vulcan reticle for faster target acquisition.

Solar panel isn't a huge deal since the battery life already lasts more than 4-5 years on a single CR1632 battery.

acss vulcan reticle pov

Also check out the new ACSS Vulcan reticle for 507C for much faster reticle acquisition

Cyelee Wolf X Pro - Best For The Money

cyelee wolf x pro red dot sight

The Cyelee Wolf X Pro has a larger sight window, and upon my initial trial, I was pleasantly surprised by its increased height compared to the Trijicon RMR and Holosun 507C. In terms of width, it's slightly wider than the Holosun 507C.

This larger window offers a tad more space to capture the reticle if it starts drifting away from the shooter. However, personally, I don't find this aspect to be of great importance, as the difference it makes is minimal.

wolf x pro rmr sight

The Cyelee Wolf X Pro features a 2 MOA central dot along with a 25 MOA ring. In my personal shooting encounters, I greatly preferred the solitary dot because it provides a less cluttered sight picture whether shooting during the day or at night.

Holosun 508T - Titanium Body

holosun 508t red dot

Holosun 508T red dot is similar to the 507C but with a slightly different top body profile. It's made of titanium material for improved hood strength.

It also uses the RMR footprint red dot adapter plates.

Swampfox Justice - Tapered FOV

Swampfox Justice is another RMR optic for Glock pistols. This 7075 T6 aluminum body optic is a smaller version of the Kingslayer model, but with a tapered window to increase the FOV up to 1X27mm.

swampfox liberty vs justice

The tapered window design slightly gives the user the feel of an enlarged optic FOV laterally without increasing the optic base width and it still fits any Trijicon RMR cut and mounting plates. 

3 MOA center dot only


Which RMR Screws Are The Best For Glock

Here are the best RMR screws for Glock pistols that can't easily strip when torque is applied. These include hex screws made for aftermarket slides and Glock MOS optic ready slides:

Two (2) 6-32 x .385″ RMR mounting screws (T-15 Torx); Two (2) M3 x 0.5 x 8mm MOS cover plate screws (T-10 Torx); Two (2) M3 x 0.5 x 6mm MOS adapter plate screws (T-10 Torx)

Works with Glock adapter plate #2 or #6

Here are the best RMR screws for Glock pistols. These include 

How To Mount An RMR On A Glock Slide

trijicon rmr profile

There are two ways to mount an RMR footprint optic on a Glock pistol:

  • Mill the factory slide to form fit an RMR red dot sight
  • Buy aftermarket Glock RMR slide (Must be model specific)
  • Buy an optic ready Glock clone like the Shadow System MR920

Check out Glock 19 RMR slides here

Check out Glock 17 RMR slides here

Does RMRcc Use The Trijicon RMR Footprint?

No. RMRcc doesn't use the RMR footprint. The two holes on the RMRcc are closer together to fit on subcompact pistol slides

See image below:

trijicon rmrcc vs rmr top view

For subcompact Glocks using RMSc footprint, please check out this guide